Thursday, October 27, 2016

Proposed Testimoney For the Human Relations Commission by Brother Tracy Gibson

Testimony in front of the Human Relations Commission

From Mr. Tracy Gibson

October 23  -- October 25th, 2016


1)      This hearing was called to complain about some Black People being called the ``N’’ word by a White Club owner. This is just so much smoke and mirrors to me.


2)      I, as a Black Gay Man seeking economic redemption and economic fairness and economic equality am not so much concerned about being called the ``N’’ word because I know the most liberal White People sometimes use such words freely among themselves.


3)      What I am concerned about is our unity as Black People. I would first like to know how many People Black, White or any other color have an account at the United Bank, the Black Bank in town and at Progress Plaza and in Germantown? I see so and so many hands went up.  Some of these White-Run banks are very racist and I suggest you start right there and get an account at the United Bank and help money stay in your Black community.


4)      I have to ask are we really concerned about economic parity and economic justice or being called the ``N ‘’ word?


5)      I Am concerned about being called poor. I want to see 52nd Street from Baltimore Avenue to Lancaster Avenue called and so designated Africa Town by the City of Philadelphia. When I write the Black City Council People about this they have little of nothing to say about it. I have to ask you do you see any Black stores in China Town? Yet we have a preponderance of Asian stores with no Black employees in Our Black neighborhoods.  I LOVe all People, so don’t think I’m a racist. But I’m sick and tired of Black people not having their own place to shop right here in Philadelphia that is exclusively for Black People and our own merchants.  We have very few successful Black Gay merchants right here in Philadelphia. This is what I’m concerned about. 


6)      I have a petition to make 52nd street from Baltimore Avenue to Lancaster Avenue Africa Town and I want as many People to have the heart to sign it as possible. If you can’t sign this I have to wonder if you are serious about having economic justice for Black People right here in Philadelphia. You don’t have to be Black to sign my petition.  You just have to be a LOVing and caring person who wants to see real justice and real economic parity right here in Philadelphia.


7)      I have a corporation that will be 10 years old on December 18th, of this year. I need money to do a few things that will delight any Black person Gay or Straight who care about our Black People. If you want to buy my book or send in a donation, I have some papers here that will tell you how to give the support I need. I have done a tremendous amount of work for the Black community over the many years I have been an activist. I need your support. Most of all I need your signature on these petitions. I will send copies to the Mayor and our Congress People and our U.S. Senators. Please call me if you have any other suggestions about what to do to make this a reality. We need to stop shopping at Macy’s and places like that and start shopping at our own stores so we can have a Black Macy’s; Black hotels; Black Large apartment buildings; and we need a mature Black consumer that will seriously support a very large Black business community. This will give us the initiative and wherewithal  we need to  build the institutions our Black community needs now and will need 100 years from now. These institutions will not be able to be destroyed by Republicans who cut budgets for social programs because they will be supported privately by Black people and progressives of every race who authentically want to see Black people get ahead.


8)       The last thing I want to say is David Fattah had a Black club in West Philadelphia are the Black community didn’t support it. What happened? I want someone to testify about that. I need someone to have the heart to testify about this.  We had a golden opportunity to help Brother David Fattah out, but we didn’t do it. What happened?? We need more Heart!!!!!

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