Saturday, December 21, 2013

No Sweet Tea...

The Children of Adodi

By Brother Tracy Gibson...

We are children
We are Gods
We are Men
Black men who
LOVe other Black men
Adodi helps us peal off
our defiled mask of oppression
And re-discover our
Black manhood
Boldness, Creativity, Courage,
Activity, Fairness
re-lighting an Ancestral Light within
re-claiming our African selves
Not needing any one's Permission
to be Black Nationalist
if we so desire
Seeing our outer beauty as Black men
re-emerging as Princes,
Kings, and Village Warriors
Re-Entering society as
Whole Healed People
Natural African Medicine Men
in Flip Flops
Pin Striped Suits
African Garb
or God Sandals

Our hair with
Natural cuts,
or Short Fros
or Clean and short,
or Grown out Buzz
or All Twisted Up
Or in Locks
or in corn rows

We come back to earth
better to relate with ourselves
Our Black community
Our Loved Ones
Our Families
We honor our founding Chieftains:
Clifford, Eric, Michael, Darrell,
Delmar, Haines, and YOU

We honor the Native in us
We honor the African in us

We honor the Two Spirits in us
We LOVe the intellect of Being
We LOVe Learning how to unlock our African Selves
Learn of us
be one of us
Journey with us
Holistic, Well Rounded
Men of Peace
Renewal, Strength and LOVe

Adodi Strong...

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