Thursday, July 12, 2012

Investment Opportunity: TO: George Soros

July 12th, 2012 {Thursday}

Dear George Soros:

I am an impassioned international Black activist who is finding himself more and more able to focus on what is important to me and many, many others--World Peace; the spreading of effective, stable and Peace-filled democracies acoss the World; Real Truth; Real Justice; Real Freedom; and changing how we do business and how we function effectively as a Capitalist system to make it ALL more humane, sustainable and equitable into the near and far future..... I want us ALL to remember that, We are In It to Win It, as we read on.....

There are more ideas that need to be examined besides the old fashioned ones that have worked--or NOT worked--over the last one hundred years.  The old ideas are NOT working for the vast majority of people in North America and the World.  The idea that a certain class of people--those with money; those with connections; those who manipulate others callously and ruthlessly; those who hold high office; those who exploit others; and those who just blindely follow the ordes of such people--that these people hold ALL the keys and controls over the natural resources, mineral wealth and monitary wealth--and everything else--That idea's time has come to pass and is no longer based in reality...

I am part of  ``a new gentry'' of people who are bringing about a New World because the Old one is being cast aside and is, mostly, no longer useful....

Look at the young people and the students in Egypt and Syria.  They want change and have a strong inner spirit and inner flame of Real Truth and Real Justice that is not easily put out. There are literally millions of other students like them in places like Cambodia, Ty won, China, Africa, Brazil, South Africa, South America, Central America and all over the World.  They will be heard and they cannot be stopped with bullets or manipulated and misguided dollars spewed forth by The Established Order....

These students, and millions like them, represent the New Ideas of sustainability, fair play and equality that speak to the future not the past. The future I am talking about is a future of doing business in a fashion that does NOT allow: workers to be blatantly exploited in the world's sweat shops, mining camps, farming centers and elsewhere; does not allow CEO's to make $62 Million Dollars a year and pay no taxes while a secretary or file clerk working for the same company makes $60,000.00 a year and pays 35 % of that salary to taxes; does not allow for the open pollution of Our streams, waterways, parks, rivers, communities, and oceans; does NOT allow for us to let people be foreclosed on by the banking system and the states and allow for run-away prices for Real Estate and housing; and does not allow the World to slip, once again, into useless, expensive and brutal wars. State terrorism against the student movements has got to stop and new more progressive governments have to be elected in a free and open fashion without the advent of the oppressive military. Hostage-taking and  terrorism must end; bullying in ALL forms and at ALL levels, and ALL forms of abuse against children, Women, Gays, Transgendered People and Lesbians; and people of color and Non-Whites must also be stopped in its tracks....

As this new concerned gentry, we have to do something and we are doing something.  For me, as an activist, that ``something'' takes many formations.  I am currently restructuring a Parent company--Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, INC.--that has some 16 components.  It is a multinational corporation.  We are a Public Relations, Marketing, Community Advocacy, Education and Research firm that has a deep concern for bringing progressive work to bare on the current World condition in which we live, but in a positive, progressive and Non-threatening Way.

But what I want to talk with you, Mr. Sorose, is just three of these components and how I might enlist your financial support to help.

1} ``The Knowledge Hut Store.'' This is a concept that brings a limited amount of cherished DVD's, CD's Videos, books, T-Shirts, greeting cards and posters in front of Our young people and their guardians for them to peruse and purchase.  Our products will be limited because they MUST have a certain positive content to even be considered for Our store.  Our products will be designed and selected to reflect a positive social and political value and reflect wholesome community values and wholesome community standards.  We will NOT allow the rap stars whose music objectifies women or castigates Gays, Transgendered People and Lesbians to be sold by Our stores; We will not sell books--no matter how classic or desired by the general public they are--to be sold in Our stores if they are found to be racist, anti-women or homophobic in content or image in ANY way.

We did test marketing of a line of Tee-Shirts from April 2006 to September 2007 at our home office at 3819 Lancaster Avenue and met with a fairly good level of success.  We also interacted positively with the surrounding community on business matters and community issues and started to develop personal skills and networking skills that are still helping us even today.  We are sure--through the development of our Business Plan for The Knowledge Hut Stores {Also available on this Blog} that we have worked out much of the financials and done some of the research to examine the feasibility of this idea.  {Please read what stage we are at in development right now.}

2} I have just about completed the writing of two books.  The first one is ``A Grassroots Criteria for Liberation.'' It is dedicated to helping our youth--oppressed and often left out of the system's successes-- to find inroads to being more reliable, substantial, responsible, and, at the same time, law abiding individuals who will be a big asset to Our Nation's future, not a liability.  This is achieved through the intertwining of my personal story of a Black, Same Gender Loving ``Gay'' man who is determined to reach a tangible level of financial success with many political anecdotes, funny family stories and progressive analysis in an up-beat and interesting Way.  The present manuscript is over 659 pages and a copyright from the Library of Congress has been applied for.

This volume is also going to find a target market among youth and younger people who want to meet the challenges of the future by taking direct and positive action to improve their lives.  We expect this book to meet with massive success and sales because of it's honesty, uniqueness, reliability, readability and due to the marketing technique we are employing to promote and sell the books.

The other book is entitled: ``A Gathering of Children...'' and is a poetic compilation of many political views and social analysis of current social events and social upheavals that have had an important impact on the world. 

3} The third component of my interests I will discuss today is the development, implementation and full staffing of a Security Team and a Security Agency {Yet to be named, but planned to be 49 % owned by a European owner and 51 % owned by me and other Black interests}and to be headquartered in Philadelphia.  When you look back at the history of Black economic development in the United States you find the events that took place at ``The Black Wall Street'' in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the 1920's.  {Tulsa was home of great Black economic development during this time, including, catering establishments, hotels, stores, restaurants ans schools.}  There was a racial incident in Tulsa that sparked a White Supremest riot that left over 300 Black people killed and the Black economic development of that era destroyed.  We must learn from this example.  I am sure I stand with many thousands of Black business people who do NOT want to see the horrible lesson of the 1920's repeated any where in the World today--with Black people being murdered and Black property being destroyed.  A good security agency that hires along mostly Black lines is a certain Way to help protect against such useless violence against people and property in the future.

I hope you will contact us soon regarding these three important components of our 16-point corporate expansion program.

We are requesting $4 Million Dollars in start-up funds for our expansion.  We have already been in touch with Mr. Quintin E. Primo III; Mr. Magic Johnson; Muhammad Ali; Spike Lee; Common; John Legend; Quincy Jones; Oprah Winfrey; Bill Cosby; Magic Johnson; and I have also recently written Rosie O' Donald.  We are expecting any one of them to take positive action on our business objectives within days.  If you want to head them off, now is the time to act.

Peace and Blessings,

Brother Tracy Gibson,

President and Founder of the Black Millionaire's Network; President and CEO of Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, INc.; and co-chair of the Coalition to Find and Fund Sane, Reasonable and Coherent Solutions for the Crisis in the Middle East.

This proposal / Letter is still being edited.......


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