Friday, July 27, 2012

Black Business Guidelines

* Competition and Cold profits should NOT be the main goals of Black corporations, companies and foundations...

* The Main focus of Black Corporate, companies and foundations must be to work together to break down the barriers that are keeping us separated as Black people.

*TO: Help raise our children and youth with higher ethical and moral values.

*TO: Help explain the importance and substantial contributions of Black Business innovators and Black investors.

* TO: Promote those within our race who excel politically, economically and morally who do so without selling their high ethical standings in the community.

TO: Instill better values and ethics among the general National and International business community by serving as an upstanding business interests as a Black Business.

*TO: Support the activities and Policies of Corporate Accountability International which have been critical of North American Big Business interests

* TO: Find new and innovative Ways to interact positively with White-Owned businesses; Latin Owned Businesses; Asian-Owned Businesses; Arab-Owned Businesses, as well as businesses owned by Other Ethnic groups to encourage them to be more ethical in their business practices and develop new and progressive business practices that uphold positive community standards.

*TO: Work Positively with government bodies to expand on and uphold high ethics.

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