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How to Treat Poor People...

Manifesto for The Proper Treatment of Poor, Disenfranchised, Hard-Core Unemployed, Unemployed, Left Out and Homeless People The World Over, Especially in Africa, Argentina, Asia, Russia, Europe, South America, The United States, Brazil, Cuba, Venezuela, South America and Latin America…
Written by A Proud Representative of the African People.
1] All Poor, Disenfranchised, left out, unemployed, hard-core unemployed, disabled and Homeless People are to be treated with respect and dignity by other poor, Homeless, unemployed, hard-core unemployed, left out and Disenfranchised People and by the rest of the world also including government officials, social workers, the wealthy, business owners, and Presidents of so-called powerful nations such as The United States, China and the Soviet Union, and smaller Nations as well including African Nations.....
2] When serving a so-called ``free meal’’ to the poor, the Homeless, the hard-core unemployed, the unemployed, The Left Out and the Disenfranchised, These People [Our People] should ALWAYS be told what the food they are eating is and the salt and sugar content in case they are hypertensive or diabetic or have a religious or social aversion to pork, fish, chicken, beef, of Turkey… To do anything else may well be a health risk to the communities being served by the distributors of food and said distributors and servers may be offending a legitimate religious belief or causing a health risk...
3] When giving out so-called ``free clothing’’ to the poor, the hard-core unemployed, the Left Out, the unemployed, the Homeless, the disabled and the Disenfranchised, the distributor of the clothing should always tell the receiver of the items if they were produced under severely economically exploited or severely economically strained conditions, such as but not limited to poor working conditions, low pay and or sweat-shop conditions…or produced and or manufactured by children illegally. Ultimately, such clothing should be either new or clean so as to not spread germs, fungus, bugs and dirt.
4] We, as just regular ole everyday Black folk, need to learn how to treat one another with more RESPECT—just like our good sister Aretha Franklin said some 40 years ago. There is a seriousness that needs to be brought back into our struggle. That does NOT mean we can’t joke around a bit. If you REALLY listen to some of Minister Farrakhan’s speeches He almost always has a good thing or two to say that is funny and uplifting about Black People. What we have been through is no joke and there are culprits, but often we ourselves are our own worst enemies. My Mother used to tell me I have to stop being my own worse enemy and be my own best friend. This is something we ALL could learn from. I strongly suggest we go to the Black book store and look through the self-help section and find something interesting to read. I always say we need to just go there with about $20.00 and you will find something pop out at you. GOD Will show you something to read that Will be helpful. Remember to have a good sense of humor when we struggle, but don’t be callus or cruel and make fun of others unnecessarily.
5] Now I know this is controversial because I am an out homosexual, but I want you to read for free some of my own writing. You can pick and choose some of my writing at:
Or you can read movie reviews at
TURN OFF THE TV for a while TURN OFF the game and read some Black history and some of my writing or I think there are several CD’s by Minister Farrakhan and I think Reverend Al Sharpton also has a new book out. Any of these things are great to read. I also have a book list with over 400 books on it. If you write me, you Will get a book list if you request one. There is also a good book list at
I am also working on bringing out two works of literature myself: ``Writing in Wet Cement,’’ and ``Let the Children Gather,’’ both of which are dedicated to helping our youth, especially Black males,--but the rest of us as Well-- follow a more constructive and responsible path and live more ethical lives.
6] Also: don’t be afraid to read something from outside of your comfort range. Read something by a Cuban author; an African writer; a Brazilian writer; a Venusian writer; or a writer from specific parts of Africa such as the Congo, Ghana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya—where our President is from; or Cameroon or Niger—which is from where my own People are from. Don’t be fearful of opening your mind and thinking a bit and don’t get too caught up on having so many ``things’’ like you think your neighbor has. He or She may be looking for the next hot meal like you and I are doing. Be real with yourself, Be honest with yourself. GOD LOVes you no matter what you have done or who you are.
7] If I am not mistaken, to be a Muslim is just to be a person who works for and or believes in Peace. I am a traditional Christian, I attend The Unity Fellowship Christ Church in Philadelphia, which is a gay and lesbian and transgendered friendly church. However, I must, going by this definition, I must also be a Muslim. GOD knows I LOVe Farrakhan and what He and other Muslim ministers have done for our people. Minister Rodney Muhammad has always been one of my favorite People in the world. Not only because He is articulate, and Well-spoken and mannerly, but because I know He really cares about Black People. Many of us have to work through a lot of mental anguish and pain and hurt to be able to say we really LOVe our people—Our Black People... It takes real work and effort to get there. Don’t be scared to talk to a therapist or Pastor or Minister or Counselor, or a good family friend or a relative who has a mind to be able to help you if that is what it takes to get to a more positive place of self-acceptance. It is worth the journey. I was in therapy for 30 years, but the end result has been magnificent. Being a Person who LOVes Black People and Poor People and the oppressed is a gift from GOD. You Will work towards Real Peace, Real Justice and Real Freedom when you get to that stage where you LOVe your People. It is a natural progression.
8] People who do have or who once had what many people call a deviated sexual background, such as child molesters, perverts, homosexuals, transgendered people, rapist, people into sado masochism or other sexual deviations have often found themselves victims of sexual child abuse when they were children or victims of sodomy, rape or other sexual intimidation or other forms of abuse. Such kind and character have become more prevalent in Africa over the last decade or few decades. As African people of the Diaspora we must find Ways to study and understand these behaviors and phenomena and not try to root out such behaviors by way of force, extermination, further abuse by the state, or un-due punishment, victimization, solitary confinement or other abuses of such people, but must as an African society, make sure that such people are given all due fair treatment as deemed by the New African Convention. Root causes of such behaviors, if they are legitimately found to be totally disruptive and a threat to our African children and our African society—there must be Ways found and discovered to root out such behaviors in future African societies. Deep psychiatric study, historical study and cultural relational study must be made of these subjects. Meanwhile our children and The African Family MUST be protected. A fair and impartial trial must be allotted to each and every person accused of these behaviors before any punishment can be imposed or implemented and punishment CANNOT be death, but should fit the crime and be non-violent and appropriate such as losing out of economic advancement; confinement away from our children and families; and or labor agree to by the village or community in which the accused, the offended and or the person or persons found guilty resides but only if that labor benefits the community that was offended and must NOT last for too long or too undue a time. Finding actual guilt is crucial in all cases. We must also take into account that in the case of homosexuality, world-wide community standards, within our African Diaspora must be accessed, judged and taken into consideration in determining what African community standards are and what, if any, punishments are to be devised and implemented. If a certain country, part of a country or village is a danger to Black homosexuals, such dangers must be well posted and made clear to ALL families, residents, guests and visitors. It must be noted that this writer is beginning to see homosexuals as not a threat to the Black community or the world, but may in fact be utilized as an assistant in stabilizing Black communities. Black homosexuals tend to have more usable incomes and can invest in our people and communities in a positive Way more easily than other sectors of the community who might have children and the financial responsibilities that come along with children. Also: The Black homosexual can re-create and create African culture in their own communities to help stabilize, identify and establish themselves as a separate community from homosexuals in other cultures. Such other cultures may have a more destructive, self-gratifying and twisted idea of what homosexual culture is and may need to be shunned by Black homosexuals who want to be part of the Black family and the Black family structure. Such other homosexual cultures have obviously been found to be a threat to our Black families, Black people and especially Black children. Black society may well be lumping Black homosexuals into the same category with ALL other homosexual cultures and societies, which may well NOT be fair, or conducive to the conducting of justice. It is also crucial and appropriate to take on the consideration of and the issue of overpopulation when considering and judging Black homosexuals, Black homosexual populations and their behaviors. In many Black communities and Black villages there is an abundance of children and having a population of people who don’t have children can and, I believe in the future, will be looked upon as an advantage both socially and economically. In the United States, for example, there are many Black children who reside in foster homes, day care centers and adoption homes who have no stable homes and stable families. Such children should be considered viable candidates for adoption by stable, financially able and willing adult Black homosexual couples or homosexual individuals with similar backgrounds. Full background checks and full behavioral and psychiatric studies must be included in ANY successful adoption. This writer feels that Black homosexuals should NOT be victims of discrimination, hatred, resentment, or chastisement especially if they take part in Black cultural events, the establishment of Black culture, Black political events—especially if they are deemed to be moving our Black People and our Black society onward and upward in a positive motion. We may well need such Black homosexuals to help create some of the very culture that has always existed and that is very beneficial to our Black People. I have friends and associates who are transgendered, but I am generally unaware of the issues faced by Black transgendered people. I do feel, however, they MUST be judged fairly and adequately and NOT necessarily shunned and discriminated against. Torture and death for such people MUST be totally out of the question of and realm of acceptable behavior on the part of any Black state or any thinking Black individual or individuals. We all know that such people, Black homosexuals, Black Transgendered people etc., may have excessive sexual behaviors that need to be evaluated and accessed if they become a proven threat to other Black people, especially children. All members of the Black community should work towards being more ethical, moral and decent people as we work towards the development of our Black world into a more wholesome, sane, healing, sustainable, environmentally sound and loving social order.

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