Monday, October 1, 2012

Egypt's Nile Valley [A National Geographic Quote]

``Let your hands build, O people!''

urges an inscription carved nearly 3,500 years ago on the rock-cut tomb of a high official at Thebes.''

Build they did, the ancient Egyptians--beginning about 3000 B.C. and continuing with only periodic disruptions for more than three millennium. So prodigious were they, and so substantial their creations, that the valley of the Nile endures today as an open-air museum filled with pyramids and tombs, temples and chapels, obelisks and colossi.
To out up structures on the scale of the pyramids, the Egyptians had to mobilize, feed, and administer a huge labor force. Recent excavation of the graves of pyramid workers reveals that some were missing limbs or had damaged spines--the human cost of a national compulsion to glorify gods and deify the souls of kings.''

The above quote was from a recent map of the Nile Valley in Egypt, from National Geographic. What it makes me realize is that we need NOT worship humans to the extent that we are breaking our backs to do everything they wish of us, nor should we build too many statues of the Great and Mighty, unless we have REALLY done our homework and studied and discovered that such men and women {or even transgendered People} are truly worth our praise and worship.  Even then, let's be realistic and not bend over backwards to often, for even the greatest among us have human frailties.

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