Thursday, July 25, 2013


June 30

2013, Sunday

I Want to Announce the Emergence—The BIRTH—OF A NEW CHILD….Freedom’s Child…..

We Are the Lost Princes of Kemit; The Sons of Remises; We are a Lost Tribe;  Sons of the African Nile; We are The Sophisticated Noble Gents of Philadelphia.

We are an ``IN’’ Group of Men who will redefine maleness and masculinity; a Lost truth is ours to master and share; We stand Proudly in the discovery of a New Truth; We are African; We are learning better values that will catapult us into a fine, bright and financially stable future. We reject ignorance, blatant materialism and greed; We LOVe the Black community from which we spring; We rejoice in Knowledge and we expand on and strengthen the frailness of Europeanized concepts of What it means to be a man by learning African languages; African rituals; African Culture, self-love; and by creating and expanding on the true masculine Nature of being an African Man.…..

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