Friday, December 7, 2012

For Legal Help.... Attorney Daniel Conner!!!

For legal help contact community lawyer, Daniel Conner at 5015 Germantown Avenue; Philadelphia; Penn; 19144; Phone # 1.215.849.54.14; E-Mail: DNL_CONNER@YAHOO.COM

He helped me in a pinch when I had legal trouble and his rates are reasonable. {By the way, that's an underscore between the L and the C in his e-mail address. To get to his office from West Philadelphia,  just take the el to the subway. Go north to Erie Avenue and take the 24 Bus up Germantown Avenue to the 5000 Block. His office is right there with a brown awning n the front... Tell him Brother Tracy Sent you.} [ He is looking into a case of fraud, scamming and computer-user abuse for me as we speak...]

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