Sunday, September 30, 2012

``Your Way IS The HIGH WAY

Very often we fail to realize that, after reading our Declaration of Independence, Our Bill of Rights and our Constitution, it is us, we, who really run this sucka called North America.  We let our Captains of Industry and our Big Booted politicians act like they are in control, but as Ghandi said, ``When People Lead, Leaders Will Follow.''  So in Essence, Our Way Is the High Way.... The Way of high principal, high ethics and high moral value...if we work towards that and really want that to be so.  We only need to do our best, be honest, love ourselves and others and not be vicious and always be fair in the end, even if we are dealt a hand that is no good, we can come back to a person or people that we might have done to wrong and make corrections, if they are still speaking to us.  This is the correct thing to do and the GODLY thing to do!!!

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