Saturday, October 12, 2013

Who Is Crazy??! NOT ``EYE'''

Sometimes people call me rash and crazy. My question is: Is the society We live in rash or is it Crazy? Most people will say it is crazy. We don't pay our bills as a Nation and take decent and well-rounded education AWAY from innocent children; we spend about 54 % of the budget for the military and to spy on people domestically and on foreign land; we sped a fortune on food that is killing us and the environment. That is just three examples of the insanity. Now, listen closely, I'm only going to write this once. If the society is crazy and we support venues and entities that support this society and its' insanity such as the football games; the basketball games; Wall Street Stock Market Adventures with our money; Pork Hot Dogs; Macaroni and cheese with extra cheese and heavy cream; MacDonald's; The existing School System that is miseducating our children; Television [most of it]; The Movies [most of them]; expensive status shoes with red bottoms; and the over-sexed advertising industry [that is just a small part of the real picture]--we are NOT about making change. We are about sustaining the insanity.  I have worked and continue to work very hard and diligently, for about 10 hours a day, at making positive change in our North American society [especially among my friends who Will listen], and Our World. I have done this consistently for 35 years.  I have also seen a shrink to deal with some adjustment issues I was having pertaining mostly to my sexuality; early difficult relations with my Father; fear; addiction to food; and even stabilizing myself financially.  Some people think only crazy people go see a psychiatrist. Quite the contrary, if you are having problems understanding your place of existence in the insanity and are having problems in building a circuit of sane friends that Will act as an oasis of sanity for yourself, you had better seek council with a professional.  Otherwise, you mirror the very insanity you think you are NOT a part of. Tuning out with your I-Pod; Tuning out by tuning in to escapism like TV and Movies [ again most of them]; ignoring the books that come out that are telling you the truth and providing the inevitably telling ``writing on the wall'' [usually politically that is] is not a good suggestion or a good idea.  If you are an adult I strongly suggest you read: The Final Call; The Progressive Magazine; Mother Jones, The Nation;  The Crisis; Log onto: Seeing; Log onto The Congress of Black Women, Inc.'s Web page; Log onto the web page of the National Action Network and if you live in Philadelphia or can get on the Web, log onto or listen to: WURD Radio, 900 A.M.  Soon you will be able to determine what is sane and what isn't. You probably need to omit some people from your life who are not very good to keep company with.  Are your friends embellishing and accepting your own personal addictions and your other madness or are they challenging you to do better?  Are you reading good books [write me for an extensive book list. Put ``I Need Your Book List'' in the subject line.] If you don't want to talk to a psychiatrist, talk to your Imam or Pastor or your general practitioner or a trusted friend or a trusted family member.........  You Will begin to understand that this thing is not hopeless and that we have the Upper Hand as BLacks; as Progressives; and as radical-left and visionary and independent and True Patriotic North American and WORLD Thinkers--regardless of what race you are or what religion you are.  GOD Bless you and stay Well and safe.

Peace and Blessings,

Brother Tracy Gibson.....  Also Known As ``The Wisdom Seeker...''

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