Thursday, July 25, 2013


Monday Night 7-22-2013 Going into Tuesday 7-23-2013… LOST


By Brother Tracy Gibson…


Here is the scenario of the last 20 hours. I was working at my desk at about 12:30 A.M.  To 1:30 A.M. in the morning on Tuesday early morning. I hadn’t taken three of my five blood pressure medicines for two days—or had taken in intermittingly.  I tried to put my hands on top of the desk and I struck my hands unwittingly on the desk. I knew my perceptions were off so I thought maybe a stroke or heart attack was eminent so I got my shoes and socks on and got myself together to go to the Pennsylvania Hospital at 34th or 36th and Spruce Str I walked to the corner after putting my shoes on.  I waited and waited for a bus [the number 21, because I didn’t want to cause an upset by walking.].  I waved down two of Philadelphia’s finest, but they said they couldn’t drive me to the Hospital. I am very aware that the cost of an ambulance is not necessarily covered with health care [I only have Medicare]. So I balked at the idea of raising everybody’s health care cost and I refused an emergency ambulance. I also know that the police in Philadelphia and other Big Cities let activists like myself get tousled around in the back of police patty wagons and ambulances until they get brain damage and / or hurt badly, so I didn’t trust them.  Two busses about 20 minutes apart had driven right past me even though I waved my hands and was obviously waiting for the 21 Bus. I gave up on that and walked to market and 52nd Str to catch the el.  I didn’t think I could make it walking to 34th str. It was about 2:30 A.M. and the sky started pouring ELEPHANTS AND ZEBRAS!!  It started raining really bad.  There was no el that early and there was no attendant at the terminal at 52nd and Market so after I waited a while I came back down the steps and told the Community Cab driver I needed a ride to the hospital, but had no money.  He told me to wait there, because he had a fair and would be back.  I waited a few moments and there was a sudden new cloud burst.    It started really raining Zebras and Elephants now, like crazy.  I thought I could walk to Mercy Hospital so I walked up Market Str. To 55th Street and South on 55th str. To find Cedar.  But I lost my barrings in the driven rain. I ended up at 55th and Christian str. I could not see where I was going because of so much rain. A kind lady told me to go right and right again a few blocks further and I would be at Mercy Douglass Hospital.  It was still raining ELEPHANTS AND ZEBRAS and I could barely see where I was going.  I finally found Mercy Douglass Hospital, but my clothing was drenched in the torrential rain.  The attendant at Mercy Douglass Hospital gave me some clean, dry hospital night gowns to put on, so I took off the dripping wet clothing.  I told them I had very high blood pressure.   They checked me out and they had no record of my having been there before, even though I had been there several times before, but not recently as a patient.  I thought they were lying.    [I have been to Mercy Douglass at least three times before.].  They could not give me prescriptions because they wanted me to go see my primary doctor.  They told me NOT to take the Potassium Chloride ER [20 MEQ], which I have plenty of and have spent my goode hard-earned money for.  [You know, those big White pills.] It was late in the night / early in the morning so they could not reach my pharmacy [one of the current problems with our health care system.].  They let me leave there with no treatment and no resolution to my high blood pressure problem.  I had bought groceries, but didn’t have enough money left over for medicine. [I have to admit here that I spent $20. On two movies. I have an addiction to movies that hasn’t even been recognized by my therapist as yet.  That money should have gone to my medicine.] I walked back home [to 213 South 49th Str.]. It was about 5 A.M. Like I said I made it to the Mercy Hospital, but I was not treated for high blood pressure.  According to the Blood Pressure machine at the CVS on Pennsylvania University’s Campus, my blood pressure was 170 over 118—which if I am not mistaken, is very, very high…   When I got home, I took what medicine I had:; Hydrochloroth / Lisinopr [25 million dollars]; Potassium [ 20 MEQ; I also took my Trifluoperazine [ 5 mg]; and Tegetol / Carbamazepine {its’ generic name} [200 mg.].  {I had no Labetalol HCL [200 mg]; Nifedipine ER 90 mg, or Procardia its’ brand name; or  Spironolactone [ 100 mg] to take  as yet.} .  I rested a bit and put dry clothing on. I put the rain-wet clothing in the dryer with some other clothing that was already there in the dryer and I turned the dryer on high for 60 minutes.  I didn’t eat breakfast because I was so worried about my blood pressure.  I went back out, this time, determined to go to the Philadelphia Public Clinic at 44th and Haverford Avenue.  I walked from my house because I didn’t expect the bus to stop for me.  I walked from 49th and Walnut to 44th and Haverford Avenue.  I filled out papers to see the doctor at the Philadelphia Public Clinic it was about 8: 30 A.M. on Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013. I was told that the Doc was booked up with 15 patients [another problem with ouR health care system] and was told to come back the next day. Now I was really, really worried about my Blood Pressure and general health.  I was frustrated again, but I went right to my Doc’s office at 205 North Broad [Doc Joseph Boselli]  taking the Public Trains and busses, which are usually on time, but left me standing there in an emergency earlier.   At Doc Boselli’s and Doc Miller’s {Drexel Medicine} they only had an appointment for 3:15 on Thursday the 25th of July, 2013…. {I had missed three appointments because for one I had no SEPTA Transpass to get down town and for another I lost the date and my calendar. {They said they can drop you from their service if you cancel three times without notice, which I had done, so I was grateful they let me have an appointment for Thursday.]. I was again concerned about not having all my medicine for an extra two days, but that was all they could do.  They did NOT see me or take my blood pressure at Doc Boselli’s and Doc Miller’s Office. ..   I was still fearful of a stroke so I went across the str. To Hahnemann Hospital where my doctor, who I saw leaving the Medical Office at 205 North Broad where I was just at, while I was talking to the nurse He also has his practice out of Hahnemann Hospital. At Broad near race street [across the str. From the medical office where I was.].   When I got to Hahnemann Hospital, they gave me some medicine I had not heard of intravenously and a Procardia and they were kind and attentive.  They took blood and ``P’’ as well for testing.   I was there for four or five hours, I’m not sure which, and they said ALL my test were fine and negative.  [They didn’t explain what they were testing for.]. I left the Hahnemann Hospital Where my mother and father were treated before they passed away at home over the last five years, and I promised I would go see Doc Boselli on Thursday the 25th of July, 2013 at 3:15 P.M.   I went to the pharmacy and got my prescriptions after showing them my Emergency Room notices. I owe them well over $100. That has to be paid by Friday the 26th of July, 2013. I have no way to pay them.      I will be seeking legal counsel concerning the events described here.

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