Saturday, September 15, 2012

Two Great Book Suggestions.....

1} Doctor Ben Carson's ``Think Big,'' is a great book for we people who think too small and don't take on our communities and our world in a BIG enough way.  This book will have you come away thinking--in fact knowing--you can do anything!!  This book allows us to expand our minds and allows others to do so as well without getting jealous and deceitful...  Growing ourselves allows others to grow also.  We, as a community of businessmen and businesswomen, are in this together.... One of us may decide to buy a BMW, but the other might well decide that making such a purchase when there are literally thousands of people in our communities almost starving from hunger--well we might think such a purchase is a waste of money.  And speaking of money...

2} ``The Money Class,'' by Suze Orman is a great new book about ``Standing in your truth'' about where we are with money and how to work ourselves loose from the financial constraints of BIG debt, Student loans, personal loans, school loans, underwater mortgages and the expenses that we don't think are draining us, such as Lotto tickets, alcohol and marijuana--and frankly even silly movies {Like I always end up seeing}. Both of these books come highly recommended and should be read from cover to cover.  I am presently readying ``The Money Class'' and completed ``Think Big'' over a year ago.  The next time you buy Lotto tickets ask yourself if you made anything or got anything back personally from your Lotto Ticket purchases.  Take your Lotto ticket money and save it in an envelope for a month.  Take that money and buy these two books. Then treat yourself to some frozen yogurt--you deserve it!!!! You will be delighted at the result. 

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