Thursday, October 4, 2012

Super Market at 43rd and Walnut Str!!!

I sometimes shop at the Super Market at  43rd and Walnut Str in West Philadelphia.  It is a good place to shop if you are on a budget like I am. There is also a fruit and vegetable truck right across the street that sells items at a discount. Generally you can get a good many vegetables and fruits for about $20 at the truck. Many people from different ethnic groups and religions come there on a regular basis. I like this truck because I believe it is African owned and I think Africans deserve to do business successfully in this country.  As an activist I had to actually fight to allow this truck to stay on this corner. Some of the ``Powers that Be'' wanted it closed down. I don't know if this was due to the Truck taking business away from the Super Market or not. It always amazes me how patient people are to wait in line because there are two lines and you usually have to wait about 20 minutes.  Sometimes people even wait in bad weather. In fact they will wait even in bad weather. It would be nice if Africans got more businesses in Our Country.  It would also be nice if Africans recognized some of the Progressive forces in Our Country who want to see them excel and do well.  

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