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A September 2012 Letter to Suzie Orman about Standing in Truth and REPARATIONS!!!.....

September 19th 2012 Wednesday 2:04 A.M. [Re-Edited Later]

To: Writer Suzie Orman
From: Brother Tracy Gibson
The Black Millionaire's Network
213 South 49th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19139-4205
Dear Ms. Orman:

I pick up a lot of books on self-help and read about 20 to 30 pages. Then I find some kind of excuse and never finish the books.  I was reading ``The Money Class'' and I found the information quite good and useful.  However, I was talking with a Black Nationalist friend of mine and because you are White, he totally discounted what you might have been able to contribute to his present financial life situation, which I believe is in need of help, by the way. I spoke with Him about this and I realized He had a point.  White people in the U.S. are living on a financial cushion that has been provided by People of colour for generations. By Some estimates by Black historians and Black researchers, there are about $ One Trillion Dollars due Africans and African Americans for past and present discrimination, slavery, The Black Holocaust, illegal financial manipulation through the Banking system and through the Mortgage process, etc. This is something you never, never discuss in your book. It is a reality my Nationalist friends harp on all the time.  It is just part of the reason that White people continue to out-strip Non-Whites [Especially Black people, Native Americans and Latinos--at least Some groups of Latinos, especially Puerto Rican People and especially males]--and it is the reason why when you talk about ``Standing in Your Truth'' I cringe and it also made me put your book down.  You are only standing in a partial TRUTH.  When you have generations of people of colour who have had their economics and their economies devastated by conquering White Settlers; en slavers with White skin; and discriminating Whites here on the Main Land--and on the Main Line by the Way, as Well--who take all the good jobs for themselves and leave us people of colour with nothing more than serious left-overs--you haven't REALLY looked at the truth for everybody at all. You should read the books I have listed on a separate sheet of paper here by Doctor Charles Ogeletree, Joe R. Feagin and Doctor Claud Anderson.  They speak a much deeper truth to Black people, indigenous people, oppressed people and those who feel discriminated against, exploited, used and abused by Whites and by Capitalism {as we know it}.  Unless you admit this and acknowledge how this exploitation and continued discrimination has built a cushion for Whites {Which still exists today} and has devastated Blacks, women, the indigenous and exploited people--you are only telling part of the story and you are only standing in a partial Truth yourself.

There are policies--covered under so-called National Security--that allow Blacks only a second-Class existence; There are policies that allow Black and Latin people to be discussed as a consumer class of people for other groups of in-coming Americans to come to Our Communities and set up businesses and pull literally Billions of dollars out of our communities without batting an eyelash.  The Jewish People did it; The South Koreans did it; and some New more wealthy and well-connected Latin groups are now doing it.  Of course, regular White folk--like Irish, Italians, WASPS, French, German and so forth, have also been about taking our money and giving very, very little back in return...  This is why my Nationalist friend gets upset and he has helped me see the falsehood and the hypocrisy in your New Book ``The Money Class.'' At the very least you should have had a section about how Whites through a system of exploitation, degradation and discrimination, have used Government and corporate policy to keep White Male faces at the helm of corporations and keep money in the pockets of Whites that is totally lacking in the pockets of Black people and other exploited groups like women {some among them}, Latinos {some among them}and indigenous peoples like Native Americans.

This is a truth that you are NOT standing in and I challenge you to write a book that looks at this
TRuth so we can really pull the rug off of the more heinous aspects of American life that Whites -- especially Republicans--continue to benefit from and yet refuse to admit is happening. I have worked myself with a group of dedicated Black men and Black women on the REPARATIONS issue which is dedicated to bringing economic justice to OUR cause as Black People. Most recently, I have moved into becoming a business person because I want to have a positive impact on helping myself become more financially sound and also helping my people become more financially sound.  I have been working at establishing my business since about 2002 and worked on research and development for years to start my own company.  We incorporated in 2006, but still are NOT fully solvent.  This is, in part, due to more of the same treatment I mentioned earlier.  I don't get much help from our Mayor in Philadelphia, Mr. Michael Nutter, nor Our City Councilpersons Jannie Blackwell and Blondell Reynolds Brown. [I have to ask in a more direct and forthright Way and stop pussyfooting!!] You see, while Black people vote them into office, it is Whites and American Asians who open their checkbooks and write the checks to make their campaign coffers fat and lovely.  This is something that creates an imbalance of Power--both social and especially economically--which they are NOT teaching at our city's prestigious Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania and it is something that exploited classes of people are not even fully aware of at the Grass-Roots Level. [This is the reason I have written several books which have yet to be published]. So in the end your book ``The Money Class'' is written on a half-truth. Yes, we MUST ALL take more responsibility for our financial decisions--but this Nation of Ours is by no means a level playing field.  It is a field that continues to benefit and prop up people with While skin.  The supporters of people with White skin  might get red-hot headed but the masses of Black people such as those in North Philadelphia, South West Philadelphia and even parts of West Philadelphia and German Town continue to feel the economic whip of the task-master and continue to be left out in the cold economically.

This is true of the economic policies handed down from the Treasury Department on down to the State Department which continues to allow Blacks and some groups of White poor people and Poor Latin People to be talked about as people who must be kept ``in their place'' and made to remain a ``consumer class'' while White men on means--means that are ill-gotten in many instances--are funnelled into our Nation's best Business Schools to become rich, powerful, connected Captains of Industry.  These policies, remain in tact regardless of the colour of the person in the White House and regardless of whether we have a Republican or a Democrat in office.  Until you deal with this level of dishonesty, manipulation, exploitation [both historically and present-day] and the evilness inherent in the North American way of life and the American system--you are NOT ``Standing in Truth'' at all.  Please read the letter which will be posted on my Google Blog {The Blog is called ``The Politics of Real''.  The letter is to Warren Buffet and describes how Whites of means can invest to begin to correct these wrongs, but basically, we as Black people will probably end up correcting these wrongs because White People, quite frankly, have very little record of doing the correct things when it comes to justice and fair play.  Please also see the enclosed information about the Black Millionaire's Network which is a path for Black and other oppressed people to create more economic fairness, equality, leverage, stability and economic justice for themselves and help open the eyes of oppressed people to help educate the and level the playing field FOR THEMSELVES!!! BASICALLY IF WE DON'T DO IT, NO ONE WILL!!! 

Some Suggested Books: ``All Deliberate Speed: Reflections on the First Half-Century of Brown V. Board of Education,'' by Charles J. Ogletree.

``Racist America: Roots, Current Realities and Future Reparations,'' by Joe R. Feagin.

``Black Labor, White Wealth: The Search for Power and Economic Justice,'' by Claud Anderson.

``PowerNomics: The National Plan to Empower Black Americans,'' by Claud Anderson...

Slightly Edited for Clarity on May 14th, 2013 [Tuesday] by Brother Tracy Gibson...

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