Thursday, September 12, 2013

If I Step on a Twig...

  If I step on a Twig…..


If I step on a twig with sharp ice in it do I have to go back in time and un-step on that twig to warn others not to do so? That is about how foolish it is to ask me as a homosexual to not be a homosexual any longer to warn others about the homosexual lifestyle among the Europeans…  Who better to tell our young people about something they might experience than a person who was it or is it? Believe me I can’t change this about myself. I am not your typical homosexual nor do I engage in relations with multiple partners. I seek one man to share the rest of my days with. If I find someone I will date Him and find out a great deal about Him before I share bedroom space with Him.

What I want to warn our Black Brothers about is not to play folly with their intimate lives.  Not to allow themselves to become male prostitutes and allow older men to have sex with them for money—a mistake many young Brothers are making that can have severe consequences if you want to be an effective Father and Husband. I also want to warn them about the frivolity, silliness and meaninglessness of much of what we have come to accept as the homosexual lifestyle in North America and Europe and how Black men MUST—note that I did NOT say should—MUST create and re-create our own Black Gay culture in the states.  They have already begun this process in New York with the institutionalization of the Audry Lord Community Center [Audry Lord was a poet / activist who became Poet Lauriat of New York for some time.  She was a Black lesbian, mother and Earth mother.]. There needs to be such institutions in ALL major cities in the U.S., including Philadelphia. We need to take back and recreate our dance, movies, film, theatre, literature, TV and videos in a manner that respects ALL members of our BLack community.

I am an ole man of 56 who has had His day with many men.  To think that I Will be able to turn the clock back and to forbid me from talking with our young Brothers about the pitfalls sometimes involved in the determination of one’s sexuality is ridiculous, silly and non-productive for Our Revolution.

A man is still a man if He is principled and Gay.   


By Brother Tracy Gibson…

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