Saturday, June 29, 2013

Poem: My Clinched Fist.....

My Clinched Fist
A Poem By Brother Tracy Gibson
Yes I Clinch My Fist
From Time to time...
It is out of respect for the many
Hundreds of Black
People who have made things
Easier for me...
Or who dies for me in the struggle
\Or in the Middle Passage
[Thies bones now at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean]
It is to shake thing up for
The ``too comfortable''
And let the oppressor
Know who I am
and What I want
And that I am far from satisfied and that I am unfraid
Of his bullets, bombs and bayonets
It is for people who
Have paved the road and the Way, though it
Still be bumpy at times,
For me to follow
It is for people like.....
Those on my Freedom Wall:
Ms. A Harris
Aretha Franklin
Samuel F. Yette
Robert Mason
The Late Writer / Visionary / College Professor Manning Marable
Bradley Manning -- [Who may well be being tortured as I write this...]
Delbert Africa
Denise Nichols
Trent Pettus
Chancellor Williams
Brother Tracy Gibson
Vicky Wilmore [For the Courage to be a Grandmother to Nine Black male children]
Author Leslie Peterson
Ms. Iola Nelson-Harper
Ms. Kim Nelson
My eight Adopted SOns
The African American Freedom And Reconstruction League
My Eight Little Cousins and the REst of My Family
Charles S. Gibson And Beverly McCullough
Filmmaler Michael Moore
Steven Biko
Charles Ogaltree
Given Shakur and Sons
Marcus Garvey
Keith Bright
Muhammad Ali
Sistah Claudia [Aziza] Gibson Hunter
Huey P. Newton
Doctor Keith Hunter
The Liberation Book Store
Dennis J. Kucinich
Marie Nelson
Barbara Lee
Art and Stevie, and John Speer
Brother Brian Robinson and Brother Carlos Carter of UFCCP
Charles Gilpin
Brother Denzel Washington
Pastor Jeffery Haskins
Chris Blandfor from Adodi Philadelphia
Greg Reis
Gregory Jones and His Lover
Minnie Ripperton
Brother Paul Darling
BJ Tillman
Kamau Hunter
Jeffery Osborn
Anoa Hunter
Sistah Rosita Johnson
Minister Rodney Muhammad
Sistah Debbie Moore
Author Walter ROdney
Erth, WInd and FIre...
Mother Charlotte from UFCCP
Tyrone Smith
Doctor Ben
Minister Louis Farrakhan
Reverend Jesse Jackson
Chikh Anta Diop
The Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.
Attorney / Activist Michael Coard
Earl Graves III
Medgar Evers
Chaney, Swerner Etc.
The FOuor Little Girls
Ms. Carris Engram
Reverend Al Sharpton
Wanda Wheeler
Brother Bruce Harvey
Brother Aaron DOnnerson
Brother Steve from Adodi
Delmar Thompson
Brother Haynes
Elsie Erwin
Sistah Gwyn Lawrence
Arthur A. Edens
Eve Thornton and Her Husband Levy
Cheryl and DOn FIscher
Godfrey Sithole
Ella Baker
Rosa Parks
The Queen Mother of South Africa Winnie Mandela
Senator Robert F. Kennedy
Senator Paul Wellstone
Malcolm X
Cynthia McKinney
Filmmaker Mrlon Roggs
The Honorable Elijah Muhammad
James Baldwin
Paul Robeson
Essex Hemphill
Harold Washington
Reverend Paul Washington
Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis
Clifford A. Rawlins
Ida B. Wells
Darrell Waters
Bill Smith
bell hooks
Old Time Activist and Trouble Maker Bill Hill
[Who was like a Father to Me]
Berta Jobert
The SIster who Started the New Democratic Party Down South
And Walked out on the 1964 COnvention
Charles Harp
Yupac Chakur
Michael Otis
Stokley Carmichael
Maurics Bioshop
Ernesto Che Guevarar
Sister Falaka Fattah
Angela Davis
Ernesto Philpotts
Caesar Chavez
Asada Shakur
The Reverend Leon Sullivan
Spike Lee
Writer Joe Beam
Bishop Desmond Tutu
Bishop Carl Bean
AIDS Activist Arnold Jackson
Poet Audre Lorde
Patrice Lumumba
Professor John Henrik Clarke
Jose Martine
Hugo Chavez
Binta Edwards
Ardie Brown
Phylicia Rashad
Phillis  Hyman
Phyllis Wheatley
Harriet Tubman
Zachariah Jones
Gwendolyn Brooks
David P. Richardson
Pattie LaBelle
Senator Chris Coons
Senator Russ Feingold
Brother Rob Gray and Sister Silvia Gray
Maisha Sullivan
Aunt Helen Peterson
Mao Se Tung
Aunt Doris Thornton
Oaula Peoples
Daniel Ortega
Author Eduardo Galeano
Uncle Irv Thornton
Charlene Arcila
Sarah Burton
Cheryl Smith
Audrey Skeete
Mother Doris Lofton
Author Frantz Fanon
Mrs. Jessie M. Gibson.....
The Nation of Islam
Poet Sistah Sonya Sanchez
And Many Others too many to mention
It is for their continuing legacy
That I raise my Fist and
Fi=or this I do NOT apologize.....!!
But Remember, my fist,
Like the Thousands of other clinched fists,
Are not clinched
All the time.....
We also lend a hand where there os
a Fire or a disaster and open our hands
When the collection plae comes around
in church.....
We also pass the food around when there are needy people
in our midst...
We also stretch out our hands
And our arms to hug the ones we LOVe
And Care for
We also spend money with our hands,
in Black Communities.....
and at Black stores
Our hands are NOT always clinched...
But a time will come when you will
Realize in a steady and on-going fashion
The work that we have done
To help you maintain that job you are so satisfied with
That job you hate and want to give up...
[It is a job none the less]
So let us do our Job....
And Our Work 
nd Clinch our fists at times.....
It is Well and Necessary
Freedom To The People NOW!!!
I clinch my fist.......
With PRide, Dignity and a Positive Temperament
I clinch my fost
As long as there is a foot on my neck
With Pride, Digniety and Positive Temperamant
I am Proud to be Gay
I have the Dignity of a Black man who sprang
from The Ancients
I have the Positive Temperament
of a man who wants to see and is dedicated to positive change
NOT Tomorrow or next week.........
A clinched fist is NOT something to scuff at or take lightly.....
Anger, defiance, oilitical resentment and oppression
Are all serious business
And harsh realities for far too many people on the face of
this great earth...
My Fists!!
Get Used to IT!!!
Get Over IT!!!
MOVE on With Me to Help Others to see why
I Clinch My Fist.....

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Why Do Church Choirs not need the Most Gifted of Voices?

What About Talent and the CHurch Choir

Brother Tracy Gibson

I never understood why the church choir does not need the most gifted of voices. Why is it that we as Black Church goers and Black Church Choir Leaders, allow ``just any body'' to join the church choir?  My feeling is we come to church to praise GOD and lift out hearts and voices to GOD.... Certainly we should allow the best voices for the choir the opportunity to sing.  Those of us who are horse and sound as if a frog in in our neck SHOULD NOT be allotted the right to sing. I CAN'T SING a LICK!!! Yet my church choir [At the Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia] was clamoring for me to join. I never did, insisting that I would think, you had better sing like Gabriel or Aretha Franklin if you want to truly raise your voice to GOD and be Blessed in doing so.  Later I joined the adjoining church to our regular church's choir [That would be the Arch Street United Methodist Church, My regular church is the Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia--also [both sharing the building] at 55  North Broad Street in Philadelphia--I joined the Arch Street Church choir because they had so few members, weak voices and were a congregation of mostly Homeless, Disenfranchised and Poor People.  They needed me desperately.  The Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia has a stupendous choir called Quiet Fire--the last thing they needed was someone sounding like a frog messing up their sound.  Quiet Fire is the Brain Child of Phil Hughes, the Choir Director.  It is a small choir, but one that is multi-talented, respected, Blessed, and doing the work GOD intended.  Brother Phil has created something truly beautiful in this All-Men's choir and it is something to be respected, cherished and loved.  [Check out the Howard Gospel Choir below sing ``Lift Every Voice and SIng'' and you will see what I mean.  If you can't sing, do something else for the church. ] GOD Still loves people with those horse voices, but why embarrass your church--there is so much to do like fight hunger in the community; make sure HIV and AIDS testing is available and paid for by supporting organizations like Blacks Educating Blacks About Sexual Health Issues; and generally fighting for more economic opportunities for Black people [Black Youth especially] and work against crime, sexual abuse, bullying, and poverty.  GOD BLESS YOU!!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Why We Need Your Support...!!!

We Need Support From The Community to Continue Our Important Work

Brother Tracy Gibson

We need your support because... We are organizing and planning to start a Black business endeavor that, we know,will change the picture of Our Economic situation as Black People in the Delaware Valley.It Will take time, it Will take effort,It Will take money. It will create jobs for Black youth NOW!!! We are developing a Business Plan for an effort called ``The Knowledge Hut Store...''The ideea is a simple one.We Will bring Books, DVDs,Cd's,Posters,Tee-Shirts,Greeting Cards and a few healthy nutritional items in front of our youth for them to select from.ALL the items will be selected by us to reflect good viable,healthy and ethical social values and build good habits and strong minds and bodies among our Black youth such as doing homework, reliability, responsibility, obeying the Law, respect for elders and others in our community who are working towards our collective good, and other such strongly positive constructive values such as generally being helpful and productive and staying out of trouble while achieving in school.  We also want to project our being against bullying....

We need help in  getting this idea off the ground.  Please log onto our goggle Page by Putting the Name ``Brother Tracy Gibson'' into Google and looking up ``The Politics of Real'' you will be able to read some of the articles there.  These articles reflect a new Way of thinking that can improve on values, end corruption in Government and the Corporate sector, and change ALL our lives for the better.  If you are so inclined, you might want to send us a donation for the work we are doing. We only want you to send between FIVE and TEN dollars.  You Will be contacted as to where to send it. [We only want money from people who have shown an interest in helping turn things around for the community to the positive.]  We always need stamps for the postings we send out to positively advocate for issues of concern to the Black community such as: jobs for youth; eating healthy foods and losing weight; staying in shape once you get into shape; attending Mosque and or Church; introducing positive concepts that Will help in the positive and sustainable economic development of the Caribbean and Africa; lower inner City unemployment rates in  the U.S.; ending the crippling economic blockade of Cuba; interacting more positively with Black stars and celebrities to help them bring more money and economic assistance back into the Black community; and looking at the root causes of the AIDS crisis in the Black community and how to find solutions...

If you are not interested in building jobs for young Black People or doing any of the other positive things we have mentioned here, we hope you will write us and let us know what are some of the positive things we can help YOU work with to turn our community  around.  Please don't throw this flier on the ground or in the  trash.  We want you to take the responsibility to give it to another Brother of Sister who is  of a mind  to make positive change or who  you think can make a difference with  a little help and coaxing.Write us @ BLockBoi75@Yahoo.Com

Or Call: 1.215.471.64.94 and ask for Brother Tracy Gibson or a Representative.....

This Article is still being edited.....

Thursday, June 20, 2013

For My Homeless Friends......

I have one small suggestion that I am sure will help stabalize and make whole more than a few lives among the people who come to the Church Missions for Dinner.......

It would be great if financial counceling could also be provided.  One person said the men and women were King [or Queen] for a Day because that is how long they are able to hold onto their money that is supposed to last for a whole month.  The reality is We as poor, disenfranchised and / of Homeless People are only getting about 1/3rd of what it actually takes to Live on with any kind of decency, respect and GRACE--1/3rd!!!

That settled, there are things  We as poor, disenfranchised and / or Homeless People can do to make things easier for ourselves.

*Not buy fast food in such a hurry and in such quantities [especially sodas], ``100% Beef'' Burgers, french fries

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Let The Boycotts Begin!!! Power to the WE!!

Corporations [Nasty Ones] To Boycott--If You are Interested!!!


2] McDonald's

3] Coco Cola

4] British Petroleum

5] Chick Fillet

6] Monsanto

7] Exxon

I thank you for your cooperation and guidance.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

House-Hold Handymen Available.....

We have a network loosely organized, qualified handymen available for legitimate maintenance jobs around the house. Give us a call at 1.215.471.64.94.....

Join Mariah And Crew for some nice tunes.....

Mariah Carey and John Legend sing ``With You I'm Born Again.'' If you are not familiar with this Ole School tune, you will love it, believe me.  ALSO: Listen to the Same Song by Syreeta Wright And Billy Preston as they do the same song back in 1978.  Listen to this before you start your work on the computer. It will have a positive impact as you find your Day going much, much smoother.....