Saturday, April 2, 2016

ADODI, 30 Years and Beyond: Claiming The Legacy, Continuing The Legend...

ADODI, 30 Years and Beyond:

Claiming The Legacy, Continuing The Legend…
Documentary Film Synopsis
ADODI, the plural of ADO from the Yoruba culture in Nigeria of West Africa means a man who loves another man (also called same gender loving {SGL} or two-spirit, as examples). We are thought to be healers, medicine men and shamans in dimensions of spirit in African traditions, fully accepted, and play an integral role in community -- in essence, Gatekeepers. Our organization, ADODI, was born in 1986 as an affirming and spiritually uplifting movement for same gender loving men of African descent.

"ADODI, 30 Years & Beyond: Claiming The Legacy, Continuing The Legend…" is a 2-part feature length documentary film which depicts a portrait of the lives and experiences of same gender loving men of African lineage; and further, how ADODI, with a 30-year legacy of putting on safe-space summer retreats, has impacted our lives in positive ways as individuals and the role of community building in our respective communities. By having a documented conversation with a myriad of diverse Ados from all walks of life across the United States and abroad, we can thus begin the next 30+ year chapter of ADODI by reflecting on its place in our lives and communities as SGL men of African descent.

"ADODI, 30 Years & Beyond" is, in part, meant to appeal to and introduce new and potential ADOs (same gender loving men of African descent) who are unfamiliar with ADODI, and encourage participation in future ADODI summer retreats and local chapter activities; further, to serve as a catalyst for the larger African Diaspora to witness the VISIBILITY of the ADODI Brotherhood as the Gatekeepers we are who help nurture Black communities in their many facets. Our VISIBILITY will help facilitate a process of much needed dialogue and encourage bridging the gaps between Black SGL folks and the larger Black community, while continuing to heal the many facets of our communities.

"ADODI, 30 Years & Beyond" was shot in 6 states, over 4 years, by producer and director ADO ROD PATRICK RISBROOK who has been an active member for 15 years. The brothers featured in the film have courageously shared their stories and their strength shown through about their retreat experiences.

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