Tuesday, September 25, 2012

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Black LOVe, the color and excitement of Carnival in Rio, music, dance and Tragic death--but also, at the same time, the reemergence of new life and rebirth--are at the center of the classic film ``Black Orphis,''

This film is just perfect for young Black adults to begin to understand the power of and value of life itself. It is a film acted out through the lense which catches so much vitality and exuberance--it sees to almost pop from the screen.
Orphius finds and then, tragically loses the LOVe of his life. But as he himself loses his life at the end of the film, we see a new Orphius and Fuletta reborn through the hopeful eyes of children.  The movie points out to me why it is important to protect and value our young people because as life ends, it is important to bring on New Life.  Don't miss this classic film ``BLACK ORPHIUS''
available on DVD at the Philadelphia Free Library.
As political thrillers go, Director George Clooney's ``The Ides of March,'' has to be rated TOP in its' class.  Mooris {Clooney} has ``All the Right Stuff'' to be the perfect Presidential candidate.  He pushes ALL the political buttons about the ``Rule of the RIch'' and how the ``Military is out of control.'' But he properly wraps himself in the American flag at the perfect times.
Frankly, I have never heard better political rhetoric from a fictional political character than I did from Clooney at Mooris in this picture, and that is REALLY saying something.  But the intrigue and tense drama of this film intensifies like taking a ride on a Roller Coaster as it reaches that first Big Hill--you have an idea about what's coming and that it's going to be wild, but you really have no idea what you are in for.

But the real charm of this movie is in its' ``Inside look'' at the daily operations of a top-notch Presidential campaign and the movers and shakers--and positioning which takes place.  This film ``ain't playin yall!!!'' I highly recommend it in these highly-charged political times we are living in.  The stock characters in this ensemble cast were absolutely excellent.  From the easily bought off Black U.S. Senator to the starry-eyed Campaign Executives who earns a top job by becoming jaded, ruthless and realistic--about out political system and how to manipulate it for personal political gain.  The secret, bubbling in the background creates a tense undercurrent which will keep your snow caps turned upside DOWN!!!


Tyler Perry has a new movie out. Unfortunately it is NOT one of his better ones {In my opinion he only made three good films as yet: 1} ``Mr. Deeds''; 2} ``I Can Do Bad All By Myself;'' and ``Daddy's Little Girls'', The rest of his films, especially the ones where he plays ``MA-Dear'' are, frankly, trash and very destructive to the Black male image. Mr. Perry needs to come out of the closet and stop trying to play a macho man.  He is a homosexual and he needs to come clean with this fact to his audiences.  Several White Actors and performers have done it such as the gentleman who plays in ``How I Met Your Mother {Name to come}; and singer/ songwriter Sir Elton John.  Elton John was actually Knighted by the Queen of England AFTER he came out of the closet.  Mr. Perry thinks that because much of his following if from Black church-goers, that they will not accept him.  Many people don't accept the fake Macho image he tries to put across like he is doing in his new film which is full of sexual abuse and physical abuse of women; sex; violence; sudo-masochism; more violence and just the mistreatment and abuse of women like I have never seen even in film previews in ages. He should be ashamed of this fact and Never, ever make such a film again.  I refuse to go see it, not just because some of my heroes are women {Like Alice Walker --who has the gull and the WILL to stand firm in her opposition to what is going on in Israel where pass-laws, abuse, bull-dosing of homes, second rate schools for their children, no jobs and other mistreatment of Palestinian people is ramped {I will list some books to read later}...  {Palestinian People are really even less than second-class citizens}, but because I think the violence in films and on TV needs to be curtailed because it is rubbing off on our young people and on how they relate to each other; their peers; their parents and how they relate to Rap Music and to their elders and the people in the communities in which we live.  We have Tyler Perry and several others to thank for this..... Don't support the backwards movie world that Tyler Perry creates for viewers.

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