Thursday, June 20, 2013

For My Homeless Friends......

I have one small suggestion that I am sure will help stabalize and make whole more than a few lives among the people who come to the Church Missions for Dinner.......

It would be great if financial counceling could also be provided.  One person said the men and women were King [or Queen] for a Day because that is how long they are able to hold onto their money that is supposed to last for a whole month.  The reality is We as poor, disenfranchised and / of Homeless People are only getting about 1/3rd of what it actually takes to Live on with any kind of decency, respect and GRACE--1/3rd!!!

That settled, there are things  We as poor, disenfranchised and / or Homeless People can do to make things easier for ourselves.

*Not buy fast food in such a hurry and in such quantities [especially sodas], ``100% Beef'' Burgers, french fries

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