Wednesday, September 5, 2012

RE: Letter to My First Cousin, Leslie A. Peterson, September 3rd, 2012 {Monday}

From Brother Tracy Gibson
Visionary -- Businessman
213 South 49th Street
Philadelphia, Penn 19139-4205

Ms. Leslie Banks
The Place Where ALL the Money Is

Dear Leslie:

How the heck are you? I miss you a great deal all the time. I am writing you this letter to ask for help in getting my businesses established, profitable and off the Ground.  I am putting ads in the paper looking for investors, employees and help.  I need your positive spirit on my side.  I think we had a hard time relating once we got older, Leslie, but I never, ever stopped loving you. I know you loved our family and would and did do every thing you could for the children in the family.  I think I did a few things to really, really piss you off. I want you to know that it was NOT done intentionally.  I think you were really a victim of this Capitalist system as I also have been.  I am constantly told it is not good to look at the world through the eyes of victims and perpetrators or oppressors and oppressed--yet we live in an age of Travon Martin; Thousands of Black men being put in Jail for basically nothing; and Black women being asked to work for almost nothing in Third World Nations like Africa and Venezuela.  Some people think our state of oppression will never end unless we take up arms and spark an international insurrection which will be bloody and deeply costly in human lives.  I am praying that such a bloody insurrection can be avoided and that we can work through small businesses like mine to come up with solutions that will free us and help us reach true economic parity with our White Friends.  I need your spiritual power to come down from Heaven and protect and surround me as I go about the business of working our youth and the rest of us free from the economic, Spiritual, social and political bonds that are holding us back.  It is challenging and more than worth while.  I thank you for whatever you can do, but I hope and pray you can forgive me spiritually for asking for that $50.  loan I needed that got you so upset.  I had no where else to turn to get food and medicine which I needed at that particular time. As you know part of the Established Order's plan is to keep us on disability and child support, welfare and unemployment or trapped in dead-end, meaningless jobs--especially the most Brilliant among us--so we just feel hopeless and weak and never really make anything much of ourselves. So I hope and Pray you will forgive me for anything I may well have done to offend--that was not my intention.  I Love you and I love the memory of you. I will never forget the good times we had coming up as children--our Mom's being sisters and All.  You were so funny with those Big Rosy cheeks and your Deputy Dog Doll.  We both Loved your Mon Helen and your Dad Pete.  Those Days in Cape Maye were the Best Ever.  I thank GOD up Above for making us first Cousins and I will LOVe you for sever eternities.
GOD Bless you Forever___
Many, Many Blessings and Peace,
Brother Tracy Gibson
Brother Tracy Gibson
President and CEO
of Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, INc.
A Growing Concern; 213 South 49th Street; Philadelphia, Penn 19139; BLockBoi75@Yahoo.Com

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