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GOD's Prodigy.....

GOD’s Prodigy…..
``But how can mere mortals prove their innocence before God?,'' From Job, 9: 2-3. From the New International Version of the Holy Bible...

GOD’s Prodigy…..
If you want to be students of mine, I need you to come up to me in the street and say so and stop being scared and silly. I don’t care what color you are, what race, shat skin color, what ethnicity, what religion, what sex, what sexual orientation. I don’t care if you are straight or gay or in between. I don’t care if you are Black, White, Badge, Brown, Yellow, Red, Burnt Orange, Blue-Black or Whitest White. I need some students. All I can offer you right now is a chance to open you thinking and your mind and your Way of thinking.  I am GOD. I have powers, but I don’t know How to use all of them yet.  But the funny thing is, I am no more GOD than you are. The only difference is that I have evolved and grown Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally, Psychologically and as an ethnic being and a Black Person a little more than perhaps you have.  I know power can be used for evil. I try my hardest to use it for good.  I have problems with addiction.  I am addicted to pornography.  In my case it is Gay pornography because I am a homosexual, even though I have been sexually inactive for three years, except for one awkward encounter a few months ago.  I am also addicted to food.  I eat late at night on top of my other meals, and I am about 35 pounds overweight.  These are things I carry right now, but they are part of the process of becoming a whole person.
I will probably never let completely go of the pornography, but I can lessen its’ negative impact on my psyche by only watching a little of it at a time instead of watching it for hours on end. I can also only view certain types of pornography such as that which is less demonstrative and includes less of the use of the ``N’’ word; less hitting and slapping; less risky sexual encounters; and less use of models and actors that I consider too young.
Part of my plan is to actually make erotic films that are instructive for both gay and straight audiences—especially young people.  I feel this is needed because young girls get emotionally ``strung out’’ on young boys or young men and allow themselves to get pregnant.  They become strapped to the welfare state and are sometimes locked in poverty for much of their young lives.  Educational films about how to develop into a proper young lady and a proper young gentleman are crucial to our young people overstepping this land mine of inopportunity and getting the proper educations they need to move ahead in live and become the good, productive people we need in the community. I have not seen too many examples of sexually constructive films for young adults.  This is a market that has not been tapped and the pornography industry, wrought with underworld figures and underworld money, doesn’t want such an industry to be created, but it Will happen.  Believe me. It Will happen.    
Do you know how people are often fond of saying, Well, nobody’s perfect, such is life. Well, I don’t believe that.  I believe that People and the whole world are in fact perfect.  But it is a perfect that we only get a small glimpse of as Human Beings.  In GOD’s Eye’s this is perfection, but we as humans can’t see or understand our part in the perfect so we end up on drugs, or addicted to food or pornography because we get frustrated, angry and sad because we see ourselves as mistreated and we see the world as unjust.  I think the truly crazy people are the ones who don’t take the opportunity of their actual lifetime to help others. 
Nelson Mandela and Lady Diana took their lifetimes to help others.  I believe that Lady Diana died in the line of duty like John Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Medgar Evers did.  This is pure theory.   I have no Way of proving it.  But I look at the case of Lady Diana and I say, Hay, YaWay, YaWay, YaWay, wait a minute.  She was about to become an international hero in the fight against land mines in Africa and other areas of our world and I don’t think the generals, leaders and even the President of the United States—I think that was President Bill Clinton, if I am not mistaken, I’ll have to do the research, I think these people would NOT have liked Her being that kind of leader with that kind of pull and power.  Certainly they kill and imprison people for less of a crime.  Just look at what President Barack Obama and the Pentagon did to Barry Manning {Check this out also}.  He dimmed out the military by releasing some military secrets, one of which was a film I have actually seen of some Arabs actually being killed point black by reconnaissance plane fire.  They appeared to be innocent victims.  Innocent victims are the type of people that are killed by land minds in countries like Angola in Africa often.  That is why I believe Lady Diana was such a threat to the Pentagon, the war contractors and the military industrial complex in our country and in Africa.  She paid for Her activism with Her life.  I think, like my Sister, Mrs. Claudia Aziza Gibson Hunter, that the Queen and the Royal Family of England didn’t like the fact that she planned to marry an Arab either.  She was getting too much positive publicity and it had to end before it got out of control. But when someone of that magnitude gets murdered, it is funny how the case doesn’t rest in people’s minds until a real answer to the questions raised are finally put to rest.  I am NOT saying Lady Diana was a perfect person in Human Eyes, but she died needlessly.  That has been a stick in my pants for years now.  I just can’t get over the fact that someone was murdered and nothing was done about it.  I don’t even believe the paparazzi were ever found guilty of any wrong-doing.  I’ll have to look into this and get back to you.   I need fact-checkers to help me with my writing.  If you are available, please contact me at the contact points below.  Put Potential Fact Checker in the Subject line. This is all I have to say right now.  I thank you with humbleness.
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