Monday, December 9, 2013

A JOB and a Hair Cut--Two Bitts..........

Presidential Cutz…

This is where I have gotten my hair cut for over a year.  The proprietor’s name is Doug and He is very professional, kind and a good Brother to talk to about the latest politics in the country and the neighborhood.  They have a number of fresh plants there and they sometimes play Jazz. All of which makes for a comfortable and soothing atmosphere for us Ole Heads and Younger People as Well.  All the Barbers at Presidential Cutz are well informed and very skilled on How to bring you the latest haircuts and are very proficient. Rates are also reasonable. I Hope and Pray you Will try Presidential Cutz at 50 South 60th Street, near 60th and Market, in West Philadelphia. Give them a call if you need to at: 1.215.921.37.08. Appointments are not required, but I believe they are taken.

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