Sunday, September 23, 2012

September 23rd, 2012 RE: A Letter About the American Addicion to Pornography.

Send To: 1} The Attorney General of the United States
2} The Department of Health and Human Services
3} The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta
4} Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania
5} Congressman Chaka Fattah
6} Senator Shirley Kitchen:701 West LeHigh Avenue; Suite 104; Philadelphia, Penn 19132
7} State Senator Vincent Hughes
8} Congressman Bob Bradey
9} Governor Tom Corbett
1}  Porn usage is a Hidden Addiction in many People's Lives.
2} Some people who partake of pornography are also highly religious and / or highly Spiritual people.
3} A request to testify in Front of Congress about Pornography
4} Pornography usage among Bible-Thumping Southern Baptists.
5} My own personal story about Pornography. Using it to heal and advocate for the banning of dangerous sexual activities and also making the pornography Industry more educational and less corrupted and less exploitative. Year ago I: wrote personal notes to Porn Stars about getting educated and dropping out of the pornography industry
6} The criminal side and the underworld side of the Porn Industry.
7} How much money is made in the Pornography Industry? {Some older estimates are that they made more money than all three {former} Major Networks make in revenue COMBINED}
8} Comments about Kirk Franklin and His Struggle with Pornography.
9} International Perspectives: Is Pornography a problem in India, Pakistan and Africa?
10} MOB Connections in the Black Church.
11} Concluding remarks and assessments...

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