Tuesday, September 25, 2012

All The Things You Think Are SO Important!!!!!

All The Things You Think Are SO Important, Are Usually NOT!!!

By Brother Tracy Gibson

One thing I just discovered yesterday is that, ALL the things I think are so important are NOT THAT IMPORTANT AT ALL!!!  People are important, but one person can't save ALL the people in the world.  That is a job for GOD... He or She {GOD} Might well enlist one or more of us humans to help Him or Her, but we can't handle all this alone.  Working together helps.  Another thing I have also noticed and learned is, it is important to work with other people, gain and earn their Trust  {But hopefully for altruistic reasons and good reasons}, BUT IT IS ALSO IMPORTANT TO SAVE MONEY..  PAY YOUR BILLS... {For Me}  I have to curb movies and Dinner Out because I love these things and can go to the extreme with them...  I also have a problem with overeating--that I have to work with and defeat.  So far I'm winning.  {Last November I weighted 270 LB, I am now down to 235 LB!!!}  This is a great achievement for me and I'm Not finished yet.  My Church, The Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia, has been instrumental in my own growth and development and my overcoming the negative aspects I have struggled with; my therapist, Doc Karen T. Jordan, has also helped me immensely; as have many, many of my friends such as Jerome Carter; Bruce Harvey; Minister Brian and Carl; Monique; and Sistah's Charlotte and Carla {Nzinga}.  So has the Reverend Frank and Ramosius and the memory of my Mother and Father and other relatives....  My Sistah Aziza and her Doctor Husband, Doc Keith Hunter, have been an immense help to me as well, as have their children.....I have a boat load of friends and family members who have helped me immensely.  But I have to get the spending under control and I have to STOP borrowing money.... SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!!!  I spent $17.25 on Dinner and a movie on September 24th    2012.  This money should have gone to Bills; My Dream Building efforts; the store and the building for the store I envision; Printing etc.  I have to find ways to cut costs by sending more e-mails and less regular mail. {I spend a King's Ransom on Postage...} Oprah and The President are NOT writing me checks yet, so I have to take responsibility for myself.  SAVE, SAVE, SAVE, Pay the BILLS.  ``Sometimes you have to go overboard before you can stay on ship and properly bail the water!!
I borrowed some money last week, but guess what, everybody will be paid back:
McKale Gets: $3.
Godfrey Gets: $25.
Andrew Gets: $10.
Pastor Nzinga Gets: $25.
Bruce Gets Paid: $25.
Ed Gets: $25.
Lemar Gets: $10. {For the Flier he did for the Adodi Film Event}
Eddie J. Gets: $20. {to give out fliers.}
Doc Jordan Gets: $50.
Black Enterprise Gets: $18. {Subscription}
Vegetarian Times {Gets: $22. for a new subscription..}
Cable TV Gets: $30.
Capital {A formal Loan Gets: $15.}
Video Gets: $40.
Copyright Gets: $30.
Staples Gets: $ 75. {for a new Computer Screen...}
On This Day, Tuesday at 3:30 A.M. I make a pact with Myself ti stay on Budget and NOT over spend.  Pay Bills, and stop exorbitant spending.. {I am working with a very, very small amount of money anyway.} PAY TAXES& SAVE;& SAVE;&SAVE!!  
Signed, Sealed, Delivered
Brother Tracy Gibson.....

*Watch ``Hancock'' tonight at 8 P.M. on FX 9/25/2012 ..... He, GOD, did NOT have to give me another day or another chance...

The Gifts God Gives Us ALL as Americans Everyday.....

There are many, many gifts we have as Africans living in North America.  All people who live here also get them as well.  Yes, we are held back by the Powers and Authorities if we challenge the system which oppresses us; Yes it is not an easy road to hoe; NO it is not easy for many of us.  But we are screaming in the wind if we are sitting on the street corners waiting for something to just fall in front of us and to be given to us.  I totally don't understand the Brothers and Sisters who just sit in idle hopelessness on the streets or in front of their house and do nothing when there is so much to do. Just look around you!!!  Every time I see a fat or overweight person, I am thinking to myself ``Yes I have work to do to inform this person about her or his being overweight and how they can control this aspect of their life; I think I have a lot of work to do when I think about all the children in Philadelphia who are getting sub standard educations--what can I do to help? ; When I see the Paul Robeson House {at 50th and Walnut Street} looking like someone threw it into a mess factory, I know I need to lend a hand and help; when I see our men and women locked out of the housing industry as carpenters; mechanics; carpet layers; electricians; Sheet-metal workers; housing contractors; Dry Wall Layers; Maintenance Persons; I know there must be some way for me to help, so I do what I can...  I don't understand the concept of ``JUST SITTING THERE''  When there is so much to be done.  For example: Friday night at the Franklyn Institute 20th and the Parkway, at 5 P.M. there is a fantastic City Wide Meeting about how to improve our schools and help build our schools into better schools for our young people. I will be there.  What will you be doing? Watching the Eagles? Watching the Phillie's? Watching the 76res? Hanging out? Smoking dope? Hopefully you will be relaxing too tired to go to the meeting because you had a busy work week.  I will understand if YOU don't go to this meeting.  But many of us SHOULD be there!!!  Now, If I sound like a REPUBLICAN, believe me I am far, far away from being such. I am a Liberal, a Progressive and even a REVOLUTIONARY thinker who wants to change the system we live under for good, with the help of many, many others like me.  Where are we on TV? Where are we in the Movies? I'm TALKING ABOUT REALLY CONSTRUCTIVE, WELL-PUT-TOGETHER MOVIES, NOT THE JUNK AND CRAP THAT IS BEING RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC RIGHT NOW... We are non-existent TO A LARGE DEGREE....  So we need you to show up on Friday to make us all, as progressive activists, become more visible in the future. WE ALSO NEED TO BE VISITING THE library MORE OFTEN.  DO YOU REALIZE WHAT AN ADVANTAGE WE HAVE IN HAVING SUCH A WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE AND INFORMATION AVAILABLE AT THE FREE LIBRARY?  PEOPLE HAD TO FIGHT TO GET THEM TO STAY OPEN BECAUSE OUR MAYOR WAS TRYING TO CLOSE MANY OF THEM FOR COST-CUTTING MEASURES.  THE PEOPLE GOT TOGETHER AND ROSE UP AND SAID NO IN AN ON-GOING AND ORGANIZED WAY.  THIS WAS A TRULY GOOD THING AND i AM PROUD OF OUR PEOPLE FOR DOING THIS...  Call me about the other things I'm doing to better the chances of our youth growing up to be: law-abiding; responsible, respectful, educated, up-standing, positive-thinking and driven individuals. I can be reached at of 12154716494.....

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