Thursday, July 26, 2012

Goals of the New West Philadelphia Real Estate Group.

* We will act as a forum for the exchange of information on Real Estate and related issues such as: improving personal finance; increasing credit ratings and keeping them up; developing oneself as a trusted financial entity; and other avenues to establish good credit.

* We will serve as a forum which partnerships are formulated (mostly from within the group). Said partnerships are going to be developed to further the financial interests of those interested in the group.

* Some of our partnerships will actually be able to buy ad rehabilitate homes for a profit.

*We Will also establish for profit companies; LLC's and corporations for the benefit of our members and through this process, improve on and increase trust levels with our trusted members.

*We Will interact positively with Realtors in the area for the benefit of our association and our membership.  Some of our Realtors will be Black, but not necessarily so.

*We will be a central point for our members to get the positive reinforcement they will need as people of color trying to get ahead and we will be there to help refute any and all negative forces and information that says we can't get ahead as Black and Progressive People.

* Many of our members will be Black, but not necessarily so. Other members will be people of all races who have a proven grassroots record of struggle and a/ or a proven record of working with members of the Black COmmunity for that community to get ahead, prosper and move forward.

A Work In Progress...

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