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what I want to do over the next three years...

These Are Personal And Black Community Goals for 2013 And 2014….. (Updated Just Before) Friday, June 24, 2013 By And For Brother Tracy Gibson of Philadelphia Pa and ALL Corporate Interests under His control… ALL corporate interests NOT in my control but baring my name are here-by dissolved and I am taking no responsibility for their work and actions.

Please see Important Note at the End of this Document…

First And Foremost: I must build an economic base from which to build my businesses and Personal Interests. I must get a safe and nice space to live in; pay my utility bills; pay for my own food And medicine; get out of debt as soon as possible; get a decent car or buy a SEPTA TransPass with consistency every month; buy decent clothing for job interviews and look presentable and business-like as much as possible with the ULTIMATE goal being able to look presentable ALL THE TIME; I MUST AND WILL work on getting better educated [ through personal reading and eventually, when I can afford it, through taking a few seminars and classes on business, business management, marketing, the working of and mastering of internet marketing, Black music, Book Publishing, Writing a Bod Proposal, other artistic classes such as writing, music, music management, advertising, Public Relations [refresher courses and new innovative courses to get into New Markets] etc.; I MUST also wash my clothing and get a haircut regularly; I MUST also bathe or shower regularly; get regular meals and start taking care to take my medicine every day and go to therapy regularly…THIS IS MY MOST IMPORTANT GOAL OF ALL for now and the next SIX years!!!…..TO CONTINUE WITH MY ADVOCACY WORK THROUGH WHATEVER AND ALL CHANNELS AS POSSIBLE DEFFINETLY INCLUDING Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates. Inc.

1) Get my books published. Save as much money as possible. The first book is tentatively called ``A Working Guide to Staying in the Main Stream and NOT Being Unemployed, Homeless or Poor.’’ This first book is a practical guide to finding and keeping a job or creating a viable, funded business that can sustain good salaries for the owners and employees. I am planning to be complete this book by September 26th, 2013. During that time I will also be contacting marketers and publishers to get it lined up to be successfully released to the public. The second book is dedicated to our Black youth, but is important for the rest of the Black community as well. It is especially designed to help parents build better values and ethics among Black youth. The’ title is ``Writing in Wet Cement’’. [The original title was ``The Re-Awakening of the African Diaspora.’’] It is over 686 pages right now. I have sent both books off to be copyrighted.. The Receipt and official verification from the Library of Congress are in for ``Writing in Wet Cement.’’ As of May 2013. [It was sent off with the title, ``The Re-Awakening of the African Diaspora,’’]…

2) Find a job [preferably in consulting] by March15, 2013 and or Keep on working at and with my businesses every day for the entire year. Presently I have two clients who are keeping me busy and actually paying me a few dollars in the form of paper and cat food—needed items for the household. I MUST Make the businesses profitable in REAL DOLLARS as soon as possible. My Businesses are Brother Tracy Gibson And Associates, Inc. [Parent Company]; and The Black Millionaire’s Network [Which Will soon be an LLC]; The Work I will be doing for the Unity Fellowship Christ Church in Philadelphia Could be important if we can come up with some agreement as to how I am going to work with them and in what capacity…. I Will Keep active with all of these initiatives and keep working on ALL aspects of the Businesses as much as possible every day. [I know I have multiple interests, which makes this whole process more difficult, but I AM starting a multifaceted, multi-cultural [but mostly Black] Multi-National corporation, so some overlapping of efforts and lack of focus is expected. However, ALL aspects of my work will highlight my work as an activist; my deep concern for Black youth—especially males—and my willingness and desire to see positive economic and financial changes and progressive political advancements for the Black community locally, nationally and internationally. I will also Focus in on The On Line Ideas for the Stores for Black Youth ``The Knowledge Hut Stores’’…..All Interests are listed and explained here below…..

3) I need to get Plenty of Rest and exercise every day in 2013 [as much as possible] and get and stay physically fit and active. [Join the Rittenhouse Gym again. Check into this on Wednesday, June26th, 2013]....

4) Work on finding a lover [who will have a 76% chance of satisfying me sexually, physically and emotionally] who is attractive, Black or Hispanic, a Businessman who is A Progressive thinker at least 43 years of age.

5) Lose Weight And Stay Physically Fit. (Weight 215 LB’s by September 30th, 2013)..As soon as I’m financially able I plan to join The Rittenhouse Gym [a local gym] and go at least two times a week, for starters… I will also go for walks and find ways to motivate myself to do so. I am already doing some of this now, but I MUST keep up with it.

6) Keep your businesses going and Pay your bills every month in 2013, 2014 and 2015...…

7) I really need to Get a New Car (A Gray-Green and blue Volvo) [It will help me tremendously to get to appointments and other work and to daily chores on time and in good order. ]

  • Save Money ($25,000.oo by February 1st, 2014.)

8) Continue outreach and Vending (Outreach through e-mails and phone calls every day.) Need product [Tee-Shirts]…. Vending requires research every week. We need capital to buy more shirts and do them for churches. I will be working with my church on providing tee-shirts for them and doing other fund raising work as well as outreach and not-for-profit work for them. I will also help church members find work and apartments to live in as they need jobs and housing. I will also outreach to other churches for general uplift of the City’s congregations and to improve health through eating better, more healthy food. I have two licenses with the City of Philadelphia [one for handbill distribution and the other is a commercial activity license.] They are both paid up, viable, and legitimate. I MUST get a vending license.

9) Build your companies everyday through outreach with e-mails, regular mail and phone calls; and pay my personal and corporate debt down EVERY MONTH at least $100.00 or more as money allows…..…. Make sure ALL money you have coming to you IS in fact coming to you. Consider hiring a lawyer for this if you haven’t already. And get out of debt by February 1st, 2017.

10) Keep your positive relationships going every day of 2013, 2014, 2015 and on into the future….

Support them with positive e-mails suggesting positive items, ideas and such to help lift Sisters and Brothers UP… [Frankly, some friends are mostly toxic and we need to go our separate ways. I have released from my friendship coral: Mr. Ed Frank; Mr. Bruce Harvey; Mr. Kevin Hardy; and Mr. Hale Ransome. [Mr. Ransome is a friend from first or second grade and I feel a curse was put on our relationship [friendship] that I could not seem to break any other way. He is basically a great person and a great friend, but may be benefiting from me in ways that are not positive, but this may also be my own jealousy at His success. I am not sure, but I wrote Him a letter about it on June 22nd, 2013. We will see what His response is.

11) Don’t borrow money [except for emergencies] all year or unless you TOTALLY expect to be able to pay it back…..all of 2013, 2014 and 2015!!!!

12) I Appreciate the work I do and others will Appreciate it As well!! [ALL OF 2013, 2014, 2015, 2916 and 2017!!]

13) Stay out of trouble, but don’t be fearful of speaking your mind [Always in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017].

18) I’m not going to be defeated by my own doubts and negative thinking!! NO!! I stand in Faith with GOD, Jesus and my Ancestors!!! I also include the ancient, Tribal and indigenous religions of Africa and of the Native American people [all positive aspects of these] in my grace especially and in my prayers. I also pray for peaceful progress for our entire world and ALL people…

19) Do ALL your reading assignments for the day……. Keep up with daily goals, achievements and positive accomplishments… for ALL of 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017…

20) Repay Dad’s estate the $57,000 loan by March 15th, 2014….

21) Visit South Africa again by March 30th, 2015—Especially Cape Town, Soweto, Peoria, & Robbin Island. [I especially want to visit Steve Beko’s Grave and Pretoria and Cape Town.]

22) Visit Cuba again, by September 11th, 2015….

23) I will Help Open Tourism from the U.S. to Cuba in What small Ways I can or what BIG Ways I can. Write the State Department, the President, Your U.S. Senators; Your Congressional Representatives and find out who is working on this in Congress and the Senate and write them as well… I have done not done this properly… yet, I will continue to work on this.

24) Help Claudia & Keith get on their financial feet as soon as possible by granting them $27,000.00 by March 30th, 2012. [That is just what you owe your sister.] & give them an extra $500,000.00 for their business investments; the children’s college tuition(s); and other financial needs they may have….. such as keeping their home, business investments, & vacations [which they never take enough of like I don’t either…]I DID take a five day partial vacation in November / December of 2011 Stayed at a Hotel in Philadelphia…..


25) Go to Doctor’s exam in July 2013. [Doctor Joseph Boselli]

26) Get Desk, Computers And File Cabinets for the second floor, straighten up papers in my room Upstairs And the Basement by September 2013…

27) Look over your mail every day and keep up with all mail and phone calls as much as possible…..….throughout 2013, 2014 and 2015…

28) Become financially independent by February 1st 2014. I would like $25,000.00 in the bank by that date.

29) Work on The Black Millionaire’s Networkas much as possible for the rest of 2013, 2014 and 2015 and on into the future IF I’m able to make this project pan out and become successful as I have envisioned it..… [Work to get out all possible corrupting, illegal and negative forces that may be having a negative impact on the Black Millionaire’s Network from accomplishing its basic goals of helping all members, supporters and those interested in becoming better off financially, more stable financially and more able to help themselves and the Black community financially. Make it an LLC as soon as possible. [See complete statement on the Black Millionaire’s Network at the end of this document.]

30) Pay as many bills as you can. Make more income …..

Pay something on your bills each month as follows:

*Penn Credit: Paid Off

*U. S. Department of Education: $197.92 Pay $5.00 Call Them

*Nova Anesthesia Professionals: $37.67 Pay $5.00 and call to see if it was paid off.

American Express Paid Off

ComCast -- Paid Off 3/1/2013 $340

*Old Bank Bill: The Philadelphia Federal Credit Union: Pay $5

*Verizon Bill: Pay ALL OWED…

*Lowes Bill: Fully Paid

*Palomar Associates: Pay: $7,066.70: Pay $4.00

*Palomar Associates: Pay: $4,282.11: Pay $4.00

*Clinical Nephrology Associates, LLC: Pay: $44.75 Has been Paid Off

*Department of Education: [In question. Not necessarily A legitimate debt. I have a legitimate deferment and economic hardship approval with them ]

33] Start the process of buying properties to own and rehab with the group I am forming…[The New West Philadelphia Group of Real Estate and Financial Investors; and the Black Millionaire’s Network]

Take Photos of the houses in the area and put them on A Paper Board to make a colleague to help motivate me to buy properties and others to buy properties who might be going into this business with me…. As time and money allows I will have meetings for this in as public a Way as possible.

Paid for my Hand Bill License

Received other License


Got a Business Checking Account at PNC Bank; It is NOT in good standing today [June 24th, 2013, but WILL be as of Wednesday, June 26th, 2013]…

Checked on my Debt with Wells Fargo Bank [I still owe them money, according to them.] and With Citizen’s Bank [I only owed Citizen’s Bank one cent, which they forgave. I will have to remember to call Wells Fargo Bank again within the next two weeks.

Paid 4 Bills $4. Each….

I will make very small donations to four organizations also. This will help me Up-grade and maintain my continuing desire to be a full-fledged successful Philanthropist, empowered with the finances to make a positive financial and economic change for like-minded organizations, groups and individuals……..

Note: In a general sense I want to be working more towards building up a solid and lasting foundation for my businesses; increasing business visibility and viability where necessary and possibly and where it is most advantageous during ALL of 2013, 2014 and 2015 and on into the future..…

Note: On Personal Relationships: I know I’m 56 and the likelihood of my having a new intimate relationship are good as I pray for, but I also continue to hope, wish and pray for a good solid business partner, lover and friend who will help me make my personal and financial dreams come true in God’s Time and in Good Time.

NOTE: I am more than willing to wait for the new car if it will help get the business substantially off the ground. I still have my Mother’s old car [ a 1995Toyota Camry] down the street at 49thand Spruce Street. I just need about $6,500 to get in fully back on the road, inspected and insured.

NOTE: I would also like to work effectively with my Nephew Kamau in Brazil and Helena in Philadelphia or Los Angeles on Public Relations or Promotions for films they might be making or promoting in the U. S. and other countries and make those films as commercially successful as possible. [If I deem such films worthy of such work and viable].

NOTE: I would like to effectively help My Sister, Aziza, get Her art work sold and exhibited throughout Africa, the Caribbean, South America and the Netherlands if She needs, wants and accepts such help from me..

NOTE: One of My Top Priorities is still the publication of my present books and any other books I will be working on in the future; for any book tours, I will need, desire and have to have TIME OFF to exercise, rest, relax and keep my wits and mental and emotional stability about me.

Membership Application for the Black Millionaire’s Network:

Send to: The Black Millionaire’s Network

Post Office Box: 42878

Philadelphia, PA 19101-2878




Your Full Name


Current Address


Phone Number


Membership Fee (Waved) or PAID IN FULL

I especially need help with: Circle ALL That Apply and Specify under Other:

1) Increasing My income:

2) Increasing My Credit Rating:

3) Supporting Black Businesses:

4) Help with preparing to buy a home:

5) Other: Please Specify_____________________________________________________________

The Black Millionaire’s Network

What We Are About….

When you find financial help in your area, we will help motivate you and help you keep focused and on track… to becoming a wealthier you…

(We will work towards becoming Black Millionaires TOGETHER!!)

Member Benefit:.

Research for your business or motivation to start a business...

Open Discussion of your situation.

Referral to MBA’s with professional experience.

Quarterly Newsletters [Truth Be Told] / Book Reviews / Movie Reviews.

Two Free Tee-Shirts, [for Paid in Full Members].

On-Going Counseling.

Access to a Web Page with interactive discussion beginning in March of 2013.

Access to the President of the Network and his assistants.

Please call if you have any questions. Please forward this information to your friends.

Call us with your questions or concerns at: 1.215.471.64.94….

If you can’t afford membership right now, we will take barter merchandise, reduce your fees or allow you to pay them over time…. The membership is $100 Dollars a year.

Why do we need membership?

* To be better financial citizens.

To Stop the Banks from exploiting and walking over us.

To Build on limited Capital and discover how to save money in this tough economy.

To Get your business on stronger footing in this tough market.

To get access to professional financial services in your area.

To Grow your Business in a positive direction and increase your bottom line.

To Get access to growing Partnerships and Associate Marketing Opportunities.

To know what charities are effectively helping the community you live in so you can give back to the community in an effective Way.

To Network and make effective contacts.

To know what corporate interests and investments to stay away from or get involved with.

To Partner with businesses similar to yours or Special Projects that could be very lucrative for you and your company...

To learn how to get contracts with the government at ALL levels.


``Mission Statement for The Black Millionaire’s Network (BMN)’’

We are here not just to get rich at any cost, but to do so in a responsible, well-managed and reliable Way. We may not be rich now, but we will work to build our savings; learn about money and investing; network with other Black People about finance and money; increase our credit rating; support existing Black businesses; take on reading suggestions in a positive Way; and read our coming Newsletter and our Web Page (March of 2013) . Our motto is to learn from each other and grow with each other. Taking this journey to becoming wealthy alone is one thing, but with a group of Brothers and Sisters, we are in for a ride that includes: learning, pleasure, education, sharing, gifts, and a wonderful and positive life experience.

Our positive and constructive road to wealth Will lead to finding New Ways of building enough wealth to put our children through school; buy a home (or even income property!!); get out of debt; NOT make costly financial mistakes that can have a compounded negative impact over time; and put more money in our pockets and Bank Accounts.

We will also give to struggling Black groups, churches and organizations in our communities that are making a difference in improving Black people’s lives in a Positive Way.

We will have special projects to encourage Black youth to learn about money, economics, finance, accounting and business management. We will, in the very near future, also offer jobs for youth that will lead to good careers and financial compensation…

We will give referrals from five Black MBA’s who we have had positive dealings with in the very recent past.

Please remember if you can’t afford our fee, please know that we are open to barter and fee reductions for those who cannot pay. Please share this with your friends…..

Our journey is not only to build wealth, but also to instill positive financial and personal ethics in our youth; build close relations with Black churches; and give strength to the Black community ethically and financially across the Nation. We hope you will join us!!! The Black Millionaire’s Network Membership is $100.00 per year. (negotiable / sliding scale/ if you so choose)…

Please make money orders Payable to: our Brother Tracy Gibson And Associates, Inc., and send to:

The Black Millionaire’s Network

Post Office Box 42878

Philadelphia, PA 19101-2878

1.215.471.64.94 / / BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com

Note: The Black Millionaire's Network is NOT a group of millionaires, but is a group of ordinary, extraordinary people, mostly Black, who want to move ahead with their financial plans by being more thrifty, financially responsible, buying viable Progressive stocks, spending money with stores that are either Black owned or that have the best interests of the Black community at heart, saving money for positive use in the future, improving their credit ratings, sending our young LOVED ones to college or technical school, and preparing to go into entrepreneurship as effectively and quickly as possible, with the proper financing, to bring on a day of Bright Hope for ourselves and our community.

June 7th, 2013 [Friday]

These are the three main things I am working on right now:

[All are dedicated to the better development of our youth—Black Youth especially—and the rest of us.:

1] The Knowledge Hut Store{s}--Will bring better more ethically and ethnically positive products to our youth that instill positive habits, behaviors and political awareness. Included:: DVD's that are educational, self-help oriented or involve better--more positive movies [Both dramas and documentaries]; CD's with better music such as Christian based and that with more positive lyrics including Hip Hop and Rap; Tee-Shirts [made to order for groups including church groups]; Positive message Tee-Shirts with spicy political slogans, funny expressions and culturally sensitive images; and greeting cards with funny, Up-Beat and positive messages and positive images. This store Will start on-line and have a target market of 12 to 34 year-old youth. We will also sell politically oriented books, biographies of Black heroes and sheroes; Black History books; and Other positive message Black books.

2] My books are dedicated to the better ethical development of our children and youth. First: ``Writing in Wet Cement''; ``A Working Guide to Staying in the Main Stream and NOT being Unemployed, Homeless or Poor.’’ [See top of this report.]…``Let the Children Gather: A Fantasy World of Real Life Poems.'' The first book is again dedicated to building better more progressive values in young readers through the honest telling of my own story interspersed with political commentary, researched educational stories about achievers; and moral lessons; the second book is to help Black boys and young men derail and re-channel their anger into positive, non-violent action.

3] The Black Millionaire's Network: is dedicated to getting us all on a better footing financially through raising our credit ratings; getting us ready to purchase properties; increasing savings; encouraging support of Black Businesses; and developing better financial habits. We are NOT only open to Black people, but they ARE our main concern. We do NOT ask for personal information such as birth dates or Social Security numbers.

Note: The Black Millionaire's Network is NOT a group of millionaires, but is a group of ordinary, extraordinary people, mostly Black, who want to move ahead with their financial plans by being more thrifty, financially responsible, buying viable Progressive stocks, spending money with stores that are either Black owned or that have the best interests of the Black community at heart, saving money for positive use in the future, improving their credit ratings, sending our young LOVED ones to college or technical school, and preparing to go into entrepreneurship as effectively and quickly as possible, with the proper financing, to bring on a day of Bright Hope for ourselves and our community.

* Membership is free and open until November 1, 2013…

log onto my blog at:

and you will find several of the articles that will be in the first book mentioned...

thank you for your interests... Reach me at 1.215.471.64.94 of E-Mail Me at: BlockBoi75@Yahoo.Com



Present Problem: Having Difficulty Writing the Book Proposals. We sent away for information on hiring a writer through the National Writers Union just this week. [July 11, 2013].

Brother Tracy Gibson,

Founder, President and CEO OF:

**Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, Inc.

Visionary Education – Visionary Advocacy—Innovative Fund Raising

And the Black Millionaire’s Network

Post Office Box 42878

Philadelphia Pa 19101-2878

Goal: To Help Black People and Black Families Stabilize Themselves Financially and get away from government help for the Duration…



I can always use small donations of $200.00 or more to help get things rolling faster. I can use the money for a new computer so I can do research better and more efficiently, and so I can keep up with utility bills; pay on up-coming rent; purchase items wholesale that will be sole retail [such as tee-shirts, greeting cards cd’s, dvd’s and books] and eventually move into a more permanent office space. [I am presently utilizing a 2nd floor office space and need to move into a separate space as soon as I am financially able.]. We can always utilize your input and ideas as to how to promote better or how to be more effective… Please have a good week.

**We were incorporated in December of 2006 in Philadelphia and have two licenses with the City of Philadelphia. One for legally distributing Hand Bills; the Other for Commercial Activity.

I am a member of the AFL-CIO’s National Writers Union.

NOTE: Please know that while these ideas may in fact be from me, they are the property of the Black community, in fact, and I am more than willing to share them with you.. All I ask is that you share also in the profits and in letting me in on positive, proactive deals as well….. We ALL need to share in the profit taking, the earnings and the money from these ideas. If you have money you want to invest, please call or write at the following addresses to let me know. I am waiting for my official incorporation papers to come from the State of Pennsylvania [they got lost in a foreclosure two years ago. We were incorporated in December of 2006 in Philadelphia.], but we are regrouping and getting everything back together and seeking new funding. I want to provide several hundred jobs in the Philadelphia area over the next few years and I will need your help, advice, assistance and so forth. Please know that these ideas, as lucrative as they may be, are worth nothing without your help. I can be reached in any of the following Ways:

Brother Tracy Gibson

Investor / Fund Raiser / Writer / Businessman / Philanthropist

213 South 49thStr

Philadelphia, PA 19139-4205


The Black Millionaire’s Network

Post Office Box 42878

Philadelphia, Pa 19101-2878

Building Better Tomorrows for The Black Community in the Delaware Valley

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