Friday, October 12, 2012


October 12th 2012 Friday

Letter to U.S. Polo Association:
POLO Ralph Lauren
1834 Franklin Mills Circle
Philadelphia, Penn 19154

{Phone} 215.632.20.60
Dear Associates at U.S. Polo:

 I hope you are all well and making positive, progressive advancements in your daily lives, as am I... I saw your founder and Main Business Honcho on one of Oprah Winfrey's last shows.  He was charming, professional and a real ``family man.'' Chaps has always been a favorite designer of mine.  I like the way the shirts fit on a fit and trim body. Since I've gotten older--I am 55--I haven't bought Chaps for a while. However, I've been working on losing weight and plan to lose 40 Lbs by July 2013. I am sure that by then I'll be able to buy some of your clothing.
I am a Black gentleman and I was thinking of how much money Black men and Black women must spend on your clothing. RESEARCH--

That's a good tidy sum of money. I would like to ask, on behalf of our Black children, if you would be interested in financing my company--Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, Inc.----$9 Million Dollars--so we can more successfully operate and run our self-help and youth-help programs. Right now our programs have 3 {three} major components. 1} I have three books I want to publish.  The first two are written to help Black youth become more viable, responsible and trust worthy people so they can be a help to our society instead of a hindrance to our society.  I want to see our young, Poor, Black and Latin youth become respected members of society with good businesses and self-employment opportunities instead of behind bars and a menace to society--and, mind you, at a great cost to our society.... It is a lot cheaper to help our young people flourish instead of bare the cost as a society to throw them in jail, feed and cloth them and watch them become diminished souls....  IT is so obvious to people like me who have advocated for our youth, that we reach a stronger consciousness level and a stronger ethical level if we help them flourish as opposed to just let them languish on street corners and in holding cells and jails.  The books I want to publish are centered on my life and how I came to be a more ethical and moral person, not judging, but learning how to truly value and love Black and Latin people, who I see as oppressed and needing help from many, many of us...
2} I also have a plan to develop a business that helps employ people-of-colour, youths as managers, cashiers and factory workers--well paid--mind you--for our store that sells Tee-Shirts, Greeting Cards and books all geared towards building better values, better social behaviors, and better peer interactions among young people....  All our Black youth needs is a chance. This store will be on-line at first, but will grow to several bricks and mortar stores in the near future as financing is allowed........ 3} I also am starting a security firm that is going to work--on a National and International level--to restore hope, security and prosperity to our Black communities.  We will be charged with helping to protect our developed and developing infrastructure from violent property damage, riot and arson. There is a history that you might not know about where a prosperous and financially sound group or community of Black-owned businesses including restaurants, banks, department stores and hotels was burned down to the ground during a White Supremest riot in the 1920's which saw some 320 Black people ruthlessly killed.  This must NEVER be allowed to happen again!!  I am in touch with some Black security professionals who have a similar interests as I do.

 This is NOT an attempt to extort money from Polo, but instead an attempt to help them understand a deep rooted need in the community of people of colour--a viable constituency of Polo's customer base.....

 Brother Tracy Gibson.......

Post Script: I am asking for $9 Million Dollars, but will accept $50,000 a week for 50 weeks....

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