Monday, September 10, 2012

Let's Support Our Activists In A Coordinated, Constructive, On-Going Way.....

Part of my plan is to start a multi layered foundation specifically for Black people which has rotating and diverse leadership from within the Black community. It will be depended on to fill our needs, specifically the needs of the most desperate and needy from within our community. It will generate its' own money through the sale of products, goods and services and be self-perpetuating and self sufficient..... It will be crucial to have people working for this foundation who are totally above board, honest and trust-worthy. I think, as an activist, another component and duty of this foundation will be to find our progressive community activists and inventors who are at the forefront of helping others in our community, but often go with with little or no support or recognition..... These people must be supported in an on-going fashion for us to continue our positive work at helping others. These investments in our people will generate greatly needed Capital for the foundation itself as these folks who are getting the support become financially able and stable enough, and are able to give back to the very foundation which supported them in their time of need. Such a foundation needs the financial and active support from the Black Celebrity Community to get off the ground and to generate the public support it will need in the future. Brother Tracy Gibson

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