Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Malcolm X on the Trap of Racism.....

But these are traps. He traps us because he knows it's impossible for us to go forward unless we get together.  But what basis are we going to get together on? We've got to get together on the same basis they got together. Italians got together because they were Italian, the Jews got together on the basis of being Jews, the Irish got together on the basis of being Irish. Now what basis are you and I going to get together on? We've got to have some kind of basis. But as soon as we mention the only basis that we've got to together on, they trick us by telling our leaders, you know,that anything that's all Black is putting segregation in reverse. [Laughter] Isn't that what they say? So the people who are Black don't want to get together because they don't want segregation. See, the man is tricky, brothers and sisters. I mean the man is tricky. He's a master of tricks. And if you don't realize how tricky he is, he'll have you maneuvered right on back into slavery--I shouldn't say back into slavery because we're not out of it yet.  [Applause]

From Malcolm X on Afro-American History

Comments by Brother Tracy Gibson:

We still have much to learn from our Brother Malcolm X. We should constantly read His works and books and get copies of his audios. The audaciousness of the crap being sole and presented to us as movies and TV programming can be re-defined in its' proper light by studying Malcolm X and some of our other more radical, established Black thinkers.  If you read and of my blog, you know I'm pretty well self-educated myself, but I am a lightweight compared to Brother Malcolm X. Find His early speeches especially and gain knowledge that Will
 help you deal more correctly, honestly and positively with this White man.

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