Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Poet Lamont Steptoe at the Free Library in October 1, 2012........

The airy 4th Floor of the Free Library on Logan's Circle in Philadelphia was host of Poet Lamont Steptoe and another poet on the evening of the First of October, 2012 {Monday}.  Me Steptoe, a Viet Nam War Vet, an activist and a poet of renown for decades read several selections of his several poetry books including one he wrote for his Brother James, who was killed in battle in Viet Nam.  The Black Radical poet became markedly moved when he read the poem about his brother and was very deeply emotional about reading several other poems. 

He will be the featured speaker at the Moonstone Arts Center at 110A 13th Street in Philadelphia today {October 2nd, at 7 P.M. } where he will share the stage with L.E. Scott, another poet.  Mr. Scott has lived among and been an advocate for indigenous people such as the Aborigines in Australia.

The event promises to be interesting and exciting as Mr. Steptoe will undoubtedly take those who attend to another world through there eyes as poets.  Mr. Steptoe has written over seven books of poetry and many of the poems center on life experiences he has had while working, studying and writing right here in Philadelphia.

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