Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Missing the BUS....Waiting, Moving Forward, Making Plans, Getting Awards, Making REAL Money.....

One day I missed the bus. I don't know if you are like me, but I don't own a car that is working and that has all the registrations [legally, or illegally for that matter]; or that has the proper kind of insurance.  [I don't have  any other kind of car or one that is working at all--that I know of]..

When you or I are of modest means and miss the bus sometimes frustrations occur and that aw shucks feeling sets in.  When I miss the bus I allow myself to peacefully and with a level head, use that time to plan the rest of my day or evening.  I think what my next move will be and what I would like to achieve next.  This way I'm NOT wasting the time--but, instead, using it to mass produce positive change in my mind and thinking.  I am making my future positive developments possible...

I also usually carry something to read with me so I can spend the time constructively. So, missing the bus and spending that time thinking, reading or planning can be a good thing.  Many people face the very small problem of having missed one bus as if it were insurmountable.  It is a real problem when you missed  the last bus of the evening and there isn't another one for two hours and you are only half way through your journey.  But even that isn't a reason to get depressed, upset, or angry.

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