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Making a Breakthrought.......................................................................................................................

Are We Really ALL That Cool…..Making Breakthroughts..

By Brother Tracy Gibson…..

I have to ask the question. Are We as BLack People really all that cool, or are we just accepting our own visual, literary, and creative view of ourselves as ``COOL’’ to avoid the work we have to do to reach any kind of acceptable level of real and positive achievement in North America and the World—including AFRICA and THE CARIBBEAN?

Are we really cool when we would rather watch ``the game’’ instead of help junior with His homework? Is that ``cool’’? Are we really all that cool when we get fat as houses by eating McDonalds food when there is a healthy restaurant we could go to called ``Hummus’’ ONE property away on 40th and Walnut str, but we are too lazy to do the research to discover how important diet is in curbing high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, joint ailments, heart ailments and other physical problems that plague our community and ``our’’ bodies? This doesn’t sound very ``COOL’’ at all to me, but we accept the vision of ourselves as ``COOL’’ people because we created Jazz and have an illustrious JAZZ History, but WE are NOT listening to it and are NOT the ones buying it in great numbers—our so-called enemy ``THE WHITE MAN’’ and ``THE WHITE WOMAN’’ are the ones buying and enjoying Jazz!!! Sometimes I think Dizzy, Miles and Lionel and Nina and Ella are turning over in their graves at our acceptance of the thought and design of ourselves as ``COOL’’ People when we really are NOT all that ``COOL’’ at all. We need to make a breakthrough from all the Bull and get to steppin!! And start doing some heavy lifting and helping ourselves instead of engaging in so much of this popcorn, potato chip and soda culture we live in in North America. I’m not kidding, if you haven’t noticed…

Maybe I am exaggerating.  Maybe I’m NOT giving us due credit.  There are some really ``COOL’’ Black people like the hoard of Black Progressives and Black Radicals that work at WURD Talk Radio—900 AM our stellar talk radio station in Philadelphia [I’m talking about Sarah Lomax Reese, Al Butler, Michael Coard, The Karamu, Sister EYE-JOY, the financial People who give us millions of dollars in advice,  and Sandra Dungee Glenn to name just a few ; and the Brothers and Sisters who are part of and work for and are connected with Michael Coard’s work, and helping Him with the work of ATAC [The Avenging the Ancestor’s Coalition]—now there, in my mind, are some really ``cool’’ Black People who have taken the time to learn our History and act in the present to move us onward and upwards as Black People into a Progressive and even, Radical Black future—a future that our children can be proud of as WE stand on the shoulders of the work of Rosa Parks and Malcolm x and Kwame Ture, and Ella Baker and Ida B. Wells-Barnett and Nelson and Winnie Mandela and Medgar Evers and yes, even good ole Martin Luther King Jr.—those were cool Black People in my mind and there are examples of cool Black People today.  Like Angela Davis and Alice Walker and Shirley Kitchen [the State Senator from North Philadelphia] and State Senator Vincent Hughes [who champions many causes in our community -- such as education-- for His district, mostly in West Philadelphia]; and there are even some City Council People who are ``COOL’’ to me like Councilman Curtis Jones and Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds-Brown and a few others.

But there always seems to be too many handkerchief heads in the mix as well.  People who sometimes hold high positions and just want to go along to get along and NOT change things and shake things up that so badly need shaking up.  People like Associate Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas—who causes me to be ashamed of our People and who has caused our great late former Supreme Court  Jurist Thurgood Marshall to spin in His grave so many times and with such centrifugal force and speed that He has almost literally caused a pipeline to China to be built with no help from real and actual technology and hard ware.  Of course I’m joking here, but I think you get my drift. You get my point—sharp ain’t it!!

I am amazed at our People who eat at fine White dining establishments about once or twice a week and never even think about supporting the fine Black dining establishments in Philadelphia such as the ``RELISH’’ Restaurant on Oganze Avenue [I ate there a while back and the Sunday Buffet was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!] or ``WARM DADDY’S’’ in South Philly near Delaware Avenue…..  Our BLACK establishments REALLY need our support, but don’t get it with the kind of significant consistency that will help establish a financial base that can help us and our children do greater things in the future.   I have seen good BLACK restaurants like The Café Harlem that used to be over in Yeadon close their doors when they used to serve food that was more than terrific and with prices that were more than reasonable and the setting incLuded JAZZ and a fine ethnically sensitive atmosphere for a date between two men, or two women or a man and a woman—but we would rather do Downey’s in Central City or The Irish Pub on Chestnut Street and rub elbows with White People who sometimes don’t even want us there.  [I have been to Downy’s and the Irish Pub also, and never experienced discrimination, and enjoyed the food, but in hard economic times we need to find restaurants that are about us and owned by us or at least owned by our Progressive allies.  It is not that hard a thing to do. It is not rocket science.  Read Sister Maggie Anderson’s book ``Our Black Year…..’’ and YOU WILL see what I’m talking about.] We have work to do to be a really ``COOL’’ People.

But don’t get me wrong.  There are really cool Black People in our midst. Like the People who run Philabundance Community Kitchen in North Philadelphia and Philabundance in general….  They have a Culinary Arts Program that graduates People who are down on their luck and have been unable to find work.  These graduates, mostly BLACK Brothers and Sisters, get a second chance at life and learn ALL the ins and outs of being a fine Chef.    They also, and this is at least just as important, they also get a chance to learn about their weaknesses and strengths and how to survive in a work condition and work environment that may well be designed for their failure.  They learn about positive attitude; good grooming; hygiene; getting and keeping a good positive attitude; working with people who are not especially like you; and getting to know one’s own faults that can hold you back and how to overcome them. This program and just about EVERYTHING else that Philabundance does needs to be supported by ALL BLack People who are Cool and those who are NOT so cool, but think they are,  because what Philabundance is doing—providing food for mostly Black People [78% of their clientele are Black People, according to their own figures], but many other People as Well in Philadelphia who need emergency food right now, before they are almost literally starving. This is happening right here in Philadelphia right now today…..October 21st, 2013. That is a very Cool thing in deed. I Will be writing them to offer my services as a Public Relations Expert, for a fee, to help them start the ball rolling to create a full-service, state-of-the-art restaurant that serves Poor and Homeless People and the general public--ALL races--for free or for very little. My vision, and I am sure other People have a similar vision, is to serve ONLY really healthy food [no pork products and no processed foods, not a lot of fat and salt and sugar] to the public so they can go about their day healthier and ready to face the challenges of living and moving forward in Philadelphia.  [I believe there is a similar program and restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland that hires many of the less-fortunate, including ex-convicts and so-forth--which is excellent]. I have written them, Philabundance, a letter about this and about how I can help them in hopes that they have the same or a similar vision as I have.  I was supposed to go through with their chef’s program, but it was rather intense and I was not ready at the time because I have my own company to run [even though we are not making money right now, Minister Brian, what we do thank you—education, advocacy, Public Relations and Research—is vitally important and I didn’t want to put it aside right now when we are making a breakthrough.] Plus I’m currently attending the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania to learn about Financial Literacy [I got a certificate for that already—BREAKTHROUGH, BREAKTHROUGH!!  Is anyone listening??!!] and Entrepreneurship [I will got a certificate for that also. BREAKTHROUGH, BREAKTHROUGH!! IS ANYONE LISTENING!!!??? Plus I will be learning about  saving and investing money in a serious and on-going Way next week that has great positive implications for my for-profit, parent company—Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, Inc. If it is NOT in my name and fully controlled by me right now, it Will be very soon, I guarantee it…..].  GOT THAT MINISTER BRYAN?  

I have supported other people who are making breakthroughs ALL the time, literally on a daily basis.  Breakthrough. Breakthrough.  Get it? Like Attorney Michael Coard’s Avenging the Ancestor’s Coalition [ATAC]. I write Him frequently and support His work and the general work of ATAC—such as seeking and getting recognition of the slave-ownership History of the First President of the United States, George Washington—through creating, with over a million dollars in federal funds—creating a memorial to some of George Washington’s Slaves such as Hercules.  This memorial is right there on 4th or 5th and Market near the site of the First White House, which was located in Philadelphia.  I went to early meetings for that process to come to fruition with my mentor, Ms. Carrie Engraham, my now late neighbor from Sansom Str--and learned a great deal about colonial times and slavery and HOW we overcame. [I took a course at Temple University’s Community Education Program [] where former radio host Reggie Bryant was a guest speaker.  He told us the REAL history about what happened to slaves—not the made-for-TV niceties of the ABC miniseries ROOTS.  Runaway slaves, for instance, when re-caught, were sometimes forced to drink hot molten led, which, of course, led to their death. Sometimes such run-away slaves and slaves in general were also forced to wear these oddly, torturous neck braces that had strange sharp prongs on them that made it next to impossible to do almost anything like eat or go to the bath room or clean themself…. The cruelty was unheard of…..  By the Way, Michael Coard teaches a class on basic Law which is excellent and which I took; and a class about Rap Music, which I tried to take but only attended a few lectures because of scheduling conflicts.  If you haven’t listened to The Radio Courtroom on WURD, 900 AM [MAKE the Time] instead of watching the football game and those losing lousy Dirty Birds. If you are not listening and have a hard head like ED you are NOT cool in my book. You are part of the problem.  The Radio Court Room is part of the solution to solving the conundrum which is our oppression. And what does Michael Coard get for His troubles? He gets a fat bill to pay every week to keep the activism going [don’t I know about that], and He gets the un-opportunity to NOT be recognized by the People who He works for You and Me and WURD. Who, WURD by the Way, decided NOT to give Him an award. They gave the awards to Codie Anderson and Reverend Louise Bishop. I’ll reserve further comment until next week when things get really HOT as they get cooler. Cool. A nice concept, but are we really all that cool?? The Radio Courtroom is chocked full of so much Black History and literally thousands of Bucks worth of legal advice, you feel you come away from the program with your pockets full of money and a degree in Black History—which may not be of value—the Black History degree that is-- to some people like Minister Brian at Unity Fellowship Christ Church in Philadelphia, but is worth a Million Dollars to me.  Attorney Michael Coard is a treasure chest of information, funny anecdotes, and general warmth for Black People, that is part of the glue that holds our City’s Black Radical and Black Progressive community together and helps other BLACK People who don’t have Radical or Progressive views, become more open-minded, curious and thirsty for knowledge and positive information centered on BLACK PEOPLE!!! [Knowledge is the LIGHT Minister Brian as the young Mr. Jordan—not even out of college--said in His preaching Sunday at the Arch Street United Methodist Church. [I invite some of the snooty people from my HOME church to stay a while after church and meet and eat with the Homeless People—that’s right, those ``dirty’’ homeless people who carry bed bugs and dirt with them, but have open minds and open hearts and actually let a 20 something preach in front of them even though he doesn’t have a deep manly voice and is a bit efeminine. And He did an excellent job.    Attorney Michael Cord MUST, not should, Brother Brian, Minister Brian, MUST be supported by us as Gay and Lesbian Black People if we are by any means necessary serious about our liberation…..   Don’t miss the radio Court Room because it may well be the hippest trip you ever did take. [Remember that from Soul Train? Remember the Afro-Sheen Commercials that instilled self-respect, Black Pride and Black Unity—well they have taken, I believe, they have taken Afro Sheen off the market. Funny how a small thing like that can show the White Washing of America and the loss of our decency as Black People, isn’t it Minister Brian.  Attorney Michael Coard is literally a walking Black computer mind of knowledge [they used to say encyclopedia but they have mostly done away with them also. Did you even notice how easy it is to lie in the net.  The encyclopedia didn’t often lie, But they are doing away with them. HUmmmmm.  Is this getting to be too much for you, Minister Brian? …and Michael Coard is very, very key to our success as Black People right here in Philadelphia.  His sexual identity is NOT important to me and none of my damned business.  He is a Black precious stone, a gem, a man for ALL seasons, a Man who holds golden futures in His hands as He helps educate our Black People—as are you, Minister Brian. I salute Him and I salute Reverend Al Sharpton and I salute you as well, Minister Brian….. GOD BLESS the three of you……

There are a few more Golden, Black COOL people I want to mention. I will be accused of nepotism for doing this, but I don’t care about that.  I don’t care because Joseph Beam planted a seed in me 30 years ago and so did Joseph Bunch. Do you know who these Brothers are Minister Brian?... My Sister, Mrs. Claudia Aziza Gibson Hunter is a Progressive to Radical artist who works out of Washington, D.C.  She has raised some of the most intelligent, thoughtful and LOVing Children you can imagine, along with Her great husband, Doctor Keith Hunter, also of Washington, D.C. The Children are now grown and in school or working, but they were raised vegetarian.  Do you know how rare that is—to be raised vegetarian and go to BLACK colleges and be raised by Progressive-thinking parents who have high expectations of you? Unfortunately this is too rare and is something we need to get COOL with and make breakthroughs on and get with the program.  We keep throwing our children into the public school system and asking them to teach them, which is like throwing them in front of a bus, sometimes, and I literally mean that.  I LOVe our children and I don’t want them taught most of the bull crap that is being taught in public schools. Our BLack churches and Black Mosques need to take on this challenge and change this picture. SOME Charter Schools are doing a fine job with our Children, but some are worse than public schools. The Civics, Math and Science Charter School on Buttonwood  is a fine example of what can be done to bring forth the best for our children as they have an advanced  success rate and a phenomenal graduate rate and a Phenomenal  % of children going on successfully to college or university………………..…..  Sometimes breakthroughs take two or three generations—if you know what I mean, Brother Minister Brian—not just seven years……….. By the Way, my sister ran an art collective and Had her own Greeting Card business while she raised those four well-behaved vegetarian children who either have or will graduate from Black colleges soon. And Her husband, Doctor Hunter, did a lot more than watch football—the game-- and basketball during the process.  He didn’t allow Himself to be brainwashed.  He has held health conferences for Black MEN [one this past summer, which I missed, but which was very successful], and He has also actually run a company that filmed President Obama’s trip to Africa.  Doctor Hunter has been to Cuba and Ghana and has an incredible educated Black mind—Buffa, Buffa.   Now this couple is REALLY cool in my mind, and there are several hundred such couples in the Washington, D.C.; Philadelphia; Chicago; Atlanta and Los Angeles area—just to mention a few places and by no means be all-inclusive…. Breakthrough, Breakthrough…. Are you getting this Minister Brian? Breakthroughs are NOT only financial.  I make them ALL the time. It starts by not being scared to stand up for yourself and your Black people no matter what headquarters says. How about lunch with your friend Carl, Minister? I want to talk REVOLUTION wit ya. Buffa Buffa!!


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