Monday, January 20, 2014

African Cultural and Art Forum..... on 52nd Street.....

African Shop {African Art Forum} at 221 South 52nd Street…

If you want to find some African clothing like a new Dashiki for the gentlemen or an African Dress for the Ladies, The African Art Forum at 221 South 52nds Street is the Place to go. They also carry an assortment of greeting cards, political and Black Pride lapel buttons; art objects and a new line of oils and shampoos. I tried the shampoo and it knocks Head and Shoulders right out the box.  It is minty is smell and lathers up really well. I strongly suggest you come in and buy some.  It is only $10.00. The Two older Brothers who run the place have been on 52nd street for over 30 years and are kind, generous and very concerned about the community.  They have also agreed to allow patrons to sign a petition to make the commercial areas along 52nd Street into Africa Town--from Woodland Avenue to Lancaster Avenue....  You can go into the shop during regular business hours and sign the petition if you like.  Their phone number is: 1.215.476.06.80. 

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