Friday, September 28, 2012

Why The Cuban, Palestinian and World Revolutionary People { Including Many African People} Are Chosen.....

The Jewish People, funny isn't it, are always talking about being ``Chosen People'' Where do they get such malarkey from in the first place? Certainly there is much talk and ballyhoo about Jewish People and the State of Israel in the Bible.  I am NOT a Biblical expert, but I know that the Jewish people talked about in the Bible and the European Jewish People of today are two different People. [I have written extensively about the Jewish People in other articles on this Blog.]

The Jewish people of 2000 years ago were most likely of African decent, with dark skin and woolly hair, and other African features. [We may NEVER know the truth about this for sure because the Cairo Museum in Egypt and the British Museum in London, England have hidden and covered up a great many anthropological and architectual artifacts that would likely prove African origins of Egyptian and other high cultures mentioned in the Bible].

I say African People and Cubans in Revolutionary Cuba, are the choosen people because they have authentically suffered at the hands of White, sometimes Jewish oppressors.  If you are a follower of the Bible, you know that it speaks repeatedly of the weak, the meek and the powerless one day overcoming their oppressors and ``overcoming,''

This is a work in Progress and needs more writing and editing!!!

Palestinians: The excuse many conservative Jewish Scholars give for want the Palestinian People off of ``their'' land is Biblical in context.  THey point to the many references of Israele in the Bible and say they have rights ``Given by GOD.''  However, like I said, I believe that such references were NOT made about present-day European Jewish People, but the Jewish People of Old, who were More African in theis historical orientation--I believe.  

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