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The Black Man's Nose Knows..... a poem..........

The Black Man’s Nose Knows
(A homage to Black male beauty and intellectual strength)
By Author Brother Tracy Gibson…..
From the times when it was first blown off
The face of the Sphinx by Napoleon
We have had beautiful noses
Look at the Nose of the actor
John Amos
Look at the nose of Malcolm X
Look at the nose of Crispus Attucks
Look at the nose of Charles Gilpin
Look at the nose of Neo
Look at the Beautiful Black chiseled nose of
Black gay porn star Aaron Ridge--
Strong, straight and true
They stand flat, broad and proud
Like the men who carried them
We don’t need to be rubbing
Noses with the ancestors of the 
People who brought Our Ancestors
To this place in chains
Lessin they about our liberation
Like we ought to be about
Our noses and the noses of 
Our children need to be buried in books
And educational videos until
We have learned the secrets of
Our liberation
Ancient and time worn
Old as dirt and sand
We come from the earth
And we bear her color
What did they come from?
I know not
Africa erupted with our birth
They captured us to do their work
Now it is time to Pay Up..
Still they bark and balk
Like the Dogs many of them
Sometimes are
Especially their wealthy and their
Right Wing leaders
But the mighty hands of GOD will
Soon call on their numbers to either 
Pay up or be banished from the earth
But only our nose knows when

Victims of Their Own Greed...

The Jewish People Are the Victims of Their Own Intelligence, Success, Hard Work and Greed ……..

``The Jewish People's insistent need to control EVERYTHING to stop their persecution is the root cause of their consistent and on-going persecution and impending fascism,'' quote from Brother Tracy Gibson.....

By Brother Tracy Gibson…..

The Jewish People, those who practice the religion and those who don’t, are victims of their own hard work and their own high intelligence levels. How, you might ask, can you be Jewish and NOT practice the Jewish religion? It is my contention that being Jewish is also a way of life, a culture and a historical lineage—not just a religion. Jewish People have also fallen victim to their own greed and unwillingness to share, and their own keen ability to ``make it’’ in American and European society as it exists today. They are also victims of their own successes in business and their own self need to retain Jewish successes within their own ``religious’’ and or lineage group. The old adage that you are ``In Like Flint’’ if you are part of the Jewish crowd still holds true today…..

My father says to never deny a man the success he himself has worked hard for. Well, Jewish People have a tendency to make sure, not only that they are successful, but they also have a habit of locking other groups out of the markets and industries in which they are successful. {Some people theorize that this is because of their victimization at the hands of the German Nazis which created this sense of a rather paranoid need to make sure they survive. Ironically, it may be having the tendency of self-destruction…} Take the advertising industry, the production of pornography for and the production of major Hollywood films for example. I once had a college professor for a graduate course in script writing {he was NOT Jewish} who point blank told me and my classmates that to make it in Hollywood you had better know some Jewish people or be Jewish yourself. That is nothing but ``racial or religious’’ bias and it has been and can be proven by statistics and numbers. Jewish People are many in number in the film industry. All you have to do is look at the religious backgrounds and Sir Names of the people who are heads of major studios in Hollywood and other Hollywood decision makers and movers and shakers in Hollywood and you will see a preponderance of Jewish Sir Names and people with Jewish histories. To deny this fact is to deny truth and to hide your head in the sand...

The same goes for the advertising industry which is strongly related to Hollywood because the major names on Madison Avenue, many of the major players, are also Jewish People. These two fields are not only closely related, but also produce billions of dollars in revenue for the major corporations who dominate the industry. But Jewish People, to their own merit, are good for getting into and dominating industries that produce great amounts of wealth, profit and revenue. Have you ever heard the comment about a ``good Jewish lawyer?’’ Well apparently if you want the best and most effective lawyers you had better hire a Jewish one. The legal profession is another profession in which Jewish People have a large steak and are represented in large numbers. And, low and behold, it is yet another career and industry in which very large numbers, billions of dollars, in wealth, profits revenues are produced around the world annually.

What other lucrative fields are Jewish People found to play major roles in? They are numerous in the accounting field as well as in psychiatry, medicine, diamond merchandising and other media industries outside of the movies such as TV, Radio, the recording industry, Print media, journalism [especially highly visible, popular magazines and newspapers] and book publishing. Getting the proper credentials to get on the inside of these fields can take hundreds of thousands of dollars {in tuition fees} and many long years of education {Often the jobs in the hood that brothers could get right out of High School have dried up due in part to decisions made by people very different from us, as Black people. Such as taking manufacturing jobs overseas to drastically increase profits and decrease labor costs. Many of the decision makers who made the decision to make the U.S. largely a service industry country and take those jobs off shore were people of the Jewish faith. } Again, these very lucrative and tightly controlled fields are weighted heavy with Jewish executives and Jewish money interests. Jewish people are also major players, far outstripping the numbers of other ethnic or religious groups, in prosperous fields such as new technologies, electronics, engineering, stock brokers, hedge fund dealers, top business officials; executives and the industries that creates emerging markets around the world. Again these fields are very lucrative and filled to the brim with Jewish People and their money interests…. Some of those money interests are from as far away as South Africa, England other parts of Europe and Israel, but that gets into another article. You would never believe there are only about six million Jewish People in the United States when you see their numbers in these industries. Blacks lag far behind, but then we are not the gatekeepers and decision makers for these fields nor are we the ones determining what is to be learned in these fields and what and who is to be left out. When you get into these positions of leadership and power in determining what goes into a field or what makes up the tenants or the parameters of what that field is to entail, you have a great deal of say in who gets in, who gets accepted and who doesn’t. We also have to contend with the same inner city problems of poverty, illegal drug dependency, high unemployment, crime, being tracked into the role of ``consumer only’’ from the cradle to the grave, early pregnancy, and a lack of business corporate opportunities, among others, that have been plaguing us as a people and our communities for generations…..

One of the stereotypes that have plagued Jewish people for hundreds of years is that they are greedy. This persists. You know what they say about stereotypes—that they are ALL based in some reality and truth—even the really bad ones about Black people. As an outside observer—one looking at the Jewish community as a non-Jewish person, I have to admit I feel that many of their problems seem to be able to be solved if they were a more generous people. Jewish People used to have many of their stores inside Black communities across the country, especially along the East coast. There were often complaints that the merchants would come in the Black community, make their money, take the money and give very little back to the community they profited from such as jobs and real career opportunities, especially to our Black male youth…. {Check out the movie ``Do The Right Thing,’’ by Spike Lee and you will see what I mean… For a brief time, I once worked for a Jewish store owner in West Philadelphia. He was very unscrupulous. He put his children through school by selling regular items that anyone could purchase at a regular drug store or pharmacy in just about any community, but he and his wife also sold codeine cough syrup without a prescription under the table. At the time, this was illegal. He also had a second home down in Florida and a nice home in a suburb of Philadelphia away from the Blacks he profited from and catered to. {His store was located on the corner of 48th and Walnut Street in West Philadelphia. It was called Richard’s Drug Store.} He had made well and bought these properties by servicing the Black community of West Philadelphia. My friend had gotten me the job at the store, but I decided I wanted more money than I was making. The Jewish Store owner said I had only worked a few months and that I was not getting a raise and didn’t deserve one. I quit my job. At the tender age of 16, I did not like some of the things that went on in his store anyway. I know this will not be popular with some of my readers, but yes, I do believe some Jewish People are greedy. I’m not saying ALL Jewish People are greedy, but I do believe this greed they suffer from is chocking them right now and that this greed is part of what is making them so hated, resented and mistrusted in many sectors and circles within the U.S. and elsewhere. In fact it is actually undermining some of their agenda, not helping it at all. My feeling is that if you have a lot, you should be willing to make sure some of your neighbors around the globe have something also. There are some Jewish People who wouldn’t give a dime to a starving Black man on the street because they don’t think he deserves it. But it is largely Black people through our own struggles as a people who have helped Jewish People take advantage of Civil Rights laws, affirmative action laws and other laws that were really meant to advance us as a People—not them. We, as Blacks, largely remain a consumer class of people while Jewish People have enjoyed being merchants, businessmen and businesswomen generation after generation. But Blacks are getting wiser. We want a larger piece of the North American pie and more of the action. There is nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately, some of us have fallen prey to being too greedy as well, and don’t want to help out our own people. If more Jewish People started programs in inner cities that helped more poor and disenfranchised people of every race, you would see the hatred many people feel for Jewish People as a race and / or religion start to fall away and dissipate. But I don’t see that happening as yet… Where does their money go to anyway? All the money they make from selling diamonds, making movies [including pornography], owning basketball teams and football teams, and being top executives and such—where does it all go? To support their agenda… Much of it goes right back to other Jewish People within their families and neighborhoods--to pay for business expansion and put their children through school. And to support their worldly agenda. A sizable portion also goes to the State of Israel, which is another reason why they are again hated. Most Arab People and Muslim People don’t like the state of Israel much [the Palestinian issue and all its’ complexities and complications is a large part of the reason] and they see Israel getting billions in U.S. federal tax dollars AND money from the Jewish community in the U.S. and elsewhere….. Some feel it has to end somewhere and that there has to be a telling of this whole story and a real accounting for what the Jewish people are doing.

To get back to some of the meat and yams of the original premise of this article, it must be pointed out that having these hard-to-get media jobs that many Jewish People have held for decades should not be taken likely. Being a producer of a top show or a major TV or movie studio executive has a great deal of power and clout attached to it. You can decide to enhance and promote the group you belong to and set back or demote another group. For example: CNN often has major Jewish commentators and analysts on the air as their major programming talking heads to discuss what goes on in Egypt, or other North African and / or Middle Eastern countries without lifting a finger to have on an Arab commentator or analyst... Where is the balance and sense of fair play in such programming? ABC and other networks took track and field off of TV like magic several years ago. Track and Field, an event that is often dominated by Black star athletes such as the Kenyans, African Americans and the Jamaicans during the Summer Olympics, decreased significantly in the minds of viewers because during the off season they no longer got to see the stunning performances of major Black track and field runners gain momentum and stature by winning the off-season awards on the major networks. Maybe the often Jewish-led producers of these shows—such as ABC Sports--decided the glistening Black skin and other Black features of such Black champions as Gay, Bolt and Powell, was just too much for the mostly White viewers to see—so off with their programming it was!!! The raw force and power of the Black image has been suppressed by White TV and movie executives for decades. This is done through the editing process; through determining that perfectly good Black scripts never get to be made into films or TV shows; and through other studio and TV executive processes that continue to deny and curb our greatness as a people…as Black People that is… You can just about count the number of top major film studio and TV executives who are Black on one hand…..The power of the small screen and the TV programmer is made minuscule when you think of how our Black images are handled by the major movie producers who take our image—be that what it is--around and throughout the world through international movie distribution and the selling of movie rights and other programming rights…... They will pick Martin Laurence or Tyler Perry in a woman’s dress over some more serious consideration of one of our fabulous historical figures such as actor Charles Gilpin or director/producer Oscar Micheaux, just about every time!!! This angers many Black thinkers, writers, political activists, community organizers, political analysts and /or Black observers and intellectuals including myself!!! {My feeling is the anger is fine, but it soon dissipates with a McDonalds milk shake and a large order of fries. What we need to do is build our own Black businesses and Black infrastructure on an international level. I’m working on it, Call me…}

Jewish People are as complex as they are hated. Few people make better comedy writers, or comedy directors [the comic genius of Mel Brooks comes to mind here], yet their lives as a group of people, tends to be rather tragic. There are other reasons for their being hated besides the ones I have gone into here. They exist as a conundrum and a mystery to many people including many White North Americans outside of New York City where many Jewish People have tended to live and base their lucrative businesses for several generations…. Some Americans don’t understand them at all. Are they White? {If so, why did the White Ari an German Nazis HATE them so much?} Are they a race of people or a religious group? Are they Semitic—whatever that is? Jewish culture does exist. They have long held traditions concerning marriage, life choices, burial, ethics and morals, food, food preparation, customs, religious holidays and so forth. They also have a certain ``look’’ according to many, as well as a customary way of talking and / or a language all their own—Hebrew [their traditional language] and Yiddish [still spoken in parts of Europe]. To hate them as an entire group of people takes all their traditions and customs and says they are nothing and that they must not be considered human. This is NOT a solution or the proper thing to do AT ALL!!! We all know who wanted to exterminate the Jewish People and I don’t think, in fact I know, the world and the United States in particular DOES NOT want to go down that road again. But Jewish People themselves also hold some hateful ideas and attitudes about other people as well. I once saw an episode of ``The Bachelor’’ on ABC TV where the Bachelor was a Jewish man whose mother had no intentions of allowing her son to come within spitting distance of a young Black woman who was one of the females he was to choose from on the show. She also had no intentions of letting her son date or come too close to any of the other non-Jewish White women included on the show that day either—even though they were White!!. She had chosen the sole Jewish woman on the show for him to select from. She and only she would do for her son. If you consider what Jewish People have had to go through over an extended period—the persecution, the hatred and the ridicule [and I’m talking about on a really intense level sometimes]--you might be able to begin to understand why this Jewish mother wanted only a Jewish wife for her only son. The Jewish People tend to stick together and any cursory reading of their history will tell you why. It is a matter of survival for them… The small spat between the Jewish mother and the Sister [the Black female] blew up into a full-fledged racial episode as things got really personal, hot and nasty on ``The Bachelor’’ that day... I bring this up to show that while Jewish People make sure to point out the racism and anti-Semitism against them, they rarely point out the racism within their own group and / or religion. {Have you ever thought about how separate and out of touch the Jewish Synagogue near you is? While you might venture into a Catholic church, you wouldn’t even know what to do to get inside a Jewish Synagogue and not be seen as a stranger or a foreigner. You, as a Christian, just don’t feel welcomed. We might feel equally unwelcome at the neighborhood Mosque as well!!!} At the same time, it is this persecution and hatred of Jewish People that feeds into their wanting to stick together as a people and help their own. This is understandable, but it’s also a very vicious cycle. They are persecuted because they help one another so much—often at the exclusion of other groups, races and religions—and they help one another so much because they are persecuted. WHERE DOES IT ALL END!!!

Jewish People don’t expect to get ahead without paying their dues. That is why they put their children in the best private schools and tend to send their children to the top universities in the United States such as MIT, Harvard, Yale, Columbia University, The University of Pennsylvania or Stanford. Jewish parents know that if their children get the best educations, their children can win and dominate in their respective fields. They have a foot in the door with a good education, plus they usually have a family member who is either a major player at a corporation or who owns a small or moderate sized business. This way their younger generations coming out of college already has a leg up and a foot in the door of the corporate world... By comparison, often our parents don’t want to foot the bill to send their children to the very best schools or our children are weighted down in some way by issues pertaining to the inner city such as: the issue of poverty and illegal drug use, the thug life and the glamorization of the thug life, and poor foundation educations in the public school systems. These are just a few of the items that leave our children behind—there are many others such as a lack of father figures and unstable households economically and Spiritually.… Some of our youth make out good, but it is usually by a quirk, raw intellectual talent and power or by having a great deal of parental dedication and direction—especially if the student is coming out of the inner-city public school system.

Jewish People also tend to dominate in education and serve as teachers and administrators in universities as well as in public and private schools. While this field is far less lucrative than the others I mentioned, it is still very safe and lucrative enough for them because it is largely Jewish teachers who protect the teacher’s Unions and block firings of incompetent teachers while maintaining good pension funds, retirement benefits and teacher’s salaries for teachers and school administrators…. Unfortunately it is also Jewish dominated Boards of Education which make sure that the level of Black male teachers in inner cities, for example, who are often very effective at controlling and helping Black students move ahead—especially Black males--are kept in check. Such is the case in the Philadelphia School District. Here, in Philadelphia, Black male teachers are only seven percent {7 %} of the teachers. Seven Percent!! The School Board in Philadelphia is full of Jewish administrators and decision makers, but I digress…

To get back to the main point, it is in old ``Tinsel Town’’ [Hollywood] where Jewish People really dominate and where their power is so concentrated and exacting that many outside observers of the industry, such as myself and many, many others—both Jewish and Non-Jewish--are becoming alarmed and deeply concerned…. I have heard on more than one occasion where Black script writers have had their scripts just totally overlooked, or torn to shreds by ``superior’’ writers and editors. These often Jewish studio executives are looking for the next ``trick’’ to make a multi-million dollar movie hit the jackpot at the box office and heard millions of viewers into the theaters like unsuspecting sheep…. Scripts are often written by Jewish People; costume designers are also largely Jewish; editors are largely Jewish People; set designers and film-score composers are largely Jewish People; directors of the major movies are often Jewish People; major actors are often Jewish People who have either changed their names and or changed their look to look more ``North American’’ and non-Jewish; major movie producers and film studio executives are also often Jewish People also. Unfortunately it is the male Jewish person who often dominates in Hollywood; the women sometimes and somehow, find themselves left out in the cold--unless they have major Capital and money to move a picture through; contacts with major talent; or both.

And what happens to major social, political and / or religious figures who mention this 800 pound Jewish gorilla sitting in our collective living rooms? Look at what they did, and when I say they I mean the Jewish–led major North American media and Jewish media stars like Barbara Walters--look at what they did to Brother Minister Louis Farrakhan, for example. When he tried to point out some of this stuff to the public, he was called anti-Jewish, a hater, a low-down-dirty dog, and any other number of things when he spoke out back in the 1980’s and 1990’s….. But the truth of what he said cannot be denied. Jewish People have talent and they have taken the talent they have and refined and honed it, but they have also kept access to the many lucrative fields they dominate, guarded and closed to certain groups, and they allow access only under certain conditions and to certain people. If you strongly disagree with them politically, you and your projects may find yourselves in trouble, unfunded or out of luck—even sabotaged!!.... If I’m lying --I’m flying…..and I ain’t flying…

Jewish People also play a major role in the production of Broadway shows in New York and help produce some of those shows when they go on the road across the United States. If you get a hit on Broadway, you can make millions in a matter of weeks. If a show flops Jewish money and Jewish money connections and interests can also help sustain and make up for your losses. Again, the directors, the stars and the many other talented people one needs to put on a Broadway show tend to be of Jewish origin, or quite friendly with that community of people.

I know Jewish People are not all hoarding their money. Many of them give millions of dollars to causes including those causes that benefit Black people and other oppressed groups of people such as Latin people and the poor and disadvantaged in general. I know for a fact that there are also poor Jewish People, who have found themselves unable to grasp the golden ring in North American and / or European society. But there are far more who have ``made it’’ and many of them set the rules as to what making it is and who makes it. There are Jewish People in the U.S. Senate and plenty of Jewish people in the House of Representatives.

But one generally gets into trouble when one begins to ask what does the Jewish Community do with all that cash—the billions of dollars that they legally generate over a few years—where does it all go? Some of it goes to advocacy groups such as the Jewish Federation and other groups that lobby for Jewish concerns and issues on Capitol Hill and at other centers of power in Washington, D.C. such as before the President of the United States and the Senate. They make their concerns about the safety of the State of Israel and the security of the State of Israel in the face of threats from Arab states which are seemingly more and more unstable even as democracy movements in that region grow like wildfire…. With the Internet and the new information age, these facts are known to as many people and as much of the general public as possible—the truth can no longer be held in check like it was for decades…. {Unfortunately, for Jewish interests, much of their complaining is now falling on unsympathetic ears, due to political shifts and the publics' higher level of knowledge on the issues of the Jewish People, the Arabs, the Palestinians and the Middle East.} The Jewish People also give millions of dollars to Jewish People in foreign countries such as Russia and former Eastern-Bloc Nations where some Jewish People live in squalor or have found themselves to be less successful than they are in the U.S. or Europe…

Moreover, let us get back to one of the original major premises of this article--that being that Jewish People are victims of their own success. I say that because if you read ALL of ``The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany,’’ by William L. Shirer, you will discover that Jewish People were doing quite well in Germany before the rise of Adolph Hitler. They were in control of much of the economics and the economy in pre-Hitler Germany. The Native Germans were getting restless and weary of Jewish economic domination and soon found themselves falling prey to people like Hitler {a fascists and a racist} who made the Jewish People ``scapegoats’’ because of the economic clout and mastery they had gained in business and industry. So what I’m saying is that Jewish People again find themselves in privileged situations in our country {and Europe} and as the general populations of North American people have to do without, North Americans are getting jealous and angry at seeing Jewish People doing so well in North America and Europe. Why do I say this? Because it is becoming quite in vogue to be anti-Jewish now a days and that trend is growing. I think this is unfortunate, and I think it CAN be turned around. Jewish People would do better to make sure that access to wealth is spread more evenly throughout our Nation and our Nation’s multitude of people—including every ethnic group including Blacks, Muslims, the poor, Arabs, Asians and Latin people—and every religious group and class of people. The more Jewish People and even other people of means including other White people and even wealthy Black people, hold their money close to their chest the more resentment builds and the more likely that chances are a new ``courageous,’’ skilled and even crafty and charismatic leader will take hold of that anti-Jewish {and anti-rich} public opinion and hone it into a National or even an international movement that could become racist, fascist, and very bloody—thus the history or the Nazis’ repeating itself again... {I work hard every day that such a thing does NOT happen again}… I think we ALL fear a new fascists uprising in the U.S. or Europe. For example I saw a TV show that showed a Jewish man putting on a wedding for his daughter. The flowers for the wedding cost about $30,000.00 { $ Thirty Thousand Dollars }. Now, when you consider that many American families, including many Black American families would do well and feel they have accomplished something if they had access to even $30,000.00 for their daughter’s entire wedding, you begin to understand where I’m going with this article. Some Jewish People are so obsessed with reaching financial success that they forget that the people they had to utilize to get that success [their customers for example if they are business owners; or their tenants if they are investment property owners] often have a great deal less than they do. The more they flaunt their wealth, the more others get jealous and become susceptible to being herded into hating Jewish People in a really intense, unnecessary and flagrant way for what really may be no good reason at all….

So it is best that Jewish People learn to share more, open opportunities with other groups and make sure that everybody gets a piece of the action and a piece of the American Dream and the American Pie. [I know, we have been telling them and other Whites this for years and we went through a short spurt of growth for Black and Latin People in the 1970’s {During the one, four year term of President Jimmy Carter} and during the Clinton Administration, but now the REAL truth of the matter is being exposed by more than this one writer. The Internet is awash with articles about the financial domination and financial manipulation of Jewish People and Jewish interests, for example.] If you look at some of the statements coming from the Tea Party and then examine how well they did in the 2010 election cycle, you can see that hating Jewish People is really not good for any individual or group, nor is it good for our country. At the same time, however, Jewish People have to do their part in stemming that hatred by honestly looking at and taking actions to stem that hatred by building opportunities for others and ending some of the career hoarding that is going on among them. . . Check out actress Sandra Bullock in her award-winning 2009 film ``The Blind Side,’’ and you will see the tip of the iceberg that is needed to really change North America to the positive. {I’m not saying every White family should adopt a Black Person, but they could get involved in some way with a Grass Roots organization, Black organization or cause that is making a real difference in a real way. By the way, I’m not just talking about the NAACP or the United Negro College Fund here. My company and I are more than willing to help Jewish benefactors; philanthropist; and / or financial supporters [and the wealthy of any race including Black People] find these Black support organizations as well as find new and innovative ways of supporting them as well. Inclusion and acceptance of other groups outside the traditional White and Jewish realm is the key to not only building significant, useful and lasting bonds but is also key to ending the racial and religious hatred that Jewish People are faced with in not only America, France and England, but much of the rest of the world as Well …

There is one hopeful footnote I want to add here: Jewish Males and females are also top-heavy in their work to help a number of Black individuals and poor people and even groups of Black People through their pro-bono legal work; legal and political advocacy; general political work and work through such fantastic political groups as the Southern Poverty Law Center; the NAACP {Which was founded in part by Jewish People}; and the legal defense for Black political prisoners such as Mumia Abu Jamal and other Black, Native American {such as Leonard Paltier} and many others. They have also given fantastic amounts of money towards these causes and continue to do so. Some would argue that this is not nearly enough to stem the tide of hatred against the Jewish People, but thank GOD this work, on their part, exists. Otherwise we would not even have a starting point for activism and support to grow from.

Brother Tracy Gibson is a Black journalist and writer living in Philadelphia, PA {Formerly of New Castle, Delaware}...… He wants to hear what you have to say about this article—whether you agree or not—or you can write him about some of his other writing… Write him at: BLockBoi75@Yahoo.Com

and look for his upcoming book of poetry and his new ground-breaking book dedicated to improving the conditions of Black youths in America entitled: ``A Grass-Roots Criteria for Liberation: Writing in Wet Cement,'' Due out in February, 2013...

Copyright warning and infringement notice: From ``It's Your Biz: The Complete Guide to Being Your Own Boss'' By Susan Wilson Solovic, with Ellen R. Kadin, and a foreword by Edie Weiner... Page: 150:

``Because I write many columns and blog posts for a variety of companies and media organizations, I use search-engine tools to alert me if anyone is picking up and using my material. Some people have literally copied my writing and presented it as their own, even though this is an obvious copyright infringement. There are both civil and criminal penalties for copyright violations, and the severity of the penalties depends on the situation.''


opportunity. knocks. I am a very gifted, well mannered and healing Spirit. A Black Radical thinker and Black Visionary who is in business. I need people around me who want to go into international marketing and international business in a BIG WAY!! I have to be honest with you, if you are about finding new markets AND returning a large percentage of the profits back to starving AND disenfranchised communities THEN you DO want to call me. If you are after helping more than exploiting then I DO want YOU to call me. By the way--I am a very radical thinker and a homosexual. I am 56 years old, but I have ground-breaking ideas, but a slim wallet. I have been riped off repeatedly, but I am learning. First of all THIS IS NOT A GAME as they tell you in business school. ALSO: when they say don't mix business with pleasure--they are fools. Just Down Right Foolish!!! This is MY curriculum!! It is gained from the school of Hard Knocks and from learning the Hard Way. I want people who have MBA's in business as well as street people and Homeless People and Uneducated People. AND everybody in between with or without BA's and BS's as far as degrees and qualifications are concerned!!! If you are in Community College, that is fine. I don't need a hand out, but a hand up!!! I have been doing this take-off-flight for some time now. About 15 years. People have run over me and taken what I have to offer, but they soon find out that GOD brings them right back for a secret hearing on copyright infringement, intellectual property rights and the general lack of good principals and virtue that exist in the business world. I am here to change that all around and bring forth better values, more ethical behavior and less greed, ruthlessness, nastiness, back-biting, competition and hatred in business and in the world generally.... I am willing to work with other businesses, but they must understand my value system and NOT be threatened by this. The status quo is very much interested in stopping me. [They Will soon learn that the REAL threat is NOT to listen]. That is on My part as Well. I have a network of friends across the country [About 170 people, just about ALL Black people] who I am exciting and helping make money for. I have a few components in place to help them, but I could use an infusion of cash, and ideas with no questions asked and no strings attatched....... I do NOT represent any kind of cash or financial rip off, game, slimy people, negativity, greedy scams, fast-cash-making schemes, terrorists or other such foolishness. I am a highly ethical, and a strongly Spiritual person [A Polytheist], with a strong Christian root and background... I DO NOT WANT TO destroy North America and the North American Corporate concept completely, but right now North America and its' businesses are ``on the table'' losing life force very quickly. I am here to do radical surgery. There are others who want the patient to die, but I think there is still time to change things massively and bring about fresh, new life, as a woman giving birth does. My qualifications are not a physicians degree, but over 35 years as a community activist and a person who wants real equality and to see formerly oppressed people get adequite funds to not only survive, but to thrive and thrive Well... I don't need another person who wants to rip me off--you have to take a ticket and get into the back of the line to do that--rip me off that is--and it only leads to disfavor with GOD... Considering some of the things SHE is doing right now, I don't think you want that... If you want to work to move people ahead and forward, no matter what your ethnic background, sexuality or gender or gender identity or religion is, and no matter what your age is, you have found the right place... If you e-mail me at: BLockBoi75@Yahoo.Com
or call me at 1.215.471.6494 I will send you a resume and the three things I am working hardest on right now. I am sending a resume because it is only one page long. If they told you a resume needs be only one page don't listen to that. A resume needs to be as long as YOU think it needs to be to fully tell who you are, what your goals are and what you are looking for in life. If a resume doesn't tell you that it is worthless. ANY employer who only wants a slight sketch of you on a resume to hire you is also a fool. I want to hear from you. I have, apparently, helped find jobs for people unintentionally as they fall all over themselves [and each other] thinking there are great financial advantages to ripping me off--this is NOT true... My competition--and I really DON'T have any such thing as competition--REALLY, needs to understand that I need people to finance me and work for me and or WITH me. I say I don't have ANY competition because there are people doing similar things as I am doing, but we are NOT in competion. We are ALL working for good in God's Eye's. THey are most likely working with and through a not-for-profit company. I did that for a while, but find the profit mode much more to my liking because I want to and am hiring people and that is a great thing. Believe me I have run an office before even though I am disabled with a mental health background [I'm manic depressive, but I've been very, very stable for the last 15 years]... NOW do you get that kind of honesty from the general business community and the general businessman? I don't think so... I want to hear from you. If you are just a man or woman or transgendered person who wants to hang out and learn from me, I hope you will call me as Well. Because I will learn from you as Well.... I LOVe PEOPLE!!! What are your dreams, your expectations, your asperations and your goals--WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO MOST IN LIFE, WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT AT NIGHT AND AS SOON AS YOU WAKE UP IN THE MORNING? I am not interested in how you want to exploit people, but how you want to help man kind, woman kind and Transgendered kind--Gay, Straight, multi-ethnic, multi-religious, non-religious ALL of humanity including all races, creeds, colors and what have you..... OH, and by the way, that INCLUDES women. If you want to keep women in the back seat with Gay people and Black people and Latin people and other disenfranchised groups of people I don't know how you got this ad, but you need to throw it away and move on to something else. Everyubody takes a Front Seat on this bus--at least ethically speaking... My name is Brother Tracy Gibson. Please contact me as soon as you can. I look forward to hearing from you very, very soon... peace be with you... Send me a resume and I'll send you mine... BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com

Send Money [ONE DOLLAR] to:
The Black Millionaire's Network
Post Office Box 42878
Philadelphia Penn 19101



The Jewish American History and Cultural Museum...

News at 11...

I visited the American Jewish History Museum in Philadelphia and REALLY liked what I saw. I had listened to ALL THE TALK about them and was delighted to see that their history is one of struggle, achievement and diversity like ours as Black people... Different groups of people are going to have to get together if this ole planet of ours is going to survive. That means ALL kinds of people: Gay people, Straight People, White People, Jewish people, Black people, Asian people, Women, men, transgendered persons, children, and every religion and ethnicity under the sun..... Also considered in the museum exhibit were exhibits about Jewish Gangsters and mob figures; business people; Jewish Abolitionists; Jewish Business Leaders; Their pre-colonial History; and even Jewish Slave Owners. I highly recommend that people go see the exhibit. I had expected a lot about the Jewish People's Holocaust, but I didn't see much about that because it was American Jewish History. As you know the Jewish Holocaust happened in Germany during World War II.....


The hoarding of Wealth and Money and the control of wealth, money, stock and currencies by Jewish People and other People who serve their interests and or other greedy and corrupted interests continues to and Will always undermine the ability of the Jewish People to take their rightful place among the decent, the righteous and the courageous--unless they take on the mantle of righteous liberators for justice, mend their ways and consider advancing to the point where their Homeland is considered property of the world--not just theirs. I know this is a scary proposition for them, but ALL change is scary for ALL of us. They can no longer hold the Middle East and the World hostage under the guise of ``Israeli national Security'' and for sovereignty rights.

Brother Tracy Gibson...

To the Brother with the Cigarette and the Cup-of-Coffee....

There was a Brother waiting for the bus, I think I ended up taking the 42, as it were, at Broad and Walnut Street, in Philadelphia.  He had a cup of coffee in his hand and was smoking a cigarette.  I concluded, without any research or interview of the gentleman, that he probably had heart ailments and other problems surrounding the heart, because he was over weight and because he was smoking and drinking coffee.  The coffee might have been decaf, which might have been a little better.  You might be wondering what the heck I cared for.  Well, there are a few reasons.  First and foremost, He is a Brother so I should care.  We have to all start caring about each other and our children or I'm afraid we might all be in for a spot of trouble.  Second, I care because it is people like him who raise the cost of health care for us all by not being more reasonable and responsible about health and health issues.  We all need to, and I know you have heard it all before from the First Lady and others, but let me suck up a bit to Her in case it helps, we all need to be more reasonable about getting exercise and eating less highly saturated fat, salt, processed foods, sugar, and more organic vegetables, less pork and less fatty beef.  We would all be a lot better off and the general cost of health care would go down considerably over about 10 years if we were mostly more responsible about food intake, smoking and exercise--I know you have heard this all before...  So, to the gentleman with the cigarette and the coffee, you might look innocent and you might be enjoying that cigarette, but I'm sick of paying for your heart attacks when I go to apply for health care.  There is the new electronic cigarette and there are programs to quit smoking. You don't look cool with that thing in your mouth anyway.   Words from the wise from the Wisdom Seeker.

God Bless you for taking the time for reading this note.  have an enjoyable Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I weight 249.8 pounds and I have a lot of weight to lose, about 20 to 30 pounds.  This will help my self-image and self-esteem and maybe help me feel ready to date again.  But stuffing the Kit Kats in my mouth that my roommate left home in the fridge was not the way to go yesterday, but that is what I did, so don't think I think I am perfect by any stretch of the imagination. GOD Bless you again.

Peace and Blessings,

Brother Tracy Gibson.....

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ode to Those Who Have Suffered, ALL Races, Working Towards the Liberation of the World's People.......

Bridging the Racial Divide…….
A while back The National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People advanced the idea of doing away with the word ``NIGGER’’ and we all started using the term ``The N Word’’ instead.
This was to squash the indignities, vileness, racism, hatred and abusiveness of that term so readily used for Black People, especially during the height of the Civil Rights struggles of the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s before part of the struggle also took on the more radical edge of Black Power as termed by Kwame Ture and others like Angela Davis.
There was not only racial hatred connected to the word, but also racial attacks such as the murder of Malcolm X’s father; the bombing and murder of four Little Girls Down South [See Spike Lee’s film ``Four Little Girls’’]; the murder of our National Leader Martin Luther King, Jr. on April 4th, 1968; the murder of Emmitt Till; and the murder later in Chicago especially of Black Panthers who were fighting to implement an effective program to feed and educate the Black community and Black children. The ruthless FBI agents carrying out orders from FBI Head J. Edgar Hoover did some really dastardly things to our Brothers and Sisters back in the 1970’s,that many of us still haven’t forgotten.
But violence didn’t only happen to people who were leaders in the political and economic struggles of those early days. It also happened to thousands of Black activists who took part in the Freedom Rides Down South or who were just trying to go to school on a desegregated bus; or who risked their lives in other Ways up South like in Philadelphia where several school children were harassed and beaten at a demonstration for better education as Philly police officers under Frank Rizzo who was Police Commissioner cracked down on the protesters—many of them children and women.
Many of these people, known and unknown, will be remembered at the Civil Rights Museum Down South/ [Research needed}!!! And or at the New Smithsonian Institute’s African American Historical and Cultural Museum slated to open in 2014 in Washington, D.C. on the Great Mall, near the African Museum.
But the NAACP only did part of the job. They get a ``C.’’ We should have also banned—if banning was or is our purpose—we should have also banned the term ``White Trash,’’ also. And symbolically buried the term also, right along with the Big ``N’’ word like they did. No People, in my opinion, are trash. I don’t think GOD made them—White Folk, that is—to be trash nor for them to be treated like TRASH….. The NAACP should have also banned the word ``White Trash.’’
When we call White humans ``White Trash’’ we give them verbally at least, the Green Light to act like trash and the Green Light to treat us, as Black People, like trash as Well. This, I don’t think, is what we want.
Europeans and people of European decent living in North America are still holding a large portion of the ownership of property and wealth in our North American country. We still have to come to them for whatever reasons, for some of the jobs, some of the housing and for some of our improved living standard. We are making progress as Black people, but we have to control greater proportions of the means of production to really get a much better foothold on improving our own situations and circumstances.
This is still true and still a reality today. Many Whites may have used unscrupulous ways and unscrupulous tactics to attain wealth and they may Well have victimized us, as Black People, to attain that wealth. We should see ourselves as New Ruling Class because we are determining our futures more; we are building our infrastructures more and supporting our own people and our own Black businesses and Black Progressive individuals more. We are reading the Books written by Black authors more and taking care of each other more—even if it is only our families and neighbors. This is a great advancement and a great step forward. Opportunities are finally beginning to abound and open up from within our communities and from outside our communities. But being cruel in how we treat the very ancestors or Great Grand Children of those who enslaved us, is never going to help matters.
So I publically ask for the NAACP to start the ball rolling by burying and de-legitimizing the term ``White Trash’’ as WELL!!!

Healing Our Community Internantionally.....

We Have Become Numb: There is so Much Violence in America…

By Brother Tracy Gibson...

We have all become numb to death, murder, rape, violence--the frequency of blood letting in North America. We often have the TV on as we eat dinner. We listen to and watch the violence on local and national news reports at dinner time. As we chew our collard greens--pass the Turkey Pot Roast please oh, and the mashed yam potatoes--we are bound to hear of any number of murders, rapes and serious beatings in North America. We continue eating as if we were at MacDonald's. This numbness is dangerous. We should all be deeply concerned about the raising tide of violence in our inner cities such as that being perpetrated against Black youth (Especially male) in Chicago. And we should all be equally concerned about the proliferation of illegal hand guns throughout the country. It is the hand guns that are killing people in inner cities, yet there is only talk about stopping assault weapons. WE NEED ACTION ON HAND GUNS!!!

When four White police officers were shot dead in a suburban coffee shop a while back outside of Tacoma, Washington, I was shocked I wanted to write about the terrible event. According to TV reports, all four of the officers had children and were married. One was a woman and they were all under 42 years of age—In what should have been the prime of their lives. The slain officers were: Tina Griswold, 40; Ronald Owens, 37; Sgt. Mark Renninger, 39; and Greg Richards, 42—According to reports in the New York Times. (Reported in a story in the New York Times from November 30, 2009 by William Yardley).

Within a week the culprit had been cornered and shot dead in a shoot out with officers, while the officers were all White and the alleged perpetrator Black, this sad event did not quell into a full blown race riot or racial incident. This may have been the only silver lining surrounding the terrible event. I am an outspoken opponent of police brutality, the abuse and profiling of Black male youth and Police corruption, BUT I DO NOT CONDONE THE WILLY, NILLY KILLING OF POLICE OFFICERS!!!

It was a case of four senseless, brutal and outrageous murders carried out by Maurice Clemmons, 37, according to NYT reports. Mr. Clemmons apparently had a history of raping and least one child and committing a host of other crimes, but was released by then Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, who commuted his long prison sentence.

Reports said Clemmons was a career criminal.

This kind and character of news event is taken in almost every month as we consume our evening meal. We rarely blink an eye or seem to care about the victims; the devastating impact such crimes have on the families of the deceased. The children of those officers now will be raised by one parent and other family members just because someone decided to shoot and kill their mother or father.

What goes through the head of people who use guns to shoot, injure and kill other people for no good or Godly reason? Don’t they realize and understand that it took a million years of development--evolution from Our Egyptian and Ethiopian Fathers and Mothers--to bring that person [that one person]—who they so senselessly and ruthlessly killed—onto this planet and into this reality as a thinking, functioning, contributing, working vital human being? I don’t care if the officers here were White or with green and white pokadotts, this is about humanity, decency and doing what Spike Lee called ``The Right Thing.’’ Cold blooded, out right murder is NOT the right thing, under any circumstances... Mr. Clemmons must have had a troubled; tumultuous childhood—but that doesn’t excuse his behavior. He should have never been released in the first place. Huckabee, a presidential candidate in 2008 reportedly said Mr. Clemmons was only 16 when he was sentenced and he (Huckabee) could not keep him in the prison system all his life after he had committed his early crimes at such a young age. When Huckabee commuted Clemmon’s sentence there were protests by Arkansas prosecutors. And rightly so. I for one, as a Black Gay man, feel totally guilty about a Black man having killed those officers. Some might want to call me an Uncle Thomas or a fool for caring about police, but you can go right ahead and call me that. I LOVe all people and I give us all a chance. But that Brother, Mr. Clemmons, was dead wrong. Would He have been as dangerous is He had had a job... Would He have been as dangerous if He had had some economic opportunities... We may never know, but that is a good possibility.... He certainly needs mental treatment and I am against the death penalty, even for Mr. Clemmons... Nothing will bring back those officers and the guilt feelings I have as a Black Gay man because the Brother was a Brother will linger for years in the back of my mind. We as Black people should NEVER be bellicose in our thinking about life--even White conservative life or the life of police officers of ANY colour.

But the open proliferation of guns is also part of the problem of the rising violence. If you have a few extra dollars, guns are very easy to acquire in North America—with or without a gun license. Why do 2nd Amendment Rights protect people who want to buy as many as 20 guns a day? When is enough fire power enough? Since when does it take a sub machine gun or other new-tech automatic weaponry to go hunting for dear or buffalo?

Moreover, we also quickly forget about little Black children like Thomas Childs who was gunned down a few years ago in Philadelphia when he got caught in the cross fire between drug dealers. Thomas Childs’ life was just as worth while and vital as the lives of those officers. He didn’t even make it to 42 or even 20. Yet the media attention to the killings in Washington State received a lot more ink and attention...

Police officers came from hundreds of miles to say goodbye to the fallen officers—and rightly so. But one thing’s for sure I’m tired and I know you are tired of saying goodbye to anyone who was killed in senseless gun violence.

But we all have to be more alert about possible violence, speak out against it and read some of the information on Web Pages such as (This is a web page and activism site dedicated to promoting reasonable gun laws for our country and detailing much needed information about the gun lobby, anti-gun legislation and so forth). WE MUST learn the latest about what we as U.S. Citizens can do to stem the tide of violence against other innocent U.S. Citizens due to senseless gun violence...

To Pastor Skeete...

Dear Pastor Skeete:

I just wanted to write you to say that I can’t speak for the whole world, but I Will go out on a limb and say I know for a FACT that our entire congregation was beaming and proud to see you back in church with us after your sabbatical. Of course the other ministers and Pastor Jeff were excellent in your absence, but you know you have a Way of really bringing things Down to the terms we need to hear. Sometimes you make us a bit uncomfortable and we squirm in our seats a bit, but you always make a great point and make us proud. You also key us in on what We need to hear and what We need to listen to and give us pertinent advice We as well.

Your Sermon about US ALL taking fiscal responsibility for the important work of the church Was exactly what we needed to hear at this particular juncture. It is funny how a Sermon is usually like what they say stereotypically about Chinese Food—in an hour it is a faint memory and you want more to sooth your soul and feel ``full’’ again. Well, I can tell you I remembered exactly what concept you used for that particular Sermon today, January 6th, 2013 {Sunday}…. That if we don’t PAY FORWARD for what we want to see our church do in the future, that future we want will be nothing but a memory.

When I saw the little guy in church with His grandmother Cheryl I was really, really happy because I hadn’t seen them in church together since a long time ago, I don’t think. I was just so glad to see Cheryl feeling a bit stronger and that Sister Sissy seemed to be making it through also. The little guy is such a polite gentleman and we ALL LOVe Him so. So much really clicks with the church right now, that it ALL just makes me really proud.

We always ask GOD for this or that. ``I want a Million Dollars,’’ is said by more Black people than I can shake a stick at, but the real question is have you or I done the homework to see what your ``Million Dollars’’ Will buy? How are We going to spend it properly to reinvest in our futures and the future of the church and the community? We need to really take a look at this and make some real plans. We need brass tacks answers to these questions, research, statistics, hard evidence, graphs and charts if need be, because we may Well be getting these kinds of questions in the very, very near future.

I knew where you were going with the rich guy in Heaven. Girlfriend, you were so on Target my head was about to swim. It is so true, because I hate to drag out Old Dad, but He wouldn’t go to church or give much money to His church. If He could have carried His estate with Him to the Grave Yard, He would have. So many people thought He was a real gentleman, but there was a lot of pain with Him and He made Himself and others suffer unnecessarily. But I have accepted all this much, much more than I ever did in the past. That healing is because of you and the church—The Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia. I have learned to heal and I HAVE HEALED a great deal through the soothing works and words of you and Pastor Jeff and other Ministers and Deacons—including Deacon Shamara and Deacon Candidate Monique and Deacon Candidate Arcilla and Minister Brian and others. If I haven’t said it enough I want the world to know how you have all touched my life and made me feel and know that I’m loved, which isn’t always an easy thing to do. GOD BLESS YOU and thank you for your kind and generous words—they are words we ALL really need to heed. God Bless You,

I Am,

Brother Tracy Gibson,
President and CEO OF:
The Black Millionaire's Network
Post Office Box: 42878
Philadelphia Penn 19101


Balancing the Black Gay Community Through the Development of Alternative African American Culture...

The Adodi Movement…We were started on a sunny day in May in Philadelphia in 1983. I actually had the same idea simultaneously with the real founder of Adodi, but I didn’t attend the first meeting, which happened long before we were ever really called Adodi. We were Brothers coming together to express our dismay and other raw feelings at seeing so many of our Brothers & friends dying from AIDS / HIV in the early 1980’s. We were beginning to realize what was happening to us. We were being taken by a disease that wasn’t taking any prisoners at the time. We were just losing our lives at a miraculous rate and we wanted comfort, some answers and a safe space to meet, talk & fellowship. The church didn’t provide that space for us. That place was at Clifford Rawlins’ apartment in West Philadelphia, on Springfield Avenue. There were four of us then 10 then 20 then 30. The news of establishing a healing process and the armor to make it through life spread like wild fire across Philadelphia’s SGL community. We were surrounded by the meticulous and ever-improving art work of our founder, mentor and first President—art therapist Clifford Rawlins—a strong Black Same Gender Loving man bent on healing as many Brothers like himself as he could. He knew our pain, sorrow and it was very apparent that he also knew how to bring about something that was desperately needed. We met consistently--weekly on Sunday--and talked about the problems at having to face our lives without people we had come to love and respect as our friends, lovers and Brothers. Eventually we talked about other issues such as: the Black church and homosexuality; the Down Low; our families; our Coming-Our stories; our heartaches. We were a place to meet other Black SGL men and a safe place to seek solace, understanding and usually a warm, home cooked meal prepared by the hands of our founder-n-chief Clifford. We were not only encircled by the art work of our host and founder (Brother Clifford) but also his sometimes cold-water-in-your-face methods of therapeutic healing. ``This is your shit,’’ he would tell us. We all have baggage, we all have issues, he would explain. Because many SGL brothers don’t want to seek professional help when problems become overwhelming—this was a stop gap release eventually called Adodi and eventually spreading to New York City, Chicago, D.C. and other parts of the Nation.

The weekly meetings went on for a year and then it was time for us to try our hand at an annual retreat where some 60 Black SGL men got together and expanded the healing process to other parts of the country. The retreats were a place for growth, love and self discovery. Eventually a Brother named Darrell Waters took the ADODI concept to New York City, where it flourished for years and where it still holds court from time to time. (See the Web Page by looking under www.ADODINewYork.Com). Those brothers fine tuned and honed the concept & the process and would go on to lead many retreats with their hard work and dedication. Philadelphia’s Michael Otis came up with the name after much research, which I helped with. Michael was small in stature, but smart as a whip. He was a sweet young man who had made it through college at Drexel University (Master’s Program) and moved, eventually to California and met someone who he really loved.

Adodi Brothers came up with principles and concepts that helped us all through this experience of being SGL Black men—not easy in a mostly White world that didn’t care about or understand our issues, demands, concerns or feelings and emotions as Black people.

Some Brothers in Adodi felt overexposed. I was one of those. After I gave my coming-out story I couldn’t attend meetings for several years—that’s right--years-- because what I shared was too much—even for me who had been in (and remains in therapy.) So I took a hiatus from ADODI and got more heavily involved in political solutions to what I felt was and still feel is my oppression as a Black man. I would come back and be elected Vice President of ADODI Philadelphia and serve in that capacity for many years. Under Bruce Harvey as president, I would help organize and lead meetings, but none of them held a candle to what Clifford provided in the early days. . . For more information about Adodi, go to or

Don't Give Anyone the Boot Without Getting to Know Their Root Motivations and the Work They Have Dedicated Themselves to...

Listen Up, Before You Give Me the Boot...

By Brother Tracy Gibson

Before you give me the boot because I am Same Gender Loving or a Homosexual there are a few things you should know about my history, motivations, goals, aspirations, and my acceptance and or non-acceptance of my so-called ``lifestyle''... I am a Pro-Black Family Man, I may not have children myself {That I know of} or a wife, but I want our children to grow up straight and have families--I DON'T want them to share my lifestyle. I love Black Men AND Black Women.. I love Black children—but only in positive, progressive, holistic, spiritual and appropriate Ways {I pray about this ALL the time, and I mean ALL the time}-- and I have dedicated my life to our black children’s betterment and advancement.

I may well be and definitely am a Homosexual, but that doesn't mean I want others in our community to take on this lifestyle. I want to see our young men and young women grow up to be straight, responsible, caring, loving, respectable, law-abiding, trustworthy, non-drug using {Illegal drugs I mean}, and honest people. If they do turn out to be Homosexual or Same Gender Loving, I don't want to see them ostracized by our community and hated or disrespected, but accepted and given the chance to accomplish what they can for the short time we are all here on this planet earth. So-called Gay people or Homosexuals are a secret weapon in our fight for liberation and a secret Way to help finance our struggle and movement—especially black gay and lesbian and black transgendered people, but they need to be trained, respected and loved and appreciated…. [A TALL order, I know.] {Many of us—as Gay people--have disposable income because we don't have children and the medical bills, food bills and tuition costs that comes along with being parents..} To be ostracized for being Same Gender Loving is just the same as being ostracized for being disabled, Black, left-handed, or into an addictive lifestyle such as having a food addiction or a drug dependency... We all need to not only have more tolerance of ourselves and each other, if we want to be accepted ourselves, we also need to learn to take on the nature of LOVe, Peace, Understanding, Self-Acceptance, Growth, Kindness and Sharing--not the non-virtues of greed, hatred, deceit, repugnance, guilt, and deception.

Yes, Yes, Yes, all this is very hard to discuss because I am right in the heart of the Black community of West Philadelphia and I can be targeted like anyone else. But I have to be honest with the community because I not only want your emotional support, but I also want your financial support and I want to be looked upon as an ethical leader among the Black men of the community.

As you may or may NOT know, I was sexually molested as a black child growing up in West Philadelphia. I was about eight or nine and I was working for a shop-keeper helping him run a general store. One day we were sitting in the back of the store watching ``Gomer Pile,'' –I swear this is true--and he must have been board or something and he decided to put his hands where they didn't belong. I was way too young to know what the heck was going on so I let things occur. After the incident {Which didn't include any penis penetration on either of our parts} I left the store and never went back. Talking about this to you is no joke and it should signal to you the importance of what I'm getting at. Sometimes, for the good of the community, we have to get over embarrassment and talk about the difficult things.

I thought my childhood was a great thing, a great time, but a few years later I started to have the issues of anger and resentment for no apparent reason. I finally talked with my Mom and Dad about the incident when I was about 17. They were shocked and saddened by what had happened, but it was something that, even then, they didn't really want to talk about.

What I'm getting at here is the fact that now I want to help other youth, especially Black youths, who have been ostracized by their families because of the fact that they are Homosexuals. I also want to help Black families deal with talking more directly, openly and clearly to their young men and young women about sex in a positive, honest and forthright way {without fear and embarrassment. So what happened to me doesn't have to happen to them so easily and so quickly without something like therapy and prison time happening to the perpetrator (s). I want more forthright talk and discussion on ALL the issues that face us, not just ones surrounding sex. It is interesting to note that according to some statistics, something like 50 % of Gay or Same Gender Loving men were sexually abused when they were children--often at the hands of a Father, Uncle, Family friend, Employer or someone else like a Step-Father or cousin. This is something we don't want to talk about and something that still gets swept under the rug. In case you haven't noticed lately, there are a lot of lumpy rugs in the Black community. My self-proclaimed job has been to lift those old rugs up and start a cleaning and dusting process that will help us look at not only our sexual abuse issues more clearly, but also other issues such as how we deceive ourselves about our finances; how we abuse ourselves and each other physically and mentally; how we obsess over food, clothing, cars, diamonds and other material items and how these obsessions are NOT healthy mentally, financially or even socially and physically; how we waste millions of dollars each week on the Lotto; and how we have allowed drugs {legal prescriptions and illegal drugs} to take a hold of the ethics in our community and turn our entire community upside down. I want to see us turned right-side up like Farrakhan does, but I DON’T think we have to hate Jewish People or Lesbian and Gay people to get there. {I do think Jewish People have taken advantage of us as black people. They have helped exploit and oppress us, but we can boycott their stores, research and find out what stores they own and stop purchasing the diamonds and gold chains that they are mining in Africa. That is the Way to get at them, not just bad-mouthing them and hating them. That is childish and silly.}

It is time for a fresh start. It is time for fresh discussions. It is time for fresh and new people to get a chance to lead our people and our nation. The Old Guard has largely been manipulated, at a real expense to our community and to our oppressors. Our old guard taught us a lot, but considering the state of our community they have, at least partially, failed Big Time. It is time for a New Look... It is time to bring truth to light, as the Brilliant Reggie Bryant, formerly of WRTI Radio and WURD Radio used to say. There are thousands of men and women in our community who want to bring more truth, understanding and light into how we deal with each other and how we deal with our own oppression. I have dedicated about 35 years of my life to this struggle--the struggle for human rights, civility, Civil Rights, decency, Women's Rights, and even Gay rights {I know some of you don't like that one, but I'm trying to explain why we should take a second look at that instead of allowing the Right Wing to control the debate and listen to them. We should make up our own minds on this subject. } The Black Church, at least some sectors of it, have allowed themselves to be manipulated and moved to right wing actions like chastising Gays and Lesbians, ostracizing gays and lesbians and transgendered people, and even supporting the killing of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered people in Africa, which, by the way, is something I deplore and something I plan to fight actively against through presenting positive information that will help to internationally criminalize taking physical action against people who have different lifestyles.

As you know there have been more and more people coming out about their own experiences. There is a former NFL player who is a Homosexual and has been speaking out about his experiences. He is also Black, as I am also. There are other activists like Keith Boykin who have written books on the subject such as ``One More River to Cross: Black and Gay in America,’’ ; and there are films coming out about the subject such as ``Noah's Arc: The Complete First Season,'' {Cable TV Show}, Starring Nick Arquette, Jensen Atwod and Rodney Chester; ``Dirty Laundry,'' starring Rockmond Dunbar, Loretta Devine, and Jenifer Lewis; ``Tongues Untied,'' directed by Marlon Riggs; ``Looking for Langston,'' Starring Ben Ellison, Matthew Baidoo and Akim Mosaji; ``Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom,'' Starring Darryl Stephens and Jensen Atwood, {2008} ``Brother to Brother'' (2005) Starring Anthony Mackie, Larry Gilliard Jr., and Duane Bouttle; ``A Litany For Survival, '' by Lesbian filmmaker Michelle Parkerson, {A play cousin of mine who I know personally}; and ``Adodi--25 Years

Later, The Legacy.. '' a film by filmmaker Rod Patrick Risbrook for which I was interviewed and which is due out next August {2013}..

There are also several books on the subject such as: ``Brother to Brother,'' By Essex Hemphill ``In the Life: A Black Gay Anthology’’ by Joseph Beam {The first such know book in history...} ``Another Country,'' by famed Black writer James Baldwin and ``Sister Outsider,'' by Poet Audry Lord...

When we as Black thinking people see a subject that people are squabbling, fighting, arguing over and that is driving a shaft of hatred and anger through our community, the best thing to do is to take time and read about the subject and NOT take on angry and hateful position that only causes consternation, disgruntlement, anger and more hatred. That leads us nowhere fast. Elections have been lost by us on a National level, like in 2004, when the Republican Party manipulated this ``GAY'' issue and used it like a rope around our necks. Knowledge loosens the rope and lets us breath and reach agreement to work together on what we can and not feel hatred about different sectors of our community.. Reading and research also allows us to understand points of view different from our own.

I have noticed the very obtuse ways in which we are living in North America. We are letting a culture that basically hates us raise our children by letting them freely watch the muck and mire on TV; we are allowing our children to run free and curse us, disrespect us and not attend church or Mosque when we know they will greatly benefit from some constructive, consistent religious experiences; we let our society say we should not allow our parents, grandparents and trusted and respected elders and guardians and other such trusted and respected friends and extended family members and our children experience time together and read together and learn to respect each other. We have lost this part of our African root and our African culture. We can win it back and re-institute such positive cultural and social advantages back into our communities. It will take time, It can happen, but we ALL have to work at it. It may mean replacing some politicians and some churches who are about profits and not people, but if that is so, let it be and let it happen, or get out of the Way. We must and can do better.

The ``Doing Better'' part is where me and my company come in. I am not alone. There are literally thousands of activists who want to help Black people reach more unified, understanding and work together where we can. I hope you will read several other articles in this BLOG:


so you will understand the level of dedication I have shown in helping resolve and work on community problems on a local, statewide, national and international level. Give me and us as part of the Vanguard of the community a chance. Open your mind. Read. Listen to others. Read Progressive writing like: ``The Nation Magazine,'' ``The Progressive,'' ``Mother Jones,'' ``The Crisis,'' and ``The Worker's World Newspaper,'' and ``The Final Call,'' which have liberal and even radical perspectives on this issue of Gays and Gay Rights and other issues. There is also an organization called the Black Radical Congress, which is a Black radical Organization {Which I have worked for, for a brief time in the past} which has a more open and understanding policy in dealing positively with Gay, Lesbian and Same Gender Loving issues and people. I thank you for reading this and I wish you well...THIS ARTICLE IS POSTED on my blog, BUT STILL BEING EDITED!!!

The Reel Cost of a Bag of Chips and a soda.......

An Open Letter to the Black Community About Nutrition

Brother Tracy Gibson

Have you as a Black Parent, ever wondered where all the household funds are going? Do you often have the sinking feeling that your children are just there to act as a vacuum cleaner (s) for Five Dollar Bills and One Dollar bills?

This short article is designed to let you know where some of the money you give your children goes and how it is spent.

If you are a typical Low to Middle-income household in the inner city--Black family with either 2.3 children and either one parent, two parents or a guardian watching the children such as a grand parent--The children probably goes to the corner store or the neighborhood store about Two or Three times a week.

The typical things they might buy will include: An 16 OZ Pepsi or soda [$1.50 each]; Hers BBQ Potato Chips [Large Bag for $4.29 each]; A cheese and Turkey Hogie with mayo, lettus, tomato and onions -- [$7.49 each]; Three cream-filled up cakes from Tasty Cake [ one pack or 3 is $1.69]; A small bag of sugar-powdered donuts [$4.78 s bag]; Tasty Cake Pie [One Dollar] on special.

That sounds like a lot of food for one setting, but taken over a week, a month or a year and you get to relate to just how much this food, often called junk food, is costing the average American Black Family. If you have two or three children you can multiply some of these amounts [I will do that for you.]

An average male or female in the 9th, 10th, or 11th grade has plenty of money for snacks before and especially after school. I have literally watched at least one youngster with a $50 bill and I have seen plenty of $20 bills; $10 bills and $5 bills.

A typical male or female child might buy a hogie two bags of chips and a soda at least twice a week. Each trip to the corner store for those three items will cost about $13.28!! Twice a week, That's $26.56 a Week!! Over a month That's $106.24 if your child goes and gets those items [A Hogie, a soda and a large bag of chips] twice a week for a month.

Over a year's time that's two hundred and seventy four Dollars and Eighty Eight cents a year!! That is just for one child over one year. Money shortages in Poor or even Middle income Black households is at the Apex of the reasons for arguments, conflicts and disagreements between parents, guardians and grandparents and children. There just never seems to be enough money, especially during the hard times of high unemployment and the flood of foreign-made goods coming into the U.S. economy that we are currently faced with.

Many heads of poor Black Families think if they could just win the Lottery or get that windfall or make a big gain in some other way, I would Really be living the High Life. Everything would be just fine.

But the control is actually in the parent's and the children's hands each week, or every other week or every month when the money comes in.

The parent--with a Little knowledge and community or church education--can make some badly-needed changes that can have a significant, lasting and positive impact on Black families and eventually whole Black communities.

If A Parent, Grandparent if guardian sits down with the child or children He or She has responsibility for can take the positive opportunity to take positive action and change the situation. Parents can put the fattening hogies, chips and sodas down and make other choices. Such foods as sodas, cakes and hogies are not healthy at all and have a real and present link to diabetes, obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure. They contain a high level of unhealthy saturated fat, salt, sugar and corn syrup--all foods and chemicals linked to health difficulties linked to increases in a sedentary lifestyle and a lack of positive activity such as exercise.

A grand parent, Mom or Dad can help the child or instruct the child to take sliced cucumbers, celery, radishes and carrots to school in a plastic container. The child can take a small container of humus or Balsamic Vinegar to school with the fresh vegetables and have a healthy snack instead of all that fat, salt and sugar.

The child can also take a bottle of spring water pre-bought from the super market or just cool tap water. This will save more than half that $1,274.88 a year!!

On the flip side, fat is the midsection is usually quite responsive to diet and exercise, and losing weight reverses the health risks [Ebony Magazine January 1990. .

By Brother Tracy...

what I want to do over the next three years...

These Are Personal And Black Community Goals for 2013 And 2014….. (Updated Just Before) Friday, June 24, 2013 By And For Brother Tracy Gibson of Philadelphia Pa and ALL Corporate Interests under His control… ALL corporate interests NOT in my control but baring my name are here-by dissolved and I am taking no responsibility for their work and actions.

Please see Important Note at the End of this Document…

First And Foremost: I must build an economic base from which to build my businesses and Personal Interests. I must get a safe and nice space to live in; pay my utility bills; pay for my own food And medicine; get out of debt as soon as possible; get a decent car or buy a SEPTA TransPass with consistency every month; buy decent clothing for job interviews and look presentable and business-like as much as possible with the ULTIMATE goal being able to look presentable ALL THE TIME; I MUST AND WILL work on getting better educated [ through personal reading and eventually, when I can afford it, through taking a few seminars and classes on business, business management, marketing, the working of and mastering of internet marketing, Black music, Book Publishing, Writing a Bod Proposal, other artistic classes such as writing, music, music management, advertising, Public Relations [refresher courses and new innovative courses to get into New Markets] etc.; I MUST also wash my clothing and get a haircut regularly; I MUST also bathe or shower regularly; get regular meals and start taking care to take my medicine every day and go to therapy regularly…THIS IS MY MOST IMPORTANT GOAL OF ALL for now and the next SIX years!!!…..TO CONTINUE WITH MY ADVOCACY WORK THROUGH WHATEVER AND ALL CHANNELS AS POSSIBLE DEFFINETLY INCLUDING Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates. Inc.

1) Get my books published. Save as much money as possible. The first book is tentatively called ``A Working Guide to Staying in the Main Stream and NOT Being Unemployed, Homeless or Poor.’’ This first book is a practical guide to finding and keeping a job or creating a viable, funded business that can sustain good salaries for the owners and employees. I am planning to be complete this book by September 26th, 2013. During that time I will also be contacting marketers and publishers to get it lined up to be successfully released to the public. The second book is dedicated to our Black youth, but is important for the rest of the Black community as well. It is especially designed to help parents build better values and ethics among Black youth. The’ title is ``Writing in Wet Cement’’. [The original title was ``The Re-Awakening of the African Diaspora.’’] It is over 686 pages right now. I have sent both books off to be copyrighted.. The Receipt and official verification from the Library of Congress are in for ``Writing in Wet Cement.’’ As of May 2013. [It was sent off with the title, ``The Re-Awakening of the African Diaspora,’’]…

2) Find a job [preferably in consulting] by March15, 2013 and or Keep on working at and with my businesses every day for the entire year. Presently I have two clients who are keeping me busy and actually paying me a few dollars in the form of paper and cat food—needed items for the household. I MUST Make the businesses profitable in REAL DOLLARS as soon as possible. My Businesses are Brother Tracy Gibson And Associates, Inc. [Parent Company]; and The Black Millionaire’s Network [Which Will soon be an LLC]; The Work I will be doing for the Unity Fellowship Christ Church in Philadelphia Could be important if we can come up with some agreement as to how I am going to work with them and in what capacity…. I Will Keep active with all of these initiatives and keep working on ALL aspects of the Businesses as much as possible every day. [I know I have multiple interests, which makes this whole process more difficult, but I AM starting a multifaceted, multi-cultural [but mostly Black] Multi-National corporation, so some overlapping of efforts and lack of focus is expected. However, ALL aspects of my work will highlight my work as an activist; my deep concern for Black youth—especially males—and my willingness and desire to see positive economic and financial changes and progressive political advancements for the Black community locally, nationally and internationally. I will also Focus in on The On Line Ideas for the Stores for Black Youth ``The Knowledge Hut Stores’’…..All Interests are listed and explained here below…..

3) I need to get Plenty of Rest and exercise every day in 2013 [as much as possible] and get and stay physically fit and active. [Join the Rittenhouse Gym again. Check into this on Wednesday, June26th, 2013]....

4) Work on finding a lover [who will have a 76% chance of satisfying me sexually, physically and emotionally] who is attractive, Black or Hispanic, a Businessman who is A Progressive thinker at least 43 years of age.

5) Lose Weight And Stay Physically Fit. (Weight 215 LB’s by September 30th, 2013)..As soon as I’m financially able I plan to join The Rittenhouse Gym [a local gym] and go at least two times a week, for starters… I will also go for walks and find ways to motivate myself to do so. I am already doing some of this now, but I MUST keep up with it.

6) Keep your businesses going and Pay your bills every month in 2013, 2014 and 2015...…

7) I really need to Get a New Car (A Gray-Green and blue Volvo) [It will help me tremendously to get to appointments and other work and to daily chores on time and in good order. ]

  • Save Money ($25,000.oo by February 1st, 2014.)

8) Continue outreach and Vending (Outreach through e-mails and phone calls every day.) Need product [Tee-Shirts]…. Vending requires research every week. We need capital to buy more shirts and do them for churches. I will be working with my church on providing tee-shirts for them and doing other fund raising work as well as outreach and not-for-profit work for them. I will also help church members find work and apartments to live in as they need jobs and housing. I will also outreach to other churches for general uplift of the City’s congregations and to improve health through eating better, more healthy food. I have two licenses with the City of Philadelphia [one for handbill distribution and the other is a commercial activity license.] They are both paid up, viable, and legitimate. I MUST get a vending license.

9) Build your companies everyday through outreach with e-mails, regular mail and phone calls; and pay my personal and corporate debt down EVERY MONTH at least $100.00 or more as money allows…..…. Make sure ALL money you have coming to you IS in fact coming to you. Consider hiring a lawyer for this if you haven’t already. And get out of debt by February 1st, 2017.

10) Keep your positive relationships going every day of 2013, 2014, 2015 and on into the future….

Support them with positive e-mails suggesting positive items, ideas and such to help lift Sisters and Brothers UP… [Frankly, some friends are mostly toxic and we need to go our separate ways. I have released from my friendship coral: Mr. Ed Frank; Mr. Bruce Harvey; Mr. Kevin Hardy; and Mr. Hale Ransome. [Mr. Ransome is a friend from first or second grade and I feel a curse was put on our relationship [friendship] that I could not seem to break any other way. He is basically a great person and a great friend, but may be benefiting from me in ways that are not positive, but this may also be my own jealousy at His success. I am not sure, but I wrote Him a letter about it on June 22nd, 2013. We will see what His response is.

11) Don’t borrow money [except for emergencies] all year or unless you TOTALLY expect to be able to pay it back…..all of 2013, 2014 and 2015!!!!

12) I Appreciate the work I do and others will Appreciate it As well!! [ALL OF 2013, 2014, 2015, 2916 and 2017!!]

13) Stay out of trouble, but don’t be fearful of speaking your mind [Always in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017].

18) I’m not going to be defeated by my own doubts and negative thinking!! NO!! I stand in Faith with GOD, Jesus and my Ancestors!!! I also include the ancient, Tribal and indigenous religions of Africa and of the Native American people [all positive aspects of these] in my grace especially and in my prayers. I also pray for peaceful progress for our entire world and ALL people…

19) Do ALL your reading assignments for the day……. Keep up with daily goals, achievements and positive accomplishments… for ALL of 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017…

20) Repay Dad’s estate the $57,000 loan by March 15th, 2014….

21) Visit South Africa again by March 30th, 2015—Especially Cape Town, Soweto, Peoria, & Robbin Island. [I especially want to visit Steve Beko’s Grave and Pretoria and Cape Town.]

22) Visit Cuba again, by September 11th, 2015….

23) I will Help Open Tourism from the U.S. to Cuba in What small Ways I can or what BIG Ways I can. Write the State Department, the President, Your U.S. Senators; Your Congressional Representatives and find out who is working on this in Congress and the Senate and write them as well… I have done not done this properly… yet, I will continue to work on this.

24) Help Claudia & Keith get on their financial feet as soon as possible by granting them $27,000.00 by March 30th, 2012. [That is just what you owe your sister.] & give them an extra $500,000.00 for their business investments; the children’s college tuition(s); and other financial needs they may have….. such as keeping their home, business investments, & vacations [which they never take enough of like I don’t either…]I DID take a five day partial vacation in November / December of 2011 Stayed at a Hotel in Philadelphia…..


25) Go to Doctor’s exam in July 2013. [Doctor Joseph Boselli]

26) Get Desk, Computers And File Cabinets for the second floor, straighten up papers in my room Upstairs And the Basement by September 2013…

27) Look over your mail every day and keep up with all mail and phone calls as much as possible…..….throughout 2013, 2014 and 2015…

28) Become financially independent by February 1st 2014. I would like $25,000.00 in the bank by that date.

29) Work on The Black Millionaire’s Networkas much as possible for the rest of 2013, 2014 and 2015 and on into the future IF I’m able to make this project pan out and become successful as I have envisioned it..… [Work to get out all possible corrupting, illegal and negative forces that may be having a negative impact on the Black Millionaire’s Network from accomplishing its basic goals of helping all members, supporters and those interested in becoming better off financially, more stable financially and more able to help themselves and the Black community financially. Make it an LLC as soon as possible. [See complete statement on the Black Millionaire’s Network at the end of this document.]

30) Pay as many bills as you can. Make more income …..

Pay something on your bills each month as follows:

*Penn Credit: Paid Off

*U. S. Department of Education: $197.92 Pay $5.00 Call Them

*Nova Anesthesia Professionals: $37.67 Pay $5.00 and call to see if it was paid off.

American Express Paid Off

ComCast -- Paid Off 3/1/2013 $340

*Old Bank Bill: The Philadelphia Federal Credit Union: Pay $5

*Verizon Bill: Pay ALL OWED…

*Lowes Bill: Fully Paid

*Palomar Associates: Pay: $7,066.70: Pay $4.00

*Palomar Associates: Pay: $4,282.11: Pay $4.00

*Clinical Nephrology Associates, LLC: Pay: $44.75 Has been Paid Off

*Department of Education: [In question. Not necessarily A legitimate debt. I have a legitimate deferment and economic hardship approval with them ]

33] Start the process of buying properties to own and rehab with the group I am forming…[The New West Philadelphia Group of Real Estate and Financial Investors; and the Black Millionaire’s Network]

Take Photos of the houses in the area and put them on A Paper Board to make a colleague to help motivate me to buy properties and others to buy properties who might be going into this business with me…. As time and money allows I will have meetings for this in as public a Way as possible.

Paid for my Hand Bill License

Received other License


Got a Business Checking Account at PNC Bank; It is NOT in good standing today [June 24th, 2013, but WILL be as of Wednesday, June 26th, 2013]…

Checked on my Debt with Wells Fargo Bank [I still owe them money, according to them.] and With Citizen’s Bank [I only owed Citizen’s Bank one cent, which they forgave. I will have to remember to call Wells Fargo Bank again within the next two weeks.

Paid 4 Bills $4. Each….

I will make very small donations to four organizations also. This will help me Up-grade and maintain my continuing desire to be a full-fledged successful Philanthropist, empowered with the finances to make a positive financial and economic change for like-minded organizations, groups and individuals……..

Note: In a general sense I want to be working more towards building up a solid and lasting foundation for my businesses; increasing business visibility and viability where necessary and possibly and where it is most advantageous during ALL of 2013, 2014 and 2015 and on into the future..…

Note: On Personal Relationships: I know I’m 56 and the likelihood of my having a new intimate relationship are good as I pray for, but I also continue to hope, wish and pray for a good solid business partner, lover and friend who will help me make my personal and financial dreams come true in God’s Time and in Good Time.

NOTE: I am more than willing to wait for the new car if it will help get the business substantially off the ground. I still have my Mother’s old car [ a 1995Toyota Camry] down the street at 49thand Spruce Street. I just need about $6,500 to get in fully back on the road, inspected and insured.

NOTE: I would also like to work effectively with my Nephew Kamau in Brazil and Helena in Philadelphia or Los Angeles on Public Relations or Promotions for films they might be making or promoting in the U. S. and other countries and make those films as commercially successful as possible. [If I deem such films worthy of such work and viable].

NOTE: I would like to effectively help My Sister, Aziza, get Her art work sold and exhibited throughout Africa, the Caribbean, South America and the Netherlands if She needs, wants and accepts such help from me..

NOTE: One of My Top Priorities is still the publication of my present books and any other books I will be working on in the future; for any book tours, I will need, desire and have to have TIME OFF to exercise, rest, relax and keep my wits and mental and emotional stability about me.

Membership Application for the Black Millionaire’s Network:

Send to: The Black Millionaire’s Network

Post Office Box: 42878

Philadelphia, PA 19101-2878




Your Full Name


Current Address


Phone Number


Membership Fee (Waved) or PAID IN FULL

I especially need help with: Circle ALL That Apply and Specify under Other:

1) Increasing My income:

2) Increasing My Credit Rating:

3) Supporting Black Businesses:

4) Help with preparing to buy a home:

5) Other: Please Specify_____________________________________________________________

The Black Millionaire’s Network

What We Are About….

When you find financial help in your area, we will help motivate you and help you keep focused and on track… to becoming a wealthier you…

(We will work towards becoming Black Millionaires TOGETHER!!)

Member Benefit:.

Research for your business or motivation to start a business...

Open Discussion of your situation.

Referral to MBA’s with professional experience.

Quarterly Newsletters [Truth Be Told] / Book Reviews / Movie Reviews.

Two Free Tee-Shirts, [for Paid in Full Members].

On-Going Counseling.

Access to a Web Page with interactive discussion beginning in March of 2013.

Access to the President of the Network and his assistants.

Please call if you have any questions. Please forward this information to your friends.

Call us with your questions or concerns at: 1.215.471.64.94….

If you can’t afford membership right now, we will take barter merchandise, reduce your fees or allow you to pay them over time…. The membership is $100 Dollars a year.

Why do we need membership?

* To be better financial citizens.

To Stop the Banks from exploiting and walking over us.

To Build on limited Capital and discover how to save money in this tough economy.

To Get your business on stronger footing in this tough market.

To get access to professional financial services in your area.

To Grow your Business in a positive direction and increase your bottom line.

To Get access to growing Partnerships and Associate Marketing Opportunities.

To know what charities are effectively helping the community you live in so you can give back to the community in an effective Way.

To Network and make effective contacts.

To know what corporate interests and investments to stay away from or get involved with.

To Partner with businesses similar to yours or Special Projects that could be very lucrative for you and your company...

To learn how to get contracts with the government at ALL levels.


``Mission Statement for The Black Millionaire’s Network (BMN)’’

We are here not just to get rich at any cost, but to do so in a responsible, well-managed and reliable Way. We may not be rich now, but we will work to build our savings; learn about money and investing; network with other Black People about finance and money; increase our credit rating; support existing Black businesses; take on reading suggestions in a positive Way; and read our coming Newsletter and our Web Page (March of 2013) . Our motto is to learn from each other and grow with each other. Taking this journey to becoming wealthy alone is one thing, but with a group of Brothers and Sisters, we are in for a ride that includes: learning, pleasure, education, sharing, gifts, and a wonderful and positive life experience.

Our positive and constructive road to wealth Will lead to finding New Ways of building enough wealth to put our children through school; buy a home (or even income property!!); get out of debt; NOT make costly financial mistakes that can have a compounded negative impact over time; and put more money in our pockets and Bank Accounts.

We will also give to struggling Black groups, churches and organizations in our communities that are making a difference in improving Black people’s lives in a Positive Way.

We will have special projects to encourage Black youth to learn about money, economics, finance, accounting and business management. We will, in the very near future, also offer jobs for youth that will lead to good careers and financial compensation…

We will give referrals from five Black MBA’s who we have had positive dealings with in the very recent past.

Please remember if you can’t afford our fee, please know that we are open to barter and fee reductions for those who cannot pay. Please share this with your friends…..

Our journey is not only to build wealth, but also to instill positive financial and personal ethics in our youth; build close relations with Black churches; and give strength to the Black community ethically and financially across the Nation. We hope you will join us!!! The Black Millionaire’s Network Membership is $100.00 per year. (negotiable / sliding scale/ if you so choose)…

Please make money orders Payable to: our Brother Tracy Gibson And Associates, Inc., and send to:

The Black Millionaire’s Network

Post Office Box 42878

Philadelphia, PA 19101-2878

1.215.471.64.94 / / BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com

Note: The Black Millionaire's Network is NOT a group of millionaires, but is a group of ordinary, extraordinary people, mostly Black, who want to move ahead with their financial plans by being more thrifty, financially responsible, buying viable Progressive stocks, spending money with stores that are either Black owned or that have the best interests of the Black community at heart, saving money for positive use in the future, improving their credit ratings, sending our young LOVED ones to college or technical school, and preparing to go into entrepreneurship as effectively and quickly as possible, with the proper financing, to bring on a day of Bright Hope for ourselves and our community.

June 7th, 2013 [Friday]

These are the three main things I am working on right now:

[All are dedicated to the better development of our youth—Black Youth especially—and the rest of us.:

1] The Knowledge Hut Store{s}--Will bring better more ethically and ethnically positive products to our youth that instill positive habits, behaviors and political awareness. Included:: DVD's that are educational, self-help oriented or involve better--more positive movies [Both dramas and documentaries]; CD's with better music such as Christian based and that with more positive lyrics including Hip Hop and Rap; Tee-Shirts [made to order for groups including church groups]; Positive message Tee-Shirts with spicy political slogans, funny expressions and culturally sensitive images; and greeting cards with funny, Up-Beat and positive messages and positive images. This store Will start on-line and have a target market of 12 to 34 year-old youth. We will also sell politically oriented books, biographies of Black heroes and sheroes; Black History books; and Other positive message Black books.

2] My books are dedicated to the better ethical development of our children and youth. First: ``Writing in Wet Cement''; ``A Working Guide to Staying in the Main Stream and NOT being Unemployed, Homeless or Poor.’’ [See top of this report.]…``Let the Children Gather: A Fantasy World of Real Life Poems.'' The first book is again dedicated to building better more progressive values in young readers through the honest telling of my own story interspersed with political commentary, researched educational stories about achievers; and moral lessons; the second book is to help Black boys and young men derail and re-channel their anger into positive, non-violent action.

3] The Black Millionaire's Network: is dedicated to getting us all on a better footing financially through raising our credit ratings; getting us ready to purchase properties; increasing savings; encouraging support of Black Businesses; and developing better financial habits. We are NOT only open to Black people, but they ARE our main concern. We do NOT ask for personal information such as birth dates or Social Security numbers.

Note: The Black Millionaire's Network is NOT a group of millionaires, but is a group of ordinary, extraordinary people, mostly Black, who want to move ahead with their financial plans by being more thrifty, financially responsible, buying viable Progressive stocks, spending money with stores that are either Black owned or that have the best interests of the Black community at heart, saving money for positive use in the future, improving their credit ratings, sending our young LOVED ones to college or technical school, and preparing to go into entrepreneurship as effectively and quickly as possible, with the proper financing, to bring on a day of Bright Hope for ourselves and our community.

* Membership is free and open until November 1, 2013…

log onto my blog at:

and you will find several of the articles that will be in the first book mentioned...

thank you for your interests... Reach me at 1.215.471.64.94 of E-Mail Me at: BlockBoi75@Yahoo.Com



Present Problem: Having Difficulty Writing the Book Proposals. We sent away for information on hiring a writer through the National Writers Union just this week. [July 11, 2013].

Brother Tracy Gibson,

Founder, President and CEO OF:

**Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, Inc.

Visionary Education – Visionary Advocacy—Innovative Fund Raising

And the Black Millionaire’s Network

Post Office Box 42878

Philadelphia Pa 19101-2878

Goal: To Help Black People and Black Families Stabilize Themselves Financially and get away from government help for the Duration…



I can always use small donations of $200.00 or more to help get things rolling faster. I can use the money for a new computer so I can do research better and more efficiently, and so I can keep up with utility bills; pay on up-coming rent; purchase items wholesale that will be sole retail [such as tee-shirts, greeting cards cd’s, dvd’s and books] and eventually move into a more permanent office space. [I am presently utilizing a 2nd floor office space and need to move into a separate space as soon as I am financially able.]. We can always utilize your input and ideas as to how to promote better or how to be more effective… Please have a good week.

**We were incorporated in December of 2006 in Philadelphia and have two licenses with the City of Philadelphia. One for legally distributing Hand Bills; the Other for Commercial Activity.

I am a member of the AFL-CIO’s National Writers Union.

NOTE: Please know that while these ideas may in fact be from me, they are the property of the Black community, in fact, and I am more than willing to share them with you.. All I ask is that you share also in the profits and in letting me in on positive, proactive deals as well….. We ALL need to share in the profit taking, the earnings and the money from these ideas. If you have money you want to invest, please call or write at the following addresses to let me know. I am waiting for my official incorporation papers to come from the State of Pennsylvania [they got lost in a foreclosure two years ago. We were incorporated in December of 2006 in Philadelphia.], but we are regrouping and getting everything back together and seeking new funding. I want to provide several hundred jobs in the Philadelphia area over the next few years and I will need your help, advice, assistance and so forth. Please know that these ideas, as lucrative as they may be, are worth nothing without your help. I can be reached in any of the following Ways:

Brother Tracy Gibson

Investor / Fund Raiser / Writer / Businessman / Philanthropist

213 South 49thStr

Philadelphia, PA 19139-4205


The Black Millionaire’s Network

Post Office Box 42878

Philadelphia, Pa 19101-2878

Building Better Tomorrows for The Black Community in the Delaware Valley