Thursday, June 27, 2013

Why Do Church Choirs not need the Most Gifted of Voices?

What About Talent and the CHurch Choir

Brother Tracy Gibson

I never understood why the church choir does not need the most gifted of voices. Why is it that we as Black Church goers and Black Church Choir Leaders, allow ``just any body'' to join the church choir?  My feeling is we come to church to praise GOD and lift out hearts and voices to GOD.... Certainly we should allow the best voices for the choir the opportunity to sing.  Those of us who are horse and sound as if a frog in in our neck SHOULD NOT be allotted the right to sing. I CAN'T SING a LICK!!! Yet my church choir [At the Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia] was clamoring for me to join. I never did, insisting that I would think, you had better sing like Gabriel or Aretha Franklin if you want to truly raise your voice to GOD and be Blessed in doing so.  Later I joined the adjoining church to our regular church's choir [That would be the Arch Street United Methodist Church, My regular church is the Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia--also [both sharing the building] at 55  North Broad Street in Philadelphia--I joined the Arch Street Church choir because they had so few members, weak voices and were a congregation of mostly Homeless, Disenfranchised and Poor People.  They needed me desperately.  The Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia has a stupendous choir called Quiet Fire--the last thing they needed was someone sounding like a frog messing up their sound.  Quiet Fire is the Brain Child of Phil Hughes, the Choir Director.  It is a small choir, but one that is multi-talented, respected, Blessed, and doing the work GOD intended.  Brother Phil has created something truly beautiful in this All-Men's choir and it is something to be respected, cherished and loved.  [Check out the Howard Gospel Choir below sing ``Lift Every Voice and SIng'' and you will see what I mean.  If you can't sing, do something else for the church. ] GOD Still loves people with those horse voices, but why embarrass your church--there is so much to do like fight hunger in the community; make sure HIV and AIDS testing is available and paid for by supporting organizations like Blacks Educating Blacks About Sexual Health Issues; and generally fighting for more economic opportunities for Black people [Black Youth especially] and work against crime, sexual abuse, bullying, and poverty.  GOD BLESS YOU!!!

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