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New Resume From Brother Tracy...


Resume Philosophy: I feel that with the job market flooded the way it is, I might as well tell my full story and try to get a JOB that way, as opposed to only giving a brief sketch in my resume, the way the job professionals want one to do. This way, if there is something a possible employer doesn't like he or she can just pass me by instead of wasting his or her time and mine with an interview. Also: the professional JOB finders say to Never, EVER let a potential employer know about your ethnic background. I find this silly and ridiculous. Any potential employer who will NOT respect me as a Black man doesn't deserve to even consider gett

I AM--Brother Tracy Gibson - Consultant - Businessman - Educator – Editor- Writer - Visionary - Organizer-Child and Youth Advocate-International Progressive Activist - Fund Raiser; 213 South 49th Street, Philadelphia, Penn 19139-4205; Phone: 1.215.471.64.94; E-Mail Address: BLockBoi75@Yahoo.Com


Make my businesses profitable and expand; and / or find suitable work as a staff diversity consultant; or a staff consultant for community outreach, youth issues and services; work on Peace, Education and Prosperity issues for the poor and left out; fund raising; writing; and / or Public Relations and / or Promotional Work...


Brother Tracy Gibson And Associates, Inc.; April of 2002 to the Present. {And Subsidiaries} Planning, researching, reconstructing, building my businesses and developing and implementing policy for our parent company {Brother Tracy Gibson And Associates, Inc. }--a growing Public Relations, Marketing, Research, Advertising, Community Relations and Education firm dedicated to and specializing in developing survival tactics for people of color {especially Black People} and other economically disenfranchised groups so such groups can flourish into the future; filing the proper papers with local, state and federal agencies and NGO's to continue to carry on in a legal and legitimate manner; place advertising to expand and stabilize profitability and to generate and expand on our client base; bring our Wed Page back on line {}; advocating for progressive causes in Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Delaware and Washington, D.C. and other locations within the U.S. and points around the World; Planning to Obtain and maintain Our office space and staff; expand on staff and train youth, young Adults as well as other job seekers in the community; generating management and leadership skills etc.


I presently have a Blog: ``The Politics of Real'' which can be accessed by clicking onto: I have also written for several other publications including: ``The Black Star,'' ``The Leon Williams Journal'' ``The Walnut Hill Community Association's Newsletter,'' {I served as the editor for One year}; ``SBC Magazine''; ``Au Courant Newspaper''; and ``Male Box Magazine.'' From March of 2001 to Present.


Careers USA: 18th and JFK Boulevard Philadelphia, Penn--Edited law briefs and other legal documents such as Wills. Also: Provided registration materials for Doctors attending a National Cancer Conference; and did clerical work in a psychiatrist's office. I also served as a male receptionist for the Jewish Federation of Organizations. 1995 to 2001.

TV Guide Magazine: Manhattan, New York; and Radnor, Penn. Wrote and Edited TV listings and program evaluations as I became literate on a new and innovative computer system. January 1981 through November 1995.


As part of My life-Long Business Experiences I served as a cashier for various Department Stores including: Staples, Macy's, Gimbals and Sears.. I also started my work career by working at McDonald's in West Philadelphia {40th and Walnut Street} when I was 16; and also worked at McDonald's temporarily, part time {for about a year} to help pay for college expenses during my years at The Ohio State University { September 1974 to August 1978} in Columbus, Ohio...


I had the significant and dignified honor of helping care for my elderly Mother, Mrs. Jessie M. Gibson, before she left this place of existence on June 5th, 2006. It took a great deal of coordination, work, dedication, Love, endurance, and most of all courage in dealing with a sometimes hostile Health Care System and also dealing positively with limited finances. I learned a great deal through this process. My Mother was a fantastic lady who believed strongly in education and helping the less fortunate. She taught me many life lessons, including NOT to hold grudges against people, and to Love people even when they are wrong or have different ideas than I do. I also learned that to be human is to honor human life. Recently I helped tend to my Father's Health Care needs { Mr. Charles S. Gibson } who was 85 when he passed away on Hospice Care at home on July 10th, 2012. Dad helped me to care about people's basic needs while still being frugal and responsible. He was a dedicated and concerned Landlord for most of his life.


* On May 31, 2012, I completed the Business Plan Development Program--a ten-Week course--at Temple University's Small Business Development Center at 1510 Cecil B. Moore Avenue, Suite 200, Philadelphia, Penn 19121. My instructor was Ms. Cynthia Moultrie. We still have a process to go through that puts the finishing touches on our Business Plans. ``The Knowledge Hut Business Plan’’ can be found on my Blog.

* I also attended the Delaware Money School to learn more about personal finance, thrift and budgeting from January 2008 to August 2010.

* I also took continuing Studies Classes at the Pan African Studies Community Education Program at Temple University where I studied: personal finance and budgeting; civil liberties law; housing rehabilitation { I was a landlord for 25 years}; alternative music industry analysis and progressive rap music indium's; the advantages of the vegetarian lifestyle and vegetarian cooking. At Temple University's Center City office I took: Business Management. I also took classes in basic English and Research at Community College to brush up on my skills. January 2002 through March 2010.

*Graduate School -- Temple University--13th and Berks--Philadelphia Penn. September 1980 through January 1982. Studied communications, script writing and journalism after being awarded a scholarship from the Scripps-Howard Foundation in 1981. I have NOT received my Master's Degree at this point.

*The Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio September 1974 through August 1978. Received a B.A. in Journalism and Public Relations with a Minor in Black Studies.


• I have served as a Leading Member and an officer of a Same Gender Loving Black male organization / support group for several years. I helped chair meetings; facilitate meetings; develop meeting topics; and host meetings in my home for over seven years. I also helped found Adodi Philadelphia Inc., and was a leading core member for this support group and support system for Same Gender Loving Black Men. Adodi has since evolved into a National Organization that holds a National Retreat each year at different locations. They also hold different constructive meetings and workshops during the year.

• Served as an official Philadelphia Block Captain for the 4600 Block of Sansom Street for seven years when I lived on that block. In elementary school {Lea Elementary School at 47th and Walnut Street, in West Philadelphia} I served as a Crossing Guard and a Hall Monitor. {I have always been concerned about people’s safety.}

• I am presently slowly implementing a youth employment and empowerment program for my corporation in the neighborhood in which I live and am seeking grant money and investors to help with the financing and implementation.

*I received a Community Service Award from Men of All Colors Together of Philadelphia in April of 2005.

* I ran unsuccessfully as a write-in candidate for the U.S. Senate from Pennsylvania in 2005.

*I served on the Board of Directors of the African American Freedom and Reconstruction League for one year {The League was constructed as a result of the positive energy that matriculated from the Million Man March in October of 1996. They develop strategies to advocate for the Black community's inclusion in getting Our fair share of the Economic Pie in America through creating community initiatives that generate support for the community itself. The League also holds an annual luncheon to respectfully recognize the work our elders are doing to uphold the community and the community’s positive values.}

• I also served on the Board of Friends of Somafco for seven years {Friends of Somafco delivers support services such as educational assistance; and food for the temporarily disenfranchised {especially youth} in South Africa through Rosie's Kitchen a soup kitchen in that African Nation.} They once ran a school in South Africa while I was on the Board.

TRAVEL: I traveled to Cuba, South Africa, Canada, Porto Rico and various points within the United States such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Denver, Colorado, and Aspen, Colorado; Columbus, Dayton and Cleveland, Ohio; Miami, Florida; and New York City {mostly Manhattan and Brooklyn} in my continuing journey to learn and grow.


* I am available to speak on a number of topics. Please call about availability and topics.

* I gave a full report to the public at Philadelphia's Paul Robeson House after my trip to South Africa to attend the World Conference Against Racism in August of 2001.

* I presented a Major Academic Speaker to the Public concerning the latest upheaval in Haiti after the fall of that Nation's dictator, Baby Doc Duvale.

Possible Speaking Topics: 1) Why Black America Will soon come around to Supporting Gay and Lesbian Marriage; 2) A Healthy Environment; 3) Working--Or NOT--in North America; 4) Homophobia in the Black Community and How and When to Stand Up To It...


We are expecting to publish two books in Early February of 2013. The first book is a book of poetry that is derived from the anger and frustration many Black men righteously feel about being left out of the economic development and financial advancement taking place for a ``select few'' in our country instead of ALL the people. The book of poetry is entitled: ``Let the Children Gather: A Fantasy World of Real Life Poems,'' and features over 100 original poems written by Brother Tracy Gibson. We are hoping they will also spark interests among Black youth, both male and female, to go forward and read more books that are of great value and significance for us as Black and often oppressed people. The second book is entitled: ``A Grass-Roots Criteria for Liberation: Writing in Wet Cement.'' This book is dedicated to the forward motion of Black youth especially, but includes many stories and anecdotes {intertwined with my own life's story} that much of the Progressive Community of social activists, environmentalists, Peace Activists and humanitarians should find interesting and inspiring. We are hoping that many Black and Latin youth especially will find it enjoyable to read and that its pages will help instill positive, progressive social values; positive political and social education and knowledge; law-abiding behavior and good solid ethical behavior among the youth who read it. We are hoping this book will also instill the value of good literature among Black and Latin youth--especially males, but females as well, and help keep them out of trouble with the law--as it helps to transform them into good, hard-working, positive-value oriented, responsible, reliable and community-centered men and women with the help of positive intervention by responsible parents and / or guardians. We hope our books will help our youth be of greater value and an asset to our community instead of a detriment.


I have a deep concern for the community in which I live and I want to see people of ALL races who have been left out of the process become included in the process towards positive development, a clean environment, sustainability and economic and social equality. I have written literally hundreds of letters to Civic Leaders, Community Leaders, Political Leaders, entertainers, business People, clergy, government officials, and so forth, in an effort to promote the issues of oppressed youth and oppressed people throughout the world; the left out and the economically disenfranchised; the underdog; and those who might not be able to advocate for themselves. Groups I have advocated for include [But are NOT limited to} : The poor or economically disenfranchised; Same Gender Loving people of Color; Black, Latin and other disenfranchised people and youth; the Elderly; Women and Muslim women of color; Black youth; and people of ALL races who have been left out of the process toward political and economic freedom, hope and equality….


I was diagnosed as a person with bipolar illness in 1982 / 1983 and managed to work and / or go to school for about 15 years after that before I went on disability. I had many up and down points and was hospitalized. I haven't been hospitalized for the last 15 years, and although I'm on disability, I have worked hard on writing my own books; reading and researching numerous issues; starting a corporation dedicated to the advancement and reconstruction of Black Youth; and caring for elderly parents. I have also, as you can see above, dedicated myself to a great deal of social activism. I want to get back in the workforce and I would like to do so, most of all, as a consultant, or as the leader of my own corporation. I am a hard worker, a dedicated worker and an honest person. I have recently had a bout with the authorities due to my impoverished state and had some minor charges dismissed {they were for defiant trespass during an incident at Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station with Amtrack Police officials…} I do not let such obvious harassment stop my plans or sway my path. I hope you will take me on as a consultant. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

Dear Tiger.......

Thanks, I won't tell anybody what we did. {Because we didn't do ANYTHING!!!}


Tracy Charles Gibson

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Letter to Tavis Smiley and Professor Cornell West

Dear Tavis Smiley and Professor Cornell West:

I know what you are doing and I like what you are doing.  Many of our people just pulled the wool over their own eyes, if a may use a cliche, and stuck their heads in the sand, if I may use yet another cliche, and refused to examine some of the seamier things and laws our President has signed into our lives.  The Patriot Act II and the new National Security Act are threatening to our way of living, the U.S. Constitution, our Civil Liberties and Human Rights as Black people, as low-income people especially, and as Progressive Thinkers. But these laws are a threat to ALL American's rights and MUST be repealed as quickly as possible.    Yet we decide to not know about these things and think President Obama is just ``perfect''...  He is not the worse man in the world, but he is certainly not being transparent about those laws {and others} and the fact that we no longer have the real and clear right to assemble, the right to peacefully protest and organize freely.

These belocouse anti-people laws are the type of laws that generated the Apartheid System in South Africa and MUST be petitioned against, worked against, and abolished. 

The fact that you two gentlemen {West and Smiley} have taken on so many causes that are impacting on us as Black people, is commendable and needed.  I think, as I know you two do also, that our Black males and youth need special attention. I took eight years of my life to work out what I think is a partial solution to at least get parents and young men to think more clearly, openly and honestly on the many subjects that impact us as Black people.  It took me about that long to write: ``A Grass-Roots Criteria for Liberation: Writing in Wet Cement,'' By Brother Tracy Gibson.  The book is a journey through my life and is replete with political analysis; funny family stories; and informative dialogue and journalism that will help build better character traits {such as responsibility; reliability; political astuteness; dealing with police confrontations in a non-threatening, safe manner; dealing with peer conflicts in a positive and non-violent manner; respecting elders; and survival skills for our young people.}. I have been finalizing an outline to present to Writer / Playwright Charles Fuller who I met personally and who may be able to help me get the volume published.  If there are any suggestions you can offer that will help, I hope you will get into contact with me as soon as possible.  I should have the outline completed by January 15th, 2013. The articles in the book are short, which I think will help maintain interests among our youth who are having a problem with attention spans because of their being raised on video games, computers and i-Pods. However, with the help of the creator, and the positive powers of our ANCESTORS and LIVING ANCESTORS there is no problem Too Big to dismantle, figure out, resolve and reconstruct as a solution to that same problem!!!

If you require any more information, please let me know. I have enclosed a resume for your consideration.  

With Peace, Blessings and LOVe,

Brother Tracy Gibson.....


Who I'm Looking for in a Male to Male, Intimate and Business Partner, Relationship and Life Partner...

I want to find an advanced thinker to share fun hours, intimate mature time and time for learning, sharing, growing businesses and evolving with someone who is preferably between the ages of 42 to 57 who has a keen interests in Progressive and Democratic or Independent politics; enjoys all types of books, movies and conversations and wants to really be bold with business ventures [within reason]... He should be adventuresome, handsome, ready for the world and Willing to teach as well as learn--especially about politics and economics on an international, national, state wide and local level. My Mother used to call it ``Dashing'' and I have to agree.  That charaistic in a man that makes Him distinctive, different, lovable, exciting and whole. I don't want another stick in the mud who doesn't want to do anything but stay at home and bake cookies.  I like to go to community meetings, exciting events in Center City, political meetings, and spend time watching TV together, or, better yet, going to see foreign mfilms, but also going out to dinner and enjoying learning from each-other's conversations. Interests in Foreign films a plus. I am especially interested in an African-American male executive type who is a Progressive business leader, a thinker, good at math and science, and maybe working on or thinking about an advanced degree. Contact me through looking up Tracy Charles Gibson on Face Book.

Or: BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com

How Feed the and Food For the Poor are just another cog in the wheel of our own oppression.........

Story to Come......

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the importance of the 2010 Election.....

I almost always vote Democratic and have been vastly disappointed when I have voted Republican the few times that I did {Never in a National election}.... The way the Republicans are chain tying Washington and the whole Nation because the Tee-Party and a few Right Wing interests don't want to ``bring the nation down economically'' by voting in a tax increase for those making over $250,000 a year is a genuine crock of lizard oil. Those so-called ``job creators'' are creating jobs at Wal Mart and Burger King and McDonald's that no one can make a full successful living at. When the country foolishly turned away from the Democrats and voted Republican for Congress in 2010, I knew we would be in for a bound-up Washington and a bound-up nation. One celebrity, who I will mention by name, One Barbra Streisand, actually left the country in discuss when the voters voted in Tee-Party loyalists and Republicans in 2010. But I have a confession to make.  I actually couldn't in my right mind and thinking as an ethical person, I couldn't vote for President Obama due to the fact that he has approved several drone bombings that have victimized children and women. For the first time in I don't even know how many years, I DIDN'T VOTE   .....

my enemies wait for me hopelessly...

My enemies wait for me like emotionally wounded, muddy soldiers in damp cold trench holes. This IS war, but it doesn't have to be this way..... It doesn't have to be a negative war... We CAN extend olive Branches and dance to the tune of cooperation, LOVe, peace and an ability to understand and Work together, within Our Black Race..... By keeping you ``worthy'' God has lifted you higher Than Any Other God...

You, my Black Brothers,  Are NOT the Devil....

Philadelphia Black Gay Pride Events Article April 21st, 25th to 28th...

Article to Come.....

Friday, December 28, 2012

Doctor Keith Hunter's Trip to Cuba.....

What was the focus of your trip to Cuba?

Are you for the lifting of the economic embargo against Cuba?

How might everyday Americans show their support for better more stabal relations, economic and otherwise, between the United States and Cuba?

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Chicken Bone Necklace Man...

Chicken Bone Necklace Man

By Brother Tracy Gibson

He would spend literally hours making chicken bone necklaces. They were colorful, rustic, funny-shaped and they were made by hand by a Master. He also made colorful African Walking Sticks by hand. He sold a few each month to try to make a dollar stretch. The meager Social Security check he made was barley enough to pay the rent and the light bill. How He managed to pay for food on His budget, I'll still never understand. The necklace-making was no small task. It was no small task because He did this by taking time away from His family to do it, and He did this by taking time away from His 55-plus years of activism to do this.  He added weeks, months and days onto His work as an activist like a master painter added works to His repat twa. He would spend over 55 years on the stump as a radical, left-leaning social protest activist. You know, those generals of the anti-War and the pro-choice and the Black-rights era who breath life into this often otherwise boring existence of a world of police fantasy and Gospel music and over eating and racing cars and Blow-Up movies and such we find on TV and can live without. You don't find many of these social activist on TV unless you look really hard because they represent such a thorn in the side of the status quo that they largely get ignored by the White-owned, Goliath mass media. If there was a Progressive cause and someone needed support, if no one else in the entire World would join you in your protest--even if it was a stormy, NASTY, rainy or snowy Day--Mr. Bill Hill, Chicken Bone Necklace Man, would be there for you.  He would carry His home-made placard, an almost literal barrel of good humor, a smile, a cold baloney and American cheese sandwich and His signature hand-made African walking stick or cane with Him. He always added life and vigor, honesty and mirth to the things He did.  He was funny, good natured, larger-than-life and He was a lover of Black History and the old stories of progressive and left-leaning radical political warriors such as Himself. {I didn't know who the heck Leonard Peltier was until Mr. Bill Hill and several others at the All People's Congress told me}... And He really just loved people of every stripe, demeanor and tempo as if they were liner notes and He was the Maestro who just had to play them on his piano. 

Do you know anyone who had a Big Party and a dinner thrown for them, and them alone, to honor their years of dedicated service to the Progressive and Radical cause and community? The only such person I knew personally was Mr. Bill Hill, formerly of Marion Avenue in West Philadelphia.  And people came.  People of all sorts came.  There were White people and Black people, and Latin Folks and women and men, and Gay People, like myself, and there were transgendered people and even children at that dinner.  I was so thankful that His friends at the International Action Center, gave this dinner in His honor. We showed great honor for Him while He still walked the earth, and none too soon, for Mr. Bill Hill would be given back to the cold, cold earth a few short years after that.

He suffered from a heart ailment and High Blood Pressure. He left us from Hahnamman University Hospital before I really got to say good bye.  He was a bit overweight and stout for such a short gentleman.  He was getting up in age. He was my personal friend and like a Father to me.  We would go to I-Hop for breakfast and He would get the Pigs in a blanket. I never ate pork since I was 14, but Mr. Bill Hill proudly ate His pork and you had better not say a damned thing about it. It was one of a few things we disagreed on. He never had so much respect for the Black Muslims as I did.  He didn't trust them, like I seemed to.Mr. Bill Hill was like a Dad to many people. You see, My Father and I never really got along much.  Clashing egos and some mental abuse that really didn't add up to a Hill of beans, was my excuse for allowing myself to stay on the wrong side of my real Dad for many, many years. Dad didn't make it easy, but Mr. Bill Hill made up for the rest of the Fatherhood I never had through my real Father, Mr. Charles S. Gibson of 49th Street in West Philadelphia.....

Mr. Bill Hill was a Father, grand Father and a Great Grand Father as well.  He would extend to me, an invitation to a Christmas Dinner at His family's HOUSE {The home of one of His daughter's in South {Philadelphia} that I will never forget.  There were plenty of children there and Mr. Bill Hill knew I loved children and would take care to act correctly around them because I was and am basically a good person.  Many other people never took the time to find this out about me, but Mr. Bill Hill knew this and cherished me more as a person because of this fact....

Once a junkie friend in His neighborhood left a child out in the cold one Winter's day. Mr.Bill Hill scooped the baby up and found a place for the child to stay--If I remember correctly it was a little Black child--a baby girl.  I drove around with Mr. Bill Hill and this little girl, she couldn't have been more than three years old, until we found a safe harbor for the child. He was NOT turning Her over to the department of Public Welfare or , GOD forbid, the police. Now that Mr. Bill Hill is gone I think about that cold day and that baby girl...  That female child could grow up to be another Rosa Parks, another Mehalya Jackson, another Maya Angelou, or another Barbara Jordan, or another Nona Hendrix, or another Mississippi God Damn or another Angela Davis,  or another Winnie Mandela or even another Betty Gains--now THAT would be something.... She would not have had that chance if the incomparable and heroic Mr. Bill Hill hadn't scooped this child up and saved yet another life. She was the cutest little baby girl with a pink hat on and a yellow snowsuit.  A lost neighborhood soul in distress who had turned to drugs and just given up... she just couldn't take it any more, but had left this sweet darling baby child behind to fend for Herself. Thank GOD there was someone there so save Her.

Someone there so save Her or Save Him--save us ALL.  That is what people like Mr. Bill Hill did in life. But there are no statues of Mr. Bill Hill foolishly placed outside the Municipal Services Building that some Philadelphias defy the police guard and pee on every chance they get, like there is of one Frank Rizzo, a Mr. Bill Hill nemesis. Mr. Bill Hill served as a role model for me to do similar things, but maybe I'll never measure up to Mr.Bill Hill and guess what, that is OK as Well....  I loved me some Mr. Bill Hill, but NOT in a sexual Way.  I loved Him for his spunk, His tenacity, His True Grit, His positive demeanor, His love of mankind and woman kind and transgendered kind as Well.  That's right--Mr. Bill Hill even loved the people who many so-called great people in our society would rather spit upon than hold close and love--He even loved the poor people like Himself--who weren't even mentioned during the whole Presidential election season of 2012; and even the transgendered people and the Gay people and the Lesbian people and the bisexual people who it has now become a bit more in Vogue to accept... Look back 20 years and you find more Anita Bryant attitudes getting their oranges off about gays and lesbians than you find acceptance.  Find the old Phil Donahue TV tapes and it will be proven true.   Mr. Bill Hill was in love with us all way back when Anita Bryant was throwing nasty spit ice sickles at us and throwing lighter fluid on the names that people would call us. Faggot. Dike. Queer. Hateful names spewing from the lips of hateful people--not ALL of them White...

Mr. Bill Hill would attend Gay and Lesbian and Transgendered and Bisexual Rights demonstrations Way, Way before it became cool to support Gay Marriage and Gay Rights in the eyes of the general public. He helped defeat Robert Bork from getting his sorry ass on the Supreme Court; he fought against South Africa's Apartheid system for about 20 to 25 years; he helped fight for a Free Haiti.  He enlisted as a communist and found even they could be racist.  Something He and my tapes on Richard Right helped inform me of years ago.  Mr. Bill Hill told me how the Communist Party used Him as a patsy--taking credit for what he did while Mr. Bill Hill would end up in jail--and never took His causes on totally until he met up with the Workers World Party and their people's political front at the time, the All People's Congress.

I met Mr. Bill Hill on a summer's day when I attended a demonstration against Racism--a People March Against Racism--that was held over the summer of Circa 1983 in Philadelphia.  A Lesbian woman named Betty Gains {or Smith} also joined us along with about 10,000 other people. Our All Peoples Congress march would wind around city streets chanting ``The People United Will Never Be defeated'' and several other chants and slogans as we turned the city literally upside down for a short time.  We stopped traffic, but were peaceful. The racism across North America and in other parts of the world and in Philadelphia was stinking to High Heaven and we were there to let our voices be heard.  Where are the protesters now? Where is occupy Philadelphia? They have been suppressed and usurped and driven underground with the proposed building of a $50 Million Dollar ice skating rink around City Hall.  A buy-out to take away God Given Constitutional rights if ever I saw one. {But then most people don't know that because of the Patriot Act and the Patriot Act II the right to assemble and for Free Speech have long been taken away in this so-called bastion of democracy we call North America.}

But Mr. Bill Hill's life was one to be celebrated, not one to get bitter and resentful about concerning political issues.  I have to say, I remember the sad occasion of His funeral was made more sad for me because the family--His Family--saw fit to allow the government--the military--to put a U.S. flag over his casket. {Bill was a veteran, but He spent His life fighting against militarism, war, bombings, military intervention and the like perpetrated by the U.S. against other countries}.  To me, this was a slap in the face--that flag over his casket. I doubt that Mr. Bill Hill would have wanted that because His life was spent fighting against the military and using high teak and low teak arms and armaments to fight for ``democracy'' when we don't even have it here, and for the peace we never reached while Mr. Hill was alive.  There was always some damned war to fight against. Viet Nam; Cambodia; Laos... and ALL the bombings. Iraq; Afghanistan; Haiti; Panama; Nicaragua and Cuba... They ALL experienced the fight against so-called terrorists, communism, foreign aggression and what ever else the racist and the war profiteers of doom decided to build a package of hate around. All the war mongers wanted was to make a political, social, media and economic justification for U.S. aggression.  Mr. Bill Hill stood against all that and He stood for steadfastly for peace, justice and real freedom.

He was against the death penalty and Pam and Ramona Africa were close and beloved friends of His. He stood with them for Mumia Abu Jamal's fight for freedom of a new trial. {Even I would only go as far as another trial for Mumia, like Amnesty International wants, because I think this is still one of the best Ways to expose what our government, the police and the district  attorney's office, the prosecutors and so forth were up to when they imprisoned Mumia--almost killing the Brother}... But Mr. Bill Hill said, what the heck, let's totally fight for freeing our Brother Mumia.

He wanted greater adherence for all the social justice agenda by our government at every level--the Supreme court, The Presidency, Congress, the Senate, the other courts and the entire war machine and the military/ industrial complex, and Mr. Bill Hill never lived to see a Black man, Barack Obama, elected President...      But it is and was Black men and Black women on the grass-roots level like Mr. Bill Hill, who died when he was some 80 years old, it was people like Mr. Bill Hill who made that Black Presidency possible. Mr. Bill Hill would put on a good pair of sneakers or some of those old beat-up sandals of His and he would actually lay the ground work for ALL the progress that has been made over the years. He did this like a gifted craftsman carving out His wooden African walking sticks or the colorful chicken necklaces He was famous for.

He fought with Tom Cronin for labor rights and with Rita Addessa for Gay and Lesbian Rights, but he also knew a little lady from Egypt named Fisa who He loved dearly. The struggle became international in scope in more people's minds because Fisa was also with us at the All People's Congress for several years.  I could have never, ever made my 1991 journey with the Ventreamous Brigade to Cuba without the ground work that Mr. Bill Hill Had done.  He gave me the courage to want to see what that island country was like along with a Mr. William Mena, a Puerto Rican Gay activist who helped me interpret Spanish in Cuba during that personal historic journey there.  Bill probably wanted to go, but I guess He couldn't afford the plane ticket.  You see, Mr. Bill Hill was one of the poor ones like I am myself am right now. Saying you are poor doesn't mean you will be poor forever.  We can work ourselves free from this mess.  But it takes time, work, endurance and patience and tenacity.  ALL the things Mr. Bill Hill was made of.  All the things He dedicated His life to.  All the things He instilled in His friends, His family and His comrades through the example He set for us.

When I turn on network t000000v and see all the police shows I realize how invisible the established order, the oligarchy and / or the ruling class would like to make people like Mr. Bill Hill and our labor leaders; and our Gay Rights leaders--represented in people like Act-Up members; and our Civil Rights leaders like Alphonso Deal, Georgie Woods, Nina Simmon and Roxanne Jones and Cecil B. Moore; and our other women activists like Harriet Tubman and Winnie Mandela {I actually met Ms. Winnie Mandela in South Africa}seem.  The former Ruling Class want to hold on to their sinking dollars and make us invisible. In place of their stories we get police show after police show after police show and the price is right and more monkey shire and stupidly like dancing with the stars.  We are lulled to sleep with the likes of David Letterman and we think we are free. We are made to think that this JUNK TV is OK and that the world is just fine without people like Attorney Miclael Coard who works with His group Avenging the Ancestors Coalition, or Pam and Ramona Africa who work with MOVE and The Friends and Family of Mumia Abu Jamal, or Brother Rob Gray and Sister Silvia Gray who gave years and years of their lives dedicated to building the community and respecting Black living ancestors through an agency called The African American Freedom and Reconstruction League.... And internationally Brother Minister Louis Farrakhan and His work with the Nation of Islam to build a backbone for Black men and Black women by arming them with the truth....These are our Freedom Warriors, our Heroes and Sheroes. There are literally hundreds or thousands of others as Well in different parts of the city, the country and the world who go temporarily unrecognized, but times are changing and the sheets and covers and masks are being pulled off every day to reveal the true beauty and vivid work of these people like Mr. Bill Hill.  But the TV keeps telling our people about old White Boy Jim Bob on that TV news--a White man who gives the news and weather and looks just like the other White man on the other TV stations. Or we are able to dream of joining the military {and letting our children join the military} and come back from war in Afghanistan with an arm or a leg blown off--if we are lucky. But don't ask for your right and proper benefits, because they won't be coming unless we fight for them... That is what Mr. Bill Hill did, he fought for the benefits and the rights.  More young people MUST take up this banner and real soon, or I don't want to think where we will be very, very soon. Start editing PRocess here...

Where are the stories about people Mr. Bill Hill and I? They are not even on the cutting room floor.  They are like Ralph Ellison's book ``Invisible Man'' just not there, in the eyes of the established order.  We can't find funds for Paul Robeson's House being reconstructed, modified and open for regular hours with rich and fulfilling programs, seminars and workshops and classes about Paul Robeson--an All American football hero, a noted actor, thespian and movie star, a political activist and a writer and singer and an expert public speaker, but we can build a multi-million dollar ice rink around City Hall; and we can build a New {and ominous-looking} multi-million dollar Youth Study Center at 48th and Haverford Avenue in West Philadelphia which could be used to lock up and examine and pick and prod at our young men, and young women and young transgendered people--if we let them, but let's NOT let them.  And, at the same time, we can't find jobs for our youth.  And when I talk about Jannie Blackwell as the female dog that she is and I talk about Darrell Clark as the Dog that he is I get this blank unforgiving and questioning stair that people just don't understand. Clark and Blackwell have made this mess along with the so-called Mayor, and they want us to live in Hell and act like it is some sort of dignified privilege to be a poor Black person about to be jacked up and moved out of Philadelphia through a process called gentrification.  Another issue that Mr. Bill Hill fought against and exposed through part of His life's work.

His life was a life worth living. He loved Black people and Gay people and Poor people and people who fought against injustice like the mother of Amado Dialo and Martin Luther King Jr., and Malcolm X and Fanny Lou Hamer.  But such people are rarely ever made into movie history like so many police shows that find their way onto the airways. So many, many useless police show that aggrandize the police and help keep the people in check through intellectual fear and intimidation and an underhanded, undercurrent of ``law abiding citizenship and adherence to laws'' that have just about been totally corroded by our government at all levels--including By the PResident of the United States who signed the Patriot Act II himself

As I was sitting here writing this, I decided to take on yet another task to go along with the seemingly hundreds of things I'm doing {even though I have tried to boil the things I'm working on down to three things, I always want to do more because there is so much to do and so few of us doing this work, or so it seems to me at times}. I am going to demand and work towards a special day being commemorated and set aside by the Mayor and City Council of Philadelphia for Mr. Bill Hill in honor of Him and His work.  Let's see if we can do something besides honor the Philadelphia Symphony, the hoagie and those nasty hard, cold, nutritionally worthless mustard pretzels in this damned city.

Copyright warnings and infringements from ``It's Your Biz,'' By Susan Wilson Solovic, with Ellen R. Kadin and a forward by Edie Weiner. Page 150...

``Because I write many columns and blog posts for a variety of companies and media organizations, I use search-engine tools to alert me if anyone is picking up and using my material. Some people have literally copied my writing and presented it as their own, even though this is an obvious copyright infringement. There are both civil and criminal penalties for copyright violations, and the severity of the penalties depends on the situation.''

Wealth of Talent...

There Is A Wealth of Talent In Our Family Roots…..

By Brother Tracy Gibson...

We are ONE!! No matter what, we as Black people are one people—one family!! We have a million different blood lines and dialects and we hale from a million different places, but we are one because we have a similar heritage, we have suffered similarly and many other people, including ourselves, have lied about our great traditions, courage and our achievements.

We need unity. How is it built? It is build by forgiving and becoming more forgiving of each other. It is built by loving our brothers and sisters and remembering what they have been through. Not that they just had a bad day, or week, but that we have had the whammy put on us for decades, centuries and generations and we need to pull together to make it through this as decent and loving human beings. There are people of many other hues and ethnic groups who would help us, but it is not like helping our own. Give your cousin the thousand dollars he has been asking for. If you are scared he will abscond with the funds and he is claiming he will be foreclosed on ask for the address and phone number of the mortgage company and send it in directly. That’s what I did. I feel better knowing my cousin is not on the streets and that maybe one day he will repay me with a simple prayer or a kind note. I may have to scrounge up the money to live on, but that is OK. That is GOD working through me like he does and will continue to work through you. We have to help each other through these rough times. And there are more rough times ahead. With wars on two fronts at a cost of $80 Billion Dollars every six months, and people starving on our own streets, we have to stick together on as many issues and in as many ways as possible.

Sometimes we can try to convince each other of things until we are bluer in the face. Does that get us anywhere? Let’s take time to listen to one another and heal those old wounds that have continued to cause us distress and consternation. Listen to the small voices among us also. Our children are hurting, confused and manipulated for profit. They have to be talked to like human beings, not like yesterday’s left over trash. I have heard you in the supermarket, Black women, talking to your children like you wish you would have never had them. Take heed that GOD will sometimes take them away from you if you can’t treat them right, make sure they get proper food and exercise, vitamins, educations, tutoring and motivation. They need time to be children also. To just be kids and have fun. They need to be prodded and made to be more excited about school also. School can be fun. I hade a biology teacher, a Jewish Man named Mr. Isenberg. He was one of the greatest teachers that ever lived because he made you excited about entering his class. It is because of him that I easily passed biology when I went on to college. And I had a Mrs. Carter who made me take school seriously as my home room teacher in High School in West Philadelphia University City High School (UCSH). She was the grace and the gravy for my daily educational meal while in High School. Mrs. Carter was a Black woman who we all loved and she respected because she took the teaching profession as seriously as any great teacher would. I will never forget her for what she did for me and my fellow home room at UCHS.

We have so many heroes to look up to. But besides the great ones, there are heroes right in our neighborhoods who need to be treated with respect, grace and dignity. There are people we don’t know of who have take on the burden of dedicating their lives to Black people—their issues, concerns, their political liberation and their ridding themselves of mis-eduction and foolishness. Turn off the TV and find a Black person to hug. Thank them for being in your life and thank them for not being one of the Brother and Sisters in Jail right now. . . There are over a million Black men in jail in the U.S. a and thousands of Sisters in the prison system. This puts families through horrendous turmoil, pain and strife, yet more and more of our young people fall for the hocus-pocus of believing you can get away with crime and end up in the prison system. The media, especially TV programming and TV producers, writers and directors are schizophrenic about crime in America. On the one hand it is highlighted as glamorous and doable while on the other hand they show people doin time and getting caught through a host of complex technical devices such as DNA testing, detailed investigations and our community ratting us out. I adhere to the ladder view that if you do the crime, they will eventually find out. Especially if it is a big crime such as murder or theft—they will eventually catch you...
Our system of government and business has not left many jobs out there for Black men who do not want to go to college or take on something technical. Being a plumber or a tradesman doesn’t guarantee a job now-a-days because you may never get into the racist union system if you do finish school and the journeyman system. That is why it is so important to have hope and faith in God and y our fellow Brothers and Sisters. Forgive when you know you want revenge, but don’t be taken advantage of or hurt repeatedly by the same person or people. Let the world know you are for real, not matter what you look like or who you have to answer to. Be the best you can be at whatever you do. Martin Luther King, Jr. said if you are a trash man, be the best one you can be. I have taken this to heart and I always push myself to do better. I ain’t easy, but you will see opportunities come to you and doors open. Let people know what your talents are and always be working on improving your talent base. And read, read, read!! For over a hundred and fifty years it was illegal to teach a Black man or woman to read. No wonder we are so far behind in some aspects. And read Black books. Read about what the lies are they have told about us and discover what our true value is to the planet and our fellow human being. And discover what we are worth to each other. Know that when you shoot or beat or rape someone you take nature out of context and turn it on its’ head. You blow a hole in humanity when you take and kill or hurt someone who it took GOD several thousand years and generations of human and genetic development to place on this earth. Don’t waste a human life, ever. Not yours or someone else’s. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to be kind and thoughtful to another Black person. This is where the healing and UNITY starts—right there behind the person reading this book—with you.

Copyright warnings and infringements from ``It's Your Biz,'' By Susan Wilson Solovic, with Ellen R. Kadin and a forward by Edie Weiner. Page 150...

``Because I write many columns and blog posts for a variety of companies and media organizations, I use search-engine tools to alert me if anyone is picking up and using my material. Some people have literally copied my writing and presented it as their own, even though this is an obvious copyright infringement. There are both civil and criminal penalties for copyright violations, and the severity of the penalties depends on the situation.''

Sunday, December 23, 2012

About Dining with the Homeless.....

A funny thing happened on my Way to Dinner with my Homeless Friends... I discovered who I am and my own values through the way my so-called friends treated ME. One of my friends told me that Homeless People were OK, but that some of them were ``NASTY.''  That one word cut me worse than a surgeon's knife--deep and long--like the scar on my chest and upper stomach left from a liver biopsy. [Thank GOD it was be-nine] I will carry that scar for the rest of my life, just like I will carry the scar from that one word ``NASTY'--the rest of my life...

I carry the word NASTY for several reasons. I carry it because that is similar to what my Mother said about me when she discovered I was a homosexual.  ``Why do you defile your body so?'' she asked me. She might as well have said,  ``How can you do those NASTY things with other men?'' This cut me to the quick. I was only in my early 20's when she said this, but I knew I had been irrevocably hurt by those words. They especially hurt because they came from my own flesh and blood--my Mother, who I loved dearly and holistically since I was able to first breath GOD's fresh air.  They hurt even more because it was always My Mother who protected me and guarded me against the harsh words of My Father. [I have forgiven Him as totally as I can]. It was like a mutiny on the bounty.  It was like pain a thousand times worse than being slapped directly in the face by someone you love dearly--and for seemingly NO GOOD REASON....... I couldn't deceiver a good reason from what I had heard because being a homosexual was all I knew after unsuccessfully chasing girls around in High School and taking a bath up-stream in De-Nial for a few short months.

Yes. Maybe I was and am too sensitive.  Maybe I need to get over it. And I have tried and I work at healing everyday, but We live in a society that hurts to the quick again and again and again in a thousand ways.  We have to be more receptive to the LOVe we find in our hearts and in the hearts of others.  We have to allow others to come to us with the pain WE have caused them and ask for their forgiveness as Well. I am sure the Brother who told me that word ``NASTY'' was not trying to hurt MY feelings, but when you sit and eat and dine with certain people, just about any people, you begin to understand their pain.  That is why the Whites kept the luncheonettes ALL White during the early days of the Civil Rights struggles; that is Why the Whites during Apartheid in South Africa kept Blacks away from their all-White establishments.  When you share space with the ones you hate you get to see them up close and personal and if you have ANY humanity in you,--and if they have ANY humanity in them--you begin to understand and feel and even like or  LOVe. Close proximity is something that can begin to heal wounds. That is if you have ANY humanity in you at all.

Then again, there are some people who are just hateful, but GOD will have HIS way with them as Well, before this crazy experiment called life on earth is through.

I have eaten with these people, my Homeless Brothers and Sisters, about SEVEN times.  I learned something each time. First, Me. Being the bossy type, I would do the whole feeding the Homeless thing a lot differently than they do it where I go for food.  I would always ask for at least a few cents from them so they could feel a part of the process--not just feel that something was being given to them.  Psychologists have proven that people feel more incorporated into what is going on if they are giving something to whatever process they are taking part in.  Yet this simple fact gets away from the good-hearted people who prepair the food and serve the food to the Homeless People at Arch Street United Methodist Church.  If Homeless People are asked for a simple penny they will feel part of the process.  Such money, although it may be low in quantity, is worth more ethically--get that--ethically--than a Millionaire's Dollars from a rich man or rich woman because it comes from the heart and is probably treasured more as it is harder to come by. [There is something about an old woman in the Bible who gave Her last money to either Jesus or the Church and was blessed.] I am sure there must be a Bible quote about the money of the poor somewhere in the King James Version.

When the poor begin to  understand, as some, many have already, that the further they put their hands out for food and a hand out, the more the Oligarchy puts their hands into the poor person's pockets to take away whatever financial and economic blessings they have--the more poor people realize this the better off they become instantly.  When they are asked to be a part of their own economic support system, the quicker they, the poor as a community of People, will be able to face the future as proud, courageous People ready to learn how to take their futures into their own hands--not as hoards of victims unable to bend, form and mold their own destinies.        

At last Blush, when I ate with the Homeless this time the food was a bit better.  It didn't seem to be something that ws just thrown together.  The people who serve the food are ultimately almost always White, but the Homeless are largly Black.  There are increasing numbers of Whites as well. But what really gets me is the children of the Homeless.  The little boys and girls who are under 12, some as young as five and six, who are in a matrix, a storm of poverty that is NOT their making.  They make me wonder how on Earth are they getting schooling?  Where is their next meal coming from? What about the meal after that? ANd there are thousands of such children. Even with the food stamp program that the Republicans want to cut. Even with the Medicare Cuts coming along as the Wall Street and Madison Avenue Exeuctives take home million dollar bonuses.  Where is the fairness? Where is the humanity? Where is GOD in this church that gives food, but gives few solutions as to how to grow from poverty.  The poor little faces. The poor little hands. GOD please help them, or give me something to help them.  I'll get some people together and help them if you help me GOD!!!

The dinner on Sunday March 17th at 6:30 P.M. was chicken in gravy with those fake mashed white mashed potatoes and string beans. The string beans were not canned.  This was a good thing. and there was even a little salad. and there was enough for people to ahve seconds.  This was good because some Homeless People don't know when or where their next meal is coming from.    There is a Sistah named Sicarie Rhodes in Philadelphia who has helped feed Homeless People for almost Her entire Adult life. There are other activists; Black; White; Latin; Gay; Straight; Transgendered; Jewish; Christian; Muslim and Orthodox--that help Homeless People.  I just have a shortage of food and have to eat there.  I write about it as a learning process for me and I share the stories with Others. It is a reality that some people might never know, but it is a reality that many of shouldn't ever et to know.  But the story of the Untouchables in East India is much, much worse.  I carry their story with me each and every day as well because I promised some East Indians I would write about them when I was in South Africa for the Conference Against Racism in 2001. I never wrote the article, but their story is also in me and karkins for a word or two, so I am letting them know I have not forgotten them as well. I will have to do research abut the untouchables because I can't go to India and see them and be with them. Research it is... 

rejection letter from the Potter's House

a typical letter of rejection from the Potter's House dated december 13th, 2012...

{I had sent Bishop Jakes several letters and other documents about business ideas I had that would have helped several hundred people financially...}

Bishop T.D. Jakes

Tracy Gibson
213 South XX Street
Philadelphia, PA xxxxx - xxxx

Greetings Mr. Gibson.

This letter is sent to acknowledge receipt of the letter you submitted to Bishop Jakes.

On behalf of Bishop T.D. Jakes, it is with deep regret that we would be unable to offer
assistance at this time. Please know that we commit to you our prayers for the work you do for the Kingdom and pray that the Lord will continue to open doors of opportunity
to allow you to maximize all that He has obtained for YOU.

May the Lord Bless and keep YOU.

The Executive Office of
Bishop T.D. Jakes, Sr.

*Material will not be returned unless a self addressed postage paid envelope is enclosed.

6777 West Kiest Boulevard * Dallas * Texas * 75236


My Comments:

{That's NICE Bishop Jakes, I know you must get hundreds of letters a day, But When do I get the money Blessings, so I can share them with My Church Friends, My Pastors, My companions, other friends and family members?...}

Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Getting Un-Stuck and Moving Forward Production...

A Getting Un-Stuck and Moving Forward Production.....

I was fortunate enough to get my credit rating increased by 200 points over the last seven months. I had to take the initiative and work at it. If you want to get un-stuck I need you to do a few things. Prioritize getting your credit rating up because a low credit score is at the root of many of our financial problems as Black and ``so-called'' oppressed people. There are steps you can take and I am listing some of them for you here:

1} Start off the New Year by refusing to stay stuck. Call my friend Aline Wechsler at Consumer Information Bureau and allow her to help you get into a program to get your credit score for free and follow her program to get your Credit Score up for the New Year. You will find it easier to buy a house; buy a car; finance investment property; get a personal or business loan and any multitude of other advantages will come along much easier also. There is a cost for Aline's services, but that is well worth the expense. She can be reached at: 1.800. 535.12.55 at extension 6870 / or call her direct at 1.954.623.68.70. {Call during regular business hurs or later until 8 P.M. or call on saturday from 12 noon to 7 P.M.

2} Two young Brothers held a book signing at Giovanni's Room at 11th and Pine, on Saturday night, December 22nd, 2012 to discuss their New Book; ``Don't Just Dream About it... Wake Up! Awaken Your Inner and Outer New World...'' By Darien K. Marshall and Darius L. Jones. I Highly Recommend this book and plan to get a copy myself. Even I am still stuck and want to move forward also.... more directly and on due course...

3} ALSO: Get a copy of: ``The Money Class,'' by Suze Orman... I have read most of this book and it will change your ideas about money and how we look at money as consumers instead of people who are serious about holding onto money; saving it; having it in the future; and being ``well off'' enough to be comfortable.... An excellent book....

4} Join the Black Millionaire's Network. [The BMN] Call me and I will tell you more about that. Membership is free until March 1, 2013.... I will tell you how to join and what some of the benefits are. Memberships are FREE until March 1, 2013. Look for information at church {Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia} and please read below about the BMN about how to reach me if you lose this e-mail. Phone: 1.215.471.64.94. E-Mail: BlockBoi75@yahoo.Com.

5} pick up a copy of: ``The Life You Want: Get Motivated, Lose Weight, and Be Happy,'' by Bob Greene, who was a coach for Oprah. This is another life-changing book about diet, food, exercise, addiction and getting on with the healing process for yourself, your friends and your family.

6} Pick up a copy of the thinner Oprah magazine for January 2013.... It is time for a Big Change and you don't have to believe me to know that. Oprah Magazine Writer Martha Beck is writing about it.


``May We Help You,''

``Imagine the Choices

You'd make if you had no fear--of failing, of losing, of being alone, of disapproval,''

I strongly suggest everyone read this article as soon as possible. It is on Page 43 through 44 and on page 49.

of the Oprah Magazine for January 2013.


Also, Brothers and Sisters, and my Transgendered friends, We want you to read about sugar from an expert in Oprah Magazine. You don't have to take My word for it. Read pages 81 through 83 all about sugar. It is in the January 2013 issue of Oprah Magazine.... An article by Stephanie Schomer gives what some Doctors think about sugar, how to avoid it, and what the really bad effects are and can be.....

``The Sweet Low Down,'' gives you the REAL sweet Science on SUGAR....


``The Garden Variety'' by Katie Arnold-Ratliff with Photography by Marcus Nilsson

describes a number of really great recipes that are vegetarian... including ``RED Cabbage with Feta and Mint'' and ``Cali-flower Cake''

Don't miss this exciting issue and don't forget to subscribe to Oprah Magazine. It is getting rather thin and even she needs our help and support.

Brother Tracy Gibson...


As usual, don't forget to read what Doctor OZ has to say about health in his column as well...

Post Script: By the Way Oprah was just thrilled by one of my writing colleagues, Sister Ayana Mathis' new book ``The Twelve Tribes of Hattie,'' It is reviewed by Oprah Herself.... She was deeply touched by this novel and very moved. The book isn't even in bookstores as yet. It is about 12 different character's life stories and how their stories interplay with the movement of Blacks from the South to the North in the 1920's and 1930's. {There is even one section on a character named Philadelphia.}

Get the Book. I plan to because I know I will enjoy it. You will to.


Brother Tracy Gibson.....

Leading Member of

The Black Millionaire's Network

Post Office Box 42878

Philadelphia, PA 19101

for blog access click here:

Note: The Black Millionaire's Network is NOT a group of millionaires, but a group of ordinary, extraordinary people, mostly Black, who want to move ahead with their financial plans by being more thrifty, financially responsible, buying viable Progressive stocks, spending money with stores that are either Black owned or that have the best interests of the Black community at heart, saving money for positive use in the future, improving their credit ratings, sending our young LOVed ones to college or technical school, and preparing to go into entrepreneurship as effectively as possible, with the proper financing, to bring on a day of Bright Hope for ourselves and our community.

a studio / community film project.....

Dear Disney Studios; MGM; Lion's Gate Studios; Paramount Pictures;Dream Works Pictures; Sony Pictures; The Black Film Project as Well as Others:

An Open Letter of a Personal Nature.....

Also: to any other studio that has the heart to listen...

This is a matter that impacts on the Black and Latin and other People of Colour Communities across the country and also poor, disabled and disenfranchised people of all and every race trying to make a buck in our Nation...

As you know, there are a great many movie kiosk now located in people of color communities. Instead of them, why not get some money into the needy hands of Black, Latin and poor people egar to make some money in an honest fashion.   There is also a great deal of piracy of major North American films in these areas as Well.  I was sitting and thinking one day and I came up with the idea of the Major North American studios presenting a program for the country where anyone could sell major north American films to the public and make a few cents off of each copy of each film sold.  {About $1.50 [a dollar fifty cents] from each DVD sold sounds reasonable to me}...  This sounds perfectly legitimate to me because the studios could set up the program{s} and it would mean greater sales of legitimate main stream movies AND more money in the pockets of inner city and suburban people [especially youths] as well as other people from across the country. These would not be pirated films, but films sold through a program that the studios themselves set up. The studios would set up the amount of money they wanted to pay each Community Studio Representative for the sale of the movies.  

This program would have two very much desired positive effects. 1} There would be a lot less criminalization of Black and Latin men who generally sell these films [pirated versions] in inner city areas {I am guessing that poor White men sell them in suburban areas as Well and are equally criminalized...} They would have a legitimate job and would not be such a nusense to the police and other city officials like they are for sure in the WEST Philadelphia area where I reside, for example, right now. 2} The program would cut back on the amount of money the studios are losing from piracy--which by some estimations is quite an elephant-like sum of money, I am told. 

All I'm asking is that you allow me to promote my financial-soundness program through the Black Millionaire's Network along with the promotion of the films you will be providing.  This is not a marketing trick or a ploy. It is a legitimate attempt to get fuller employment in our inner city and suburban areas [especially for Black and Latin youth and such young adults]; and an attempt to stop some of the graft and corruption that takes place in our Nation everyday {I am talking about the piracy here.}.  I made this offer to many studios before and I never received a legitimate response or any response at all--to my knowledge..... I would like a response now.  I am sure we can work together on this project / program in a positive, proasctive  Way that will bring a great positive result to all involved including the studios, the Community Studio Representatives and the so-called oppressed communities as Well....  Thank you for your consideration and your positive thoughts.

LOVe, Peace and Blessings over the Holiday Season To You and Your Family,

Brother Tracy Gibson
Visionary --Businessman-- Fund Raiser

Contact me through:
The Black Millionaire's Network
Post Office Box 42878
Philadelphia, PA 19101


Post Script: This whole process could work for legitimate CD's as Well...

Copyright warnings and infringements from ``It's Your Biz,'' By Susan Wilson Solovic, with Ellen R. Kadin and a forward by Edie Weiner. Page 150...

``Because I write many columns and blog posts for a variety of companies and media organizations, I use search-engine tools to alert me if anyone is picking up and using my material. Some people have literally copied my writing and presented it as their own, even though this is an obvious copyright infringement. There are both civil and criminal penalties for copyright violations, and the severity of the penalties depends on the situation.''

Friday, December 21, 2012

opportunity knocks {Please send me one U.S. dollar after you read this....

opportunity.  knocks. I am a very gifted, well mannered and healing Spirit. A Black Radical thinker and Black Visionary who is in business.  I need people around me who want to go into international marketing and international business in a BIG WAY!! I have to be honest with you, if you are about finding new markets AND returning a large percentage of the profits back to starving AND disenfranchised communities THEN you DO want to call me.  If you are after helping more than exploiting then I DO want YOU to call me.  By the way--I am a very radical thinker and a homosexual.  I am 56 years old, but I have ground-breaking ideas, but a slim wallet. I have been riped off repeatedly, but I am learning. First of all THIS IS NOT A GAME as they tell you in business school.  ALSO: when they say don't mix business with pleasure--they are fools. Just Down Right Foolish!!! This is MY curriculum!! It is gained from the school of Hard Knocks and from learning the Hard Way.  I want people who have MBA's in business as well as street people and Homeless People and Uneducated People. AND everybody in between with or without BA's and BS's as far as degrees and qualifications are concerned!!! If you are in Community College, that is fine. I don't need a hand out, but a hand up!!! I have been doing this take-off-flight for some time now. About 15 years. People have run over me and taken what I have to offer, but they soon find out that GOD brings them right back for a secret hearing on copyright infringement, intellectual property rights and the general lack of good principals and virtue that exist in the business world. I am here to change that all around and bring forth better values, more ethical behavior and less greed, ruthlessness, nastiness, back-biting, competition and hatred in business and in the world generally.... I am willing to work with other businesses, but they must understand my value system and NOT be threatened by this.  The status quo is very much interested in stopping me. [They Will soon learn that the REAL threat is NOT to listen]. That is on My part as Well. I have a network of friends across the country [About 170 people, just about ALL Black people] who I am exciting and helping make money for.  I have a few components in place to help them, but I could use an infusion of cash, and ideas with no questions asked and no strings attatched....... I do NOT represent any kind of cash or financial rip off, game, slimy people, negativity, greedy scams, fast-cash-making schemes, terrorists or other such foolishness. I am a highly ethical, and a strongly Spiritual person [A Polytheist], with a strong Christian root and background... I DO NOT WANT TO destroy North America and the North American Corporate concept completely, but right now North America and its' businesses are ``on the table'' losing life force very quickly. I am here to do radical surgery. There are others who want the patient to die, but I think there is still time to change things massively and bring about fresh, new life, as a woman giving birth does.  My qualifications are not a physicians degree, but over 35 years as a community activist and a person who wants real equality and to see formerly oppressed people get adequite funds to not only survive, but to thrive and thrive Well... I don't need another person who wants to rip me off--you have to take a ticket and get into the back of the line to do that--rip me off that is--and it only leads to disfavor with GOD... Considering some of the things SHE is doing right now, I don't think you want that... If you want to work to move people ahead and forward, no matter what your ethnic background, sexuality or gender or gender identity or religion is, and no matter what your age is, you have found the right place... If you e-mail me at: BLockBoi75@Yahoo.Com
or call me at 1.215.471.6494 I will send you a resume and the three things I am working hardest on right now. I am sending a resume because it is only one page long. If they told you a resume needs be only one page don't listen to that. A resume needs to be as long as YOU think it needs to be to fully tell who you are, what your goals are and what you are looking for in life.  If a resume doesn't tell you that it is worthless. ANY employer who only wants a slight sketch of you on a resume to hire you is also a fool. I want to hear from you.  I have, apparently, helped find jobs for people unintentionally as they fall all over themselves [and each other] thinking there are great financial advantages to ripping me off--this is NOT true...   My competition--and I really DON'T have any such thing as competition--REALLY, needs to understand that I need people to finance me and work for me and or WITH me. I say I don't have ANY competition because there are people doing similar things as I am doing, but we are NOT in competion. We are ALL working for good in God's Eye's. THey are most likely working with and through a not-for-profit company. I did that for a while, but find the profit mode much more to my liking because I want to and am hiring people and that is a great thing.   Believe me I have run an office before even though I am disabled with a mental health background [I'm manic depressive, but I've been very, very stable for the last 15 years]... NOW do you get that kind of honesty from the general business community and the general businessman? I don't think so... I want to hear from you. If you are just a man or woman or transgendered person who wants to hang out and learn from me, I hope you will call me as Well. Because I will learn from you as Well....  I LOVe PEOPLE!!! What are your dreams, your expectations, your asperations and your goals--WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO MOST IN LIFE, WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT AT NIGHT AND AS SOON AS YOU WAKE UP IN THE MORNING? I am not interested in  how you want to exploit people, but how you want to help man kind, woman kind and Transgendered kind--Gay, Straight, multi-ethnic, multi-religious, non-religious ALL of humanity including all races, creeds, colors and what have you..... OH, and by the way, that INCLUDES women.  If you want to keep women in the back seat with Gay people and Black people and Latin people and other disenfranchised groups of people I don't know how you got this ad, but you need to throw it away and move on to something else. Everyubody takes a Front Seat on this bus--at least ethically speaking...  My name is Brother Tracy Gibson.  Please contact me as soon as you can. I look forward to hearing from you very, very soon... peace be with you... Send me a resume and I'll send you mine... BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

the For Real For Real Republicans.....

For Real, For Real Republicans....

By Brother Tracy Gibson

Many people think they know the Republican Party. That is just those guys and gals who basically want things to remain the same and NOT change much. No matter if most North Americans are being shocked by the system that is supposed to be serving them, they just want things to basically stay the same. They also are a Big Help to Big Business as opposed to the Little Guy and the Unions and People of Colour and or Non-Whites and the disadvantaged, disabled, the middle income or poor. By the Way folks, that is MOST of us!!! Well, that is by no means all that the Republicans are all about.
The Republicans have traditionally had ties to some of the worst racists in the country. These people don't only want things to stay basically the same; they also want to hold us back as Black people, Latin people, The poor, and the struggling. They hold out hope and opportunity, but instead of really offering us such things, they slap our hands and take our money, stomp on our Civil Rights and Our Civil Liberties and laugh at us as they roll all the way to the bank... And I mean REALLY ROLL to the Bank--usually with Billions in tow, not just millions..... And it is usually OUR money!!! And we are suppose to sit still and say nothing..... {This is why we really need the Democratic politicians, Independent leaders, community leaders, community activists and Progressive and independent thinkers to speak up and stand up. The Republicans have very little honesty, dignity, sanity and humanity when it comes to how they treat human beings through the policies they create and promote.......

But my contention is that the Republican Party is much worse than even that. They are a harbinger for dirty dealings business wise; they have close ties with Mafia people and Mafia interests; they are financial manipulators with their eyes set on economic World Domination and International exploitation; they want to be in every body's bedroom, most notably recently, the Gay and Lesbian and Transgendered community {and let's NOT forget that we have about a 10 % population of Gays, Lesbians and Transgendered People right within Our Community of Black People}. They also want to STOP COLD a woman in retaining and acting on her right to have a safe, legal and relatively inexpensive abortion {There they go in the bedroom again!!!}. They are also manipulators with their eyes set on taking and maintaining power for the White so-called Majority in North America with power grabbing and money grubbing being at the core of their international financial, business and industry connections, dictates and policies. But what I want to talk about with the Republicans today is the FACT that I don't even consider them a legitimate Political Party at all. Racism, White Supremacy, and bold, shameless, ruthless Capitalism--at any cost and at the risk of hurting and trampling on human rights and the environment--that is their goal. They are also getting a taste for even Natsi-styled fascism at the core of their ideology and what they have planned for the populace in the United States if they take over more power and re-take the Executive Branch in 2012....{Thank GOD That Didn't happen...}... If you deny this you are denying the truth and you are denying reality. Now I don't have anything against Capitalism. I, myself are a Capitalist. But I am against exploitation of the masses. I want to start companies that share the wealth; that have only $100,000.00 as a top salary for top executives; that pays a living wage--not just minimum wage; and that has generous health care benefits and generous 401K's and retirement benefits. We want factories in the United States so we can help put workers BACK TO WORK and we want to hire plenty of the hard core unemployed--the homeless, the disabled, women, people of colour or Non-Whites, the elderly, displaced workers, veterans {both disabled and able-bodied}, members of the Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered Community and youth, especially Black and Latin Youth--ALL at a living wage--not just a fair or minimum wage. This, to me, is really what America is ALL about {THIS IS TRUE PATRIOTISM!!!}--helping others and helping everybody make money--not just the top 10 %... Who said you have to be ruthless and Right Wing to be a Capitalist? There are plenty of examples of people going into business to help the less fortunate, provide jobs and provide generous social services and support for NGO's and Non-Profits, not just people out to line their pockets and worry about the Bottom Line. Such corporations as Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream {Under their original ownership}, Southwest Airlines, Google and Virgin Airlines, for example, have pretty good records of treating employees well and providing fair job opportunities for a diverse group of people and also taking on some of the social agenda I spoke of earlier. I Also think and feel that MSNBC on Cable is doing a better job than even BET at carrying forward a positive and fair social agenda with their news coverage. They may be a bit left, but they also try to interview Republicans. Mellisa Perry, a new Black woman TV host, has them on all the time, but she usually wipes their ideas up with jelly bread because their arguments, when taken on the whole, are so weak. But let's be honest, do you actually think that following a social agenda that empowers the poor and levels the playing field is what the general corporate structure, with the FULL backing and blessings and protection from the Republican Party, want to do? I can guarantee you that helping the poor and creating fairness has nothing to do with the kind of super exploitation that the wealthy like the Bunker Hunts, the Mellon’s, the Rockefeller's’ and the Koch Brothers have in mind when they are starting businesses or when they are taking over businesses that their parents left them. No!! They are talking about going overseas and hiring cheap labor and migrant workers at pennies a day and making super profits. I'm looking at the factories that are owned by companies like NIKE; Coca Cola; Exxon; BP; Haliburton; Kellogg’s; Wal-mart; McDonald's; Boeing; McDonald Douglas; and so many more. They are hiring people in East India; Africa; China; Indonesia; The Philippines; South Korea and South America at pennies a day and making super profits as part of this dastardly process. And they are doing this under laws made very workable and easy by the Republican Party. This Dastardly process ends up throwing Black, White, Latin, disabled, Gay and Lesbian and Transgendered, older workers and women and Labor Union Members out of work and on to the unemployment rolls, the welfare rolls and the homeless shelters and soup kitchens. {This is literally throwing people away--on the Ash heap of society--or so the Republicans think. But many, if not most of these same people [who are being thrown away]also vote}... Joining the Republican Party or voting Republican will NOT stop this process or bring us the legitimate Freedom and Salvation we so richly deserve as oppressed workers and Black people. It will only serve to encourage them, the Republicans, to keep up what they are doing to stop real, authentic, and legitimate and righteous Progress from taking place.... This is why we have to do much, much more than vote now and it will NOT be easy. We have to start facing this new reality--it is actually a reality that can be traced back to the early 1960's and the Viet Nam War, because you see, the wars of aggression that we fight as a Nation and which take the very lives of our valued and treasured young people, are also part and parcel of this dastardly process. We usually fight wars to lay the ground work and do advance work for economic intervention, social oppression overseas and financial and corporate exploitation.

But I digress. What I wanted to talk about is racism, White Supremacy and the Republican Party. This gets me back to that subject. The Republicans are closely associated with the South and this has been where they traditionally get most of their votes. Now the Old South has changed a bit, I will admit, but basically things are still based on race, racial prejudice, racism and the fact that we have to still fight tooth and nail to find a decent job or start a legitimate businesses and or get such a business funded properly. {These things are also a problem in the North, but a little less so normally, but with the economy in a shambles the way it is right now, it is also a problem here in the North.} It is not an easy thing to achieve any of these options if you are a legitimate Black businessman, legitimate Black businesswoman or a legitimate person of any race or sexual persuasion or sex or income level seeking employment or who has a disability or is older. There have been books written about the Republican Party's attachment to the KKK and the Old South mentality of segregation and racism. {Read here in a few weeks and I will list some of these books. Meanwhile Google the Republican Party and Racism and see what comes up.} The racism in the Republican Party shows through at EVERY National Election for President and Vice President of the United States... When George Bush Senior ran for President his Black whipping Boy was Willie Horton, a Black inmate who had been found guilty of rape who was let out of jail and went on to commit other crimes. Commercials of him were used time and time again at nausea and Willie Horton ended up getting George Bush Senior in office after he served as Vice President for Ronald Reagan. George Bush Senior went on to later nominate Clarence Thomas, a Black person, to the Supreme Court. Thomas is the gift that keeps on giving to the Black Community {and I mean that sarcastically}. He has been one of the worse Supreme Court Justices since the founding of the Court--always ruling AGAINST the interests of Black people in cases that, for example, involve labor rights, affirmative action and the rights of Black, Latin People and women, as well as Lesbians, Transgendered People and Gays. Bush Senior, a former Head of the CIA, has done about a thousand dastardly and wicked things that go against the interests of Black people and as far as I'm concerned, that qualifies him as a racist, a hater of Black people and someone who should have never been President in the first place. That should and MUST be part of the criteria for being let out of contention for serious consideration as President of the United States--Are You a Pro-White Racist?? We know no-body who is really pro-Black will most likely never get elected, unless He is able to keep that under cover or do things behind the scenes. Our current President doesn't seem Hell-Bent on helping Black people. {This is just my own opinion...} I see some posturing and hear a lot of rumors, but I don't see the help coming and there is a multitude of Black people in need...}

I don't know if you follow some of my other writings, but I actually was for one of the gentlemen running for President in 2012 for the Republican Nomination. I felt that John Huntsman would have brought a new chance for our country to breathe a fresh breath of air and get a new start. He served as Ambassador to China for the Present Administration and showed a keen sense of fairness in some of the decisions he had made in the past and in some of the ideas he had for the future. {For example, he was showing a very real sense of fairness in how he planned to deal with the economy and unemployment}... He also wanted to cut the Defense budget, end the wars early and reinvest in North America while drastically lowering unemployment by not only using the public sector, but by generating a great deal of cooperation with the Private Sector. He also wanted to end many of the tax loopholes that the Big Corporations enjoy and also by ending the tax decrease that the top 20 % of the wealthy North Americans enjoy as well. His rhetoric also seemed a great deal less racially inflammatory than say a Newt Gingrich or The former Senator from Pennsylvania, Rick Santorum... Sounded. But what did the Republican Party do to Mr. Huntsman? They made sure he didn't win a single Primary and drummed him out of the process in quick fashion. Another point to strongly show that The Republicans are very, very sick with a mental illness called RACISM { As theorized by Black Psychiatrist Francis Welsling}... Mo Later..

Editor's Note: If you would like to read more articles by this writer: Please go to Google: input: Brother Tracy Gibson: ``The Politics of Real'' will show up. Click on there and read what you like. I suggest ``The Powerful Third Eye'' for starters.....

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