Wednesday, October 17, 2012

National Security: Is This a Real Issue?

National Security: Is This A Real Issue or One That Promotes U.S. Hegemony?

By Brother Tracy Gibson...

The Presidential candidates are debating the topic of ``American interests'' and ``National Security.'' Meanwhile the major media has little to say to interpret this topic for us as the public, the layman and general readers go wanting for real information that explains the term and concept and how it is used to promote harsh Capitalism over peaceful coexistence and sustainability.  I have written about this topic before, but I have to wonder-- is anybody is listening?
The ``National Security'' issue in the U.S. seems, to me, to be a fake or phony issue.  Do you ever, ever hear of other countries such as France, Greece or even England having such problems with ``National Security?''  Why is this such a problem--and an illusive one at that--for our National Leaders, our politicians, especially our established politicians, and especially our politicians in higher office such as Cabinet officers, other top Administration Officials, the Vice President, Senators, Congressmen and especially The President of the United States?
The reason for our consistent obsession with ``National Security,'' is that we can't mind our own damned business as a country so we go snooping around in other country's business and calling it ``our concern.''  We have made this snooping our ``business'' concern, but other countries are literally sick of seeing their grass-roots people and their laborers exploited by U.S. firms all under the guise of ``National North American Interests'' and National Security.'' What other countries do, regardless if it has an impact on us in the U.S., is that particular country's concern--not ours.  We should only try to have an influence that impacts on our best interests through diplomacy, the arts, media, foreign exchange, trade and other forms of open and honest communications.  When we open the Pandora's Box of National Security we ALWAYS get into trouble because we are trying to leverage and PRY open access and influence we should not legitimately have--especially if we are trying to promote democracy in other parts of the world such as Africa, Asia, Russia, Cuba, South America, and India.
I'm NOT saying that our so-call interests in other parts of the world should stop at our borders.  As the world becomes smaller and smaller due to the faster and faster exchange of ideas, faster and faster rates of travel and communications, we are foolish to think we can just keep ``foreighners'' out of our borders and down play diplomacy's importance in the world.  But if we think we are going to use nuclear weapons, a massive military, armaments, and other formations of military strength such as nuclear subs, massive aircraft carriers and the personnel required to sustain such military power to have overpowering and undue influence on other Nations, we are sadly mistaken. 
Just look how the small, poor nation of North Korea has acted like the small mouse that scared the hell out of the elephant in a dark room.  So has Iran and Venezuela.  We should not be using oil and food and guns, military technology, nuclear subs, aircraft carriers and other warheads and nuclear weapons as a tool to force what we see as ``our way'' on everybody else.  Other nations will take up democracy in their own due time and they will do so with their own cultural interpretations--not ours. This seems, to me, to be what the crux of National Security is all about.   We should be using forms of culture--music, film, Hip Hop, Progressive and underground TV, dance, culinary arts, the Olympics and other athletics to have a positive way to show off our people's talents and our Way of life not as superior, but as Peaceful, different and desirable.  The use of weaponry, death and destruction is NOT acceptable and the fact that this is what our leaders are promoting is the reason why we are still hated around the world. This violence proneness of ours is also the reason why the events that took place in Libya took place a few weeks ago.   Our system, if we can ever stop exploiting people, and being bent on greed and self-destruction, will sell itself throughout the world. But we have to work on it PEACEFULLY--not through the sale, proliferation and promotion of national threats, coercion, violence and such...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Search Committee... Looking for Talent.....

We at The Black Millionaire's Network want to choose a select committee to join together to search the City of Philadelphia and the surrounding area for talent to be utilized in Higher Political and Public Offices....  Many of the local offices, political offices, that is, are dominated by local politicians who are corrupted, foolish, and who do not have the best interests of the local people at heart. {Often they are put into place by strong business interests--not the community people who may vote for them, but don't have the finances to sustain the politician's appetite for influence, money and raw POWER...} The politicians are usually out of touch with the people of this area.  {They actually refuse hard-working community organizers and activists time to meet with them about community issues...} One sure fire way of stopping this from happening--this ignorance and political isolation from the people that many local politicians suffer from--is, in the future, to really get some younger, more progressive office seekers and office holders in those offices.  Just give me a call or write me and let me know when you would like to meet and find good qualified people for these offices.  I won't mention any names, but Jannie Blackwell, who has been in office for too many decades, comes to mind very quickly. I need your help to improve the political complexion and structure of this region.  This is not always a racial thing.  There are many qualified people of ALL races who will NOT be corrupted and manipulated by strong financial influences the way many of our current officers are such as Darrell Clark who represents North Philadelphia in City Council. Some of the better politicians in the region who really connect with voters and have their heart and soul into their work include Senator Shirley Kitchen. .Call:1.215.471.64.94  Ask for Brother Tracy Gibson, founder and President of the Black Millionaire's Network, or E-Mail Him At: BLockBoi75@Yahoo.Com
By Regular Mail:

The Black Millionaire's Network
Brother Tracy Gibson,
Founder and President
Post Office Box 42878
Philadelphia, Penn 19101

Thank you for your hard work and full consideration.....

Friday, October 12, 2012


October 12th 2012 Friday

Letter to U.S. Polo Association:
POLO Ralph Lauren
1834 Franklin Mills Circle
Philadelphia, Penn 19154

{Phone} 215.632.20.60
Dear Associates at U.S. Polo:

 I hope you are all well and making positive, progressive advancements in your daily lives, as am I... I saw your founder and Main Business Honcho on one of Oprah Winfrey's last shows.  He was charming, professional and a real ``family man.'' Chaps has always been a favorite designer of mine.  I like the way the shirts fit on a fit and trim body. Since I've gotten older--I am 55--I haven't bought Chaps for a while. However, I've been working on losing weight and plan to lose 40 Lbs by July 2013. I am sure that by then I'll be able to buy some of your clothing.
I am a Black gentleman and I was thinking of how much money Black men and Black women must spend on your clothing. RESEARCH--

That's a good tidy sum of money. I would like to ask, on behalf of our Black children, if you would be interested in financing my company--Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, Inc.----$9 Million Dollars--so we can more successfully operate and run our self-help and youth-help programs. Right now our programs have 3 {three} major components. 1} I have three books I want to publish.  The first two are written to help Black youth become more viable, responsible and trust worthy people so they can be a help to our society instead of a hindrance to our society.  I want to see our young, Poor, Black and Latin youth become respected members of society with good businesses and self-employment opportunities instead of behind bars and a menace to society--and, mind you, at a great cost to our society.... It is a lot cheaper to help our young people flourish instead of bare the cost as a society to throw them in jail, feed and cloth them and watch them become diminished souls....  IT is so obvious to people like me who have advocated for our youth, that we reach a stronger consciousness level and a stronger ethical level if we help them flourish as opposed to just let them languish on street corners and in holding cells and jails.  The books I want to publish are centered on my life and how I came to be a more ethical and moral person, not judging, but learning how to truly value and love Black and Latin people, who I see as oppressed and needing help from many, many of us...
2} I also have a plan to develop a business that helps employ people-of-colour, youths as managers, cashiers and factory workers--well paid--mind you--for our store that sells Tee-Shirts, Greeting Cards and books all geared towards building better values, better social behaviors, and better peer interactions among young people....  All our Black youth needs is a chance. This store will be on-line at first, but will grow to several bricks and mortar stores in the near future as financing is allowed........ 3} I also am starting a security firm that is going to work--on a National and International level--to restore hope, security and prosperity to our Black communities.  We will be charged with helping to protect our developed and developing infrastructure from violent property damage, riot and arson. There is a history that you might not know about where a prosperous and financially sound group or community of Black-owned businesses including restaurants, banks, department stores and hotels was burned down to the ground during a White Supremest riot in the 1920's which saw some 320 Black people ruthlessly killed.  This must NEVER be allowed to happen again!!  I am in touch with some Black security professionals who have a similar interests as I do.

 This is NOT an attempt to extort money from Polo, but instead an attempt to help them understand a deep rooted need in the community of people of colour--a viable constituency of Polo's customer base.....

 Brother Tracy Gibson.......

Post Script: I am asking for $9 Million Dollars, but will accept $50,000 a week for 50 weeks....

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Outline for: ``Politics, Sex and Food: What Black Youth Should be Thinking to Make it in North America.....''

What to Eat and What Not to Eat
The Power of Being Black... And Loving It...
The Powerful Third Eye.....

About The Jewish People...

About The Muslims...

   What Is A Prayer
It’s About Economics
Egypt’s Nile Valley
Movie Reviews
Your Way is the High Way
Listen Up, Before You Give Me the Boot…
Keeping Black Families Together…

Why I Don't Like Sheriff's Sales... Having Been a Victim of One.....

Sheriff's Office
800 North French Street, 5th Floor
Wilmington, Delaware  19801
FAX: 302-395-8460

State of Delaware
New Castle County
Trinidad Navarr??

Sold To Third Party
Court Case # 08L-08-177 JOH

Chase Bank USA NA
Larry Davis and Tracy Gibson

214 Southwyk Road
New Castle, DE 19720

The above property was sold at Sheriff Sale on 11/8/2011 @ 10:00 A.M. in the City/ County???
Building 800 North French Street, Wilmington, Delaware 19801.


Upset Bid: $173,835.00


Signed: Trinidad Navarr??


Per Linda Kahn

Sheriff # 11-013691

SALE DATE  11/8/2011



Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tribute to Doctor Edward Robinson, Junior

Tribute To Doctor Edward Robinson, Junior...

By Brother Tracy Gibson....

On Sunday, October 7th, 2012, at a nice hotel at 1800 Market street, there was a very well-attended commemoration for the life's work of Doctor Edward Robinson Junior--an educator, activist, organizer and father-figure who had spent his life instilling pride, humanity and concern for our Youth as Black people in many other activists and organizers in the Philadelphia area.

Many people called him uncle, many who attended the Tribute, and mind you there was about 150 people in attendance, remember aloud the times they were honored to be in his presence and company.  I was fortunate enough to meet Mr. Robinson on at least two occasions.  I remember his work, specifically, on building Black Businesses and I KNOW for sure I was inspired to work hard to carry out a small part of his dream.

He was NOT light on White people and spoke outwardly about what he felt was their complicity in promoting racism.  But most of his work took on a more positive bent.  He was always willing to help youth take on reading and opening books by Black authors.  He was also very interested in Black youth traveling to Africa and discovering their African roots and traditions.

the d'Zert Club {A group or organizers activist and educators who take mostly Black youth on a homage to Egypt, Africa each year for free.}; African Genesis Institute and Teamwork Productions were just three of the organizations and institutions that provided support for the Sunday afternoon event and who carry on the legacy of Doctor Robinson Junior. Several other organizations support Doctor Robinson's work including the Reparations group N'COBRA; ATAC {Avenging the Ancestor's Coalition}; and   Universal Companies. 

The Evening including many remembrances of Doctor Robinson and a light snack. {I had veggies and lemon juice}.  It was a great thing to see so many people gather to give tribute to Doctor Robinson, Junior, whose work will obviously move forward

A List of Things and so-called PEOPLE I Am NOT Afraid Of.....

1} Negative-thinking, Negative-Acting, Self-Destructive Black people...

2} Any Movie

3} My Church or ANY Church

4} The Fact that I am Same Gender Loving {GAY}

5} Any Person

6} The so-called or real devil

7} White People

8} LOVe

9} Money---

10} Success


12} Some Egyptians on the take, The Mafia, and other stupid Mother Fuckers...... {Only if the shoe fits}

I Fear and LOVe GOD!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

It's About Economics!!!

1) It's Eck                                 2) Do The Asians Worry Bot               3) They Take Our Money
o- Nomics Silly                             Poli-tics                                                And Offer no JOBS!!!
NOT Politics                                 NO!!

4) We FOOL--
keep giving...

By Brother Tracy Gibson...

Recently I visited the corner store near where I live.  I was fittin to do some research.  The owners didn't like me snooping  around in ``their store''. All I wanted to know was what prices the store, on the corner of 49th and Walnut Street in West Philadelphia, was selling basic items like soda, potato chips, Tasty Cake Pies, Ham and Cheese Hoggies, Small Sugar Donuts, Small Chips Ahoy! Cookies, Haagen Dazs Ice Cream, and Amazon Ice Tea--what were these items going for. Items we as uninformed Black people buy from corner stores across North America everyday... I never got to the Twinkies; the Drakes Cup Cakes; the Cream-filled Cup Cakes; the Turkey Hill Ice Cream; and the Free-Toes; the Cheese-Toes; and the Original Klondike Bars to discover their prices.
I Will...

Several of these items are being purchased at such stores like the one at 49th and Walnut Street--the 49th Street Stop Mini Market--by Our Black and Latin children every week. When our children get more informed they will make more intelligent purchases. Similar stores exists all throughout our neighborhoods, like at 42nd and Chester Avenue where the ``HOOPS Deli'' exists featuring a basketball theme and many of the same products.....Hoaggies, cookies and cheeses, cup cakes and potato chips--foods tht are killing us as we become obese, fat, out of shape and NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME!!!

A good friend of mine also suggested that we buy meals or cook meals that are less heavy in meats and red meats at first, if we don't want to go towards a strictly vegetarian diet at first {I myself still eat fish and chicken from time to time...and turkey} He also suggested that we check out labels for fat, salt and chemical content before eating or buying certain foods, especially processed foods, sauces and spices.  

Let me be clear.  There is not really a racial bias to this article. There are Black stores that sell similar items to our young children and the rest of us, such as at 52nd and Walnut Street in front of the Day Care Center there.  The other stores are owned by Hispanic Store owners (The 49th Street Stop Mini Market) and White Store Owners (The ``Hoop's Deli'')....  I am only writing this article to let our parents know that their Black children are buying items that have certain health risks and that these health risks can be lessened if we start to get together and make our voices heard.  What needs to happen is for the store owners to be made to know that we as parents and concerned community members, want better products for our young people so they won't be a burden on the health and welfare of our society.  The health risks of eating food that is unhealthy (That is loaded with salt and sugar, fat, chemicals, preservatives and pesticides) is a real danger to the entire future of our country. We need to get this through our heads...  Why? Because our young people's health is attached to their eating these foods and their general eating habits... It is NOT only Black and Latin children, but other races as well, including White children... Our young people, like their adult parents, guardians and grandparents, uncles and aunts, are coming down with joint ailments; disabilities from heart ailments; sugar diabetes; hypertension; stroke and heart attack; obesity; and cancer just from not ``doing their homework'' about eating regular ``meals'' that include vegetables; fruits; whole wheat's; whole grains; flack seed; 12-grain-breads; 15-grain breads; natural juices that are low in sugar; brown rice; wild rice; fresh wild fish like salmon and free-range poultry; and plenty of salads with low-salt dressings such as honey mustard dressing and balsamic vinegar dressings.  Staying away from the following foods such as: blue-cheese dressing; surgery sodas; White bread; White Potatoes; White rice; fried chicken; fried fish; and red meats such as beef and pork {staying away from these} can have a long-lasting positive impact on health, but these unhealthy items {those just listed} must be replaced with healthier items.  The good news is that the food industry is responding in a positive way {over time} because there are parents and economic educators like myself and thousands of others who are making the positive points in a positive way so our entire community and society can benefit.  (My sister, for example, and her husband {who is a doctor}, raised their four children to be vegetarians. They have never touched pork, beef or lard.)  Not all of us will eat tofu and salads each and every day, but the food industry is letting us know that the vegetarian diet and the healthier diet doesn't have to be so boring as that.  I recently went to ``The Mel Rose Diner'' in South Philadelphia {16th and Snyder Avenue}, for example, and noticed that they have a black-bean vegetarian burger on the menu!!!  WOW!! This is a wonderful thing!!!  It was NOT happening a few short years ago, but people have been getting educated and have learned from media people like Doctor Oz (Now on the FOX Network) and our wonderful First Lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama, who has been talking about childhood obesity for years and insisting that families eat healthier, better, more vitamin enriched foods and more vegetables, whole grains and fruits. This is a good thing... 

So Let's Get on to the tofu and yames of this article.  The ``Facts'' about how much these foods that are not so good are costing our families in cold, hard cash {Not to mention in the increased health benefits and increased health risks}...:.

 To get an idea of what the normal inner city North American family / or, in some instances, even what the suburban family is paying for ''junk food'' on a weekly and yearly basis: take a gander at this:

Example # One:

A ham and cheese sandwich at a typical deli or sandwich shop might cost $3.49 cents for a small sandwich.  It usually has oil and mayonnaise on it and is made with White bread. If you buy two a week: that is $6.98 a week.  If you do that for 48 weeks a year that is a staggering $335.04 a year and that is for just ONE CHILD and that is a moderate projection because hoggies can cost upwards of $5 {$ Five Dollars each}. If you are talking about two children, you are talking upwards of $600 {Six Hundred Dollars} a year for just Ham Hoggies.....

Example # Two:

A Large bag of UTZ or Hers Potato Chips cost $1.09 for the 35 oz size. Just one bag a week for one child is $52.32 a year!! That's for just ONE CHILD!!!  {Remember several people are having three and four children and nothing is being done about POPULATION CONTROL either, we are too centered on abortion and abortion rights when POPULATION CONTROL--the exploding population in the world--is the read yams and tofu issue....... The issue of POPULATION CONTROL is NOT EVEN ON THE MAP for this November's election {2012}...  This does not smack of sustainability and keeping a well planet, ecologically, environmentally, socially, politically and so forth, for future generations.....!!!  Where do we think this food is going to come from in the future at such cheap rates????

Example # Three:

A small pack of sugar donuts is .75 Cents each.  If your child buys them three times a week, that is $2.25 a week.  Times that for a year {48 weeks since school is out for Christmas and Easter} that is a whooping $108. a year!!! That is just for sugar donuts alone..... and only for one child...

Example # Four:

A 24 Fluid Ounce bottle of soda is about .75 Cents each...  Flavors include: Tahitian Treat {which is loaded with sugar}; Cola; Orange; Grape and Ginger Ale.  As we all know, our children drink a great deal of  soda, even though there are now a few public service announcements on the radio talking about how soda consumption can actually promote diabetes, weight gain and other unhealthy physical problems. {They may well, in the future, even link soda consumption to brain malfunctions and attention deficit disorder if they haven't already...}.. Just five sodas a week adds up to $180.00 a year per child. Now I hope you are starting to see where the family budget is being impacted on by junk foods.  They tried to pass a soda tax in Philadelphia, but the Mayor couldn't get it through. I wrote a letter in support of the soda tax in keeping with my concern for our people and especially our children.  DId you write a letter in favor of the soda tax?

Example # 5 :

Sometimes a family or a child will splurge and buy an expensive brand or type of Ice Cream such as Haagen Dazs.  The 14 Ounce size {Which is relatively small,} cost $4.69 cents each. If you get two a week that is $9.38 Cents a week. Considering that you buy two a week and the year is 48 weeks, can you tell me how much you spend on Haagen Dazs Ice Cream a year?  Write me at BLockBoi75@Yahoo.Com and let me know. You will get half off your membership to the ``Black Millionaire's Network,'' as your reward for a correct answer. {To find out more about the services of the Black Millionaire's Network write me at: BLockBoi75@Yahoo.Com
or call me at: 1.215.471.64.94...


Read books like ``The Gradual Vegetarian,'' by Lisa Tracy.. and other books on vegetarian cooking and the vegetarian life... Other Books to read about nutrition and health include: ``Sugar Blues,'' By ? and ``The Life You Want: Get Motiated, Lose Weight, and Be Happy,'' by Bob Greene and Ann Kearney-Cooke, PH.D., and Janis Jibrin, M.S., R.D. a best-seller that I highly recommend.  There are other books by old-school Black activist Dick Gregory and writer, researcher Gary Null that talk about diet and nutrition and which I will list here in the near future. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Super Market at 43rd and Walnut Str!!!

I sometimes shop at the Super Market at  43rd and Walnut Str in West Philadelphia.  It is a good place to shop if you are on a budget like I am. There is also a fruit and vegetable truck right across the street that sells items at a discount. Generally you can get a good many vegetables and fruits for about $20 at the truck. Many people from different ethnic groups and religions come there on a regular basis. I like this truck because I believe it is African owned and I think Africans deserve to do business successfully in this country.  As an activist I had to actually fight to allow this truck to stay on this corner. Some of the ``Powers that Be'' wanted it closed down. I don't know if this was due to the Truck taking business away from the Super Market or not. It always amazes me how patient people are to wait in line because there are two lines and you usually have to wait about 20 minutes.  Sometimes people even wait in bad weather. In fact they will wait even in bad weather. It would be nice if Africans got more businesses in Our Country.  It would also be nice if Africans recognized some of the Progressive forces in Our Country who want to see them excel and do well.  

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Poet Lamont Steptoe at the Free Library in October 1, 2012........

The airy 4th Floor of the Free Library on Logan's Circle in Philadelphia was host of Poet Lamont Steptoe and another poet on the evening of the First of October, 2012 {Monday}.  Me Steptoe, a Viet Nam War Vet, an activist and a poet of renown for decades read several selections of his several poetry books including one he wrote for his Brother James, who was killed in battle in Viet Nam.  The Black Radical poet became markedly moved when he read the poem about his brother and was very deeply emotional about reading several other poems. 

He will be the featured speaker at the Moonstone Arts Center at 110A 13th Street in Philadelphia today {October 2nd, at 7 P.M. } where he will share the stage with L.E. Scott, another poet.  Mr. Scott has lived among and been an advocate for indigenous people such as the Aborigines in Australia.

The event promises to be interesting and exciting as Mr. Steptoe will undoubtedly take those who attend to another world through there eyes as poets.  Mr. Steptoe has written over seven books of poetry and many of the poems center on life experiences he has had while working, studying and writing right here in Philadelphia.

Monday, October 1, 2012

New Stacy Story

October 4th, 2012 {Thursday}


Ms. Stacy Holland,

President and CEO

Of: Philadelphia Youth Network

714  Market Street

Philadelphia, PA 19106



Dear Sister Holland:

I hope you and your family are doing fine and Well. I want to make some suggestions for your Corporation and your Foundation to invest in. My Corporation, which is called ``Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, INc.'' has four components I am interested in getting funding for and I am hoping you can help me because we are very much interested in the same thing--helping Our Youth!!! I am hoping we can work in partnership on some of these projects because I am very much geared towards helping our youth and young adults. I really think they need help and direction and I feel very strongly about this, as I am a survivor of sexual and mental child abuse myself and have grown a Big Heart for Black Youth especially.  I hope you will remember me, I am the tall Brown gentleman who spoke last at the WURD Forum at the Franklin Institute last week. The four components I am working on which I want to talk with you about are as follows.

 1} I have three books I Really, Really want to publish. The first book is entitled: ``A Grassroots Criteria for Liberation.'' This two parts of the same book {Parts I; and Part II} and is dedicated to Black Youth and there issues. It also relates to Latin youth and any other poor, disenfranchised and or disabled youth who need direction, help in thinking more clearly, and a better attitude about life. It will also help many youth who are identified as Same Gender Loving or Gay in their sexual orientation, as it contains much of my life’s story as a Same Gender Loving Black man and a political activist in the Philadelphia region for about 35 years. It is designed to build better values in our young men and women including more responsibility for the decisions they make; more respect for the people in the community including peers, the elderly, their parents, teachers, guardians, police and firemen; more dignity about themselves; more interests in Black History and Blacks in antiquity; more interests in business, finance and becoming an entrepreneur; more interests in education and learning etc. This first volume is designed and told by telling my own personal story and interjecting political analysis and old family stories with life-lessons, celebrity profiles and reviews of artistic events included. I need $40,000.00 to get these books published. The third book is entitled: ``Let the Children Gather--A Fantasy World of Real Life Poems.'' It is a book of poetry that reflects the high level of anger, frustration and resentment that is ramped among Black male youth at being blocked out of the economic and financial progress they see going on in their community and at seeing what little progress they are allowed to make often become suppressed, stolen and or ignored. I need $20,000.00 to publish this book. 2} I want to start a mostly Black, but partially multi-cultural security firm to help protect the growing and valued Black infrastructure across North America protect itself from racially motivated negative violence and other security problems such as theft and other forms of destruction. I especially want to help Black businesses right here in West Philadelphia, South West Philadelphia and North Philadelphia. I am in contact with a Miss Stephanie White who has a successful security company in Dallas, Texas {1.469.230.1849} Address: Post Office Box 181947, Dallas Texas 75218. I have also been in touch with a Mr. August Scott of Brooklyn, New York who worked several years for the Metropolitan Museum of Art as a security guard. I plan to hire both of them as consultants as I begin the process of starting my own local security firm. {You may know the story from the 1920's in Tulsa, Oklahoma where what was called the ``BLACK WALL STREET'' was destroyed after a racial incident sparked a White Supremest Riot.} We cannot afford to have our valuable Black infrastructure destroyed in a matter of days when it took us 50 years to built it up.  {Not only were some 350 Black people killed in Tulsa, but hotels, restaurants, large stores, funeral homes and other types of businesses owned and operated by Black people were also destroyed and burned to the ground.} We need $150,000.00 in seed money for our security firm to be centered and headquartered in Philadelphia. We plan to hire former police officers, firemen and fire women, veterans coming back from the two wars our Nation has been involved in; and young people who desperately need full-time and part-time employment in the Philadelphia region to work with us. We will have training in Philadelphia and a full, state of the art, Green, environmentally friendly building for our headquarters. 3} Another aspect of our corporation is called ``The Knowledge Hut Business Plan and The Knowledge Hut On-Line Store.'' This store will provide CD's, DVD's, Movies, Tee-Shirts, Greeting Cards, Posters, Books and a few light and healthy snack foods for young people to purchase and for their parents and guardians to buy for them and sometimes, to enjoy for themselves. Grandchildren, nieces, youth, children, cousins, second cousins and nephews will find delight in the products and will also be gaining an education in the strong values and ethics that are so lacking in our communities. The ONLY Products to be sold in our stores will be those products that uphold high community standards and values; represent positive social values and positive knowledge and understanding of complex political issues. The products will not just be thrown at our young customers, our parents and grand parents and guardians, they will be specifically selected to build, again, positive values in our young people such as responsibility, reliability, punctuality, obeying the law, business ethics, not to bully or smoke, how to start businesses in a tough economy and a tough business environment, and how to negotiate out of problems and conflicts instead of using violence and intimidation to solve problems--a lesson our own national government and many corporations could use to learn. Many of the products we are planning to sell we will produce at our own factory and we will hire some of the youth to get paid good living wages for their efforts. {We are starting as an on-line store to avoid the tremendous cost of building a modern, state of the art, Green factory right in North, South West or West Philadelphia at first, but we don't think it will take too long before our dreams come to life and our hard work pays off.} We did test marketing of greeting cards and Tee-Shirts from April 2006 to September of 2007 at 3819 Lancaster Avenue, Philadelphia, Penn 19104, when we had an office here in Philadelphia's Powelton Village Section. We will be Progressive and stress education and knowledge building in every aspect of what we do. Our whole corporate effort is aimed at helping stabilize and support our youth. Our Books will not be selected to titillate and sexually excite {such books will not be sold by us}, but our Books will be selected to educate, inform, build self-help and self-survival skills as well as build self-esteem, self-respect, family values and other positive traits for the Black Family to build from. They will also help stimulate intellectual growth while helping develop good study habits, good hygiene and neighbor-building skills as our young people learn how to get along with other races, other religions and other types of people who are different from them. We are seeking $450,000.00 for ``The Knowledge Hut Business Plan'' and ``The Knowledge Hut Stores.'' {You can see our full Business Plan by going to Google: inputting Brother Tracy Gibson: and clicking on ``The Politics of Real'' This is my Blog. You will see a section that says ``The Knowledge Hut Business Plan'' 4} Another component we are planning is our Talent Agency--NOT YET NAMED... I remember once taking a tenant {I have been a Landlord and Property Owner and Property Manager for 28 years}. I took a tenant to try-out for an International Star-Search Program and fond a line wrapped around the Hotel on City Line Avenue for 4 blocks!! I have people in my church and in the Black community who I know who want to partner with me for this aspect of the business. My church's name is The Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia, which is part of a network of some 30 churches across the country. I have family members who work in the entertainment business who I am sure will also help with consulting on this matter.

That is it in a nutshell!! I hope you can help. I have some 35 years of dedicated work behind me as a community organizer and a community activist. {Please see my Resume (Under Brother Tracy Gibson's Resume) enclosed or on the Blog--

My Corporate EIN number is 27-0145705

I have contacted several Billionaires about my ideas including: Warren Buffett and George Sorros.... But neither of them have contacted me as yet. I hope you will give me a chance, because what I want to do will work towards the betterment of our entire country in the long run, as our Black youth stop being seen as a major ``problem'' and start to live active, productive, viable and proactive lives as solutions to our facing head on the problems of sustainability, economic self-sufficiency and energy independence. The more we do to help our youth become viable and productive on the front end, the less we will have to spend on the back end for prison space, food and shelter for them as ``vagrants and homeless people, and in the court system, detention homes and the prison system. Our Youth deserve our attention and our help as well as our direction, care, appreciation and LOVe. I thank you for your consideration.

Post Script: I deeply appreciate the work you have done and continue to do through the various programs you have founded and supported. GOD BLESS YOU!!!

CC: Hitch; Queen Latifa; Mr. Shawn Dove, Campaign Manager for the Open Society Foundation's Campaign for Black Male Achievement.

Brother Tracy Gibson
213 South 49th Street
Philadelphia, Penn 19139-4205


Good Food and Nutrition--A Seminar on the 13th of October, 2012 At 7 P.M. in West Philadelphia.....

We will be holding a Seminar on Saturday the evening of the 13th of October, 2012, at 7 P.M. at 213 South 49th Street in West Philadelphia.  The event is $10. and includes a meal {described below} and a movie ``Super Size Me,'' by documentary director Morgan Spurlock...

The Meal:

``Greens, Grapes and Raisin Salad''

``Roasted Root Vegetables''

``Cold Cucumber, Soy Yogurt and Dill and Mint Soup''

For more information, please call Brother Tracy Gibson at 12154716494

Please pay in advance so I will know how much food to prepare.

Egypt's Nile Valley [A National Geographic Quote]

``Let your hands build, O people!''

urges an inscription carved nearly 3,500 years ago on the rock-cut tomb of a high official at Thebes.''

Build they did, the ancient Egyptians--beginning about 3000 B.C. and continuing with only periodic disruptions for more than three millennium. So prodigious were they, and so substantial their creations, that the valley of the Nile endures today as an open-air museum filled with pyramids and tombs, temples and chapels, obelisks and colossi.
To out up structures on the scale of the pyramids, the Egyptians had to mobilize, feed, and administer a huge labor force. Recent excavation of the graves of pyramid workers reveals that some were missing limbs or had damaged spines--the human cost of a national compulsion to glorify gods and deify the souls of kings.''

The above quote was from a recent map of the Nile Valley in Egypt, from National Geographic. What it makes me realize is that we need NOT worship humans to the extent that we are breaking our backs to do everything they wish of us, nor should we build too many statues of the Great and Mighty, unless we have REALLY done our homework and studied and discovered that such men and women {or even transgendered People} are truly worth our praise and worship.  Even then, let's be realistic and not bend over backwards to often, for even the greatest among us have human frailties.