Friday, December 7, 2012

``Getting Help Part II'' 1.215.790.90.59

Getting Help!!!

By Brother Tracy Gibson
If you are depressed, angry beyond reason, upset, anxious, down, troubled, concerned or beat down politically or with envy, wanting revenge, unable to forgive someone, or unable to cope with other stressful situations, emotions and feelings; or if you are experiencing stress over a divorce, the loss of a relationship, being unemployed for an extended time period, the loss of a loved one, financial losses; or if you just feel your world is closing in on you; or if you can't cope with an addiction to prescription medicines, alcohol, tobacco, illegal street drugs, food, sex, pornography or anything else; or maybe you were beaten up, sexually abused, raped, robbed, foreclosed on, molested or maybe you have lingering thoughts of an incident that is long, long past, but you can't seem to get past it; or you are unable to cope with other excessive behavioral problems you are having such as hoarding food or hoarding household items in your room or house, over eating, excessive and compulsive sexual behaviors and acting out excessively sexually, excessive spending when you know you can't afford it right now; or if you are experiencing other behavioral, emotional, psychological and / or psychiatric problems; or maybe you just feel at the end of your rope, hopeless and that you have just given up on life and don't want to do anything to help yourself and are isolating yourself from others--maybe it is time for you to get help. {I want you to remember that getting help is the case of the disenfranchised and oppressed is more a statement about the failures of our society than a statement about any failure on your part. Getting help represents a problem and a serious miscalculation in judgement with our political, economic, judicial and social system {and that includes Capitalism and Socialism, and how we have been excluded from it than it is any mental or emotional problem that you as an individual are having.} I am sure that if you had equal access to the institutions that construct our culture such as being included when they decide what school curriculum will be and being there and included fairly and equally when they decide what will be incorporated into what makes up entire spheres of learning and knowledge such as: Medicine, Anatomy, Math, Engineering, Science, Chemistry, Physics, Horticulture, Advanced Mathematics, Logic, Philosophy, Computer Science, Anthropology and the many other Technological Sciences, You would see that You don't have a mental problem, You have just been excluded. Look how Black, Latin, Asian, Women, Gay People, and Arab people and even East Indian People have been almost totally excluded from the Movie Industry for example. The Movie Industry has a very pervasive influence on how we see ourselves as human beings, but serious people of color have almost been totally excluded from getting their scripts considered and also excluded almost totally from the Green-Lighting process of approving what films get financed..... This is a crime that is coming back to haunt the West, but meanwhile we have to get through this time period we are going through. With such fair and equal inclusion You will find school, learning and knowledge much more easy to achieve and much more interesting. If you are having trouble adjusting to our society You can start by calling your Pastor, or you Mosque Minister, a trusted friend or family member or your general practitioner or Doctor and talking out the problem. He or she may well suggest you see a professional for treatment. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Believe me I know. What you are going through is a lot more common than you might think. I have been in therapy for over 30 years and have benefited from the experience magnificently!!! What you are doing by getting help is taking the adult tact, the right step and realizing you have a situation and / or a problem that needs more attention than usual... Stop worrying about it and seek help. You are saying ``I am worth it. And I need help.'' You are taking on the responsibility like an adult should and moving through whatever is hurting, stopping or crippling your growth as a decent human being. You are saying that you are deserving of help and that you will benefit from that help and move on positively with your life. You are not necessarily mentally ill, but even if you are, you are taking the right steps in getting help. Do it, get the help and watch your life open up like an incredible butterfly or exotic flower as you take wing into the next stage of your life. I don't care if you are 89 or 19 . Get the help and feel better about yourself for doing so. You will find yourself benefiting greatly from the help such as therapy, proper medical treatment which might include the intervention of psychotropic medicines; or you might find that your life has been closed off physically from others and all you need is to be around people who are thinking and doing positive things and to get some physical exercise and fresh air. Don't face this with fear, face it with strength and the joy at knowing you will get the help you need and be able to MOVE forward. We suggest you call some of the following numbers if you are in need of help: Women Organized Against Rape: The Crisis Network: The Colours Organization: ; The Delaware Valley Association of Black Psychologists-- 1-215-790-9059.....

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