Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The United Nations May Be Obsolete And Useless for Most of the World's People!!!

Many small and ignored Nations around the world are starting to complain, the people of those nation's at least--or have been complaining for years--about the undue power and influence that the Permanent Missions to the United Nation's that make up the Security Council--the United States, China and Russia--have.  The fact that they have veto power over issues and concerns that smaller nations feel are important to them  is NOT settling well with the smaller nations.  Iran, for example, has had many of their issues and concerns involving what they feel are the intrusion of the United States into their internal affairs, squashed.  Iran has also been concerned about other issues the U.S. has dominated or unduly manipulated such as Middle Eastern affairs and such.  Nations such as Nicaragua, Laos, Zimbabwe, Togo, Brazil and Venezuela have also made similar complaints in a consistent and ongoing fashion.  Some sources said that there may well be a need to start and recognize another body on international diplomacy  and nation-to-nation interaction that is more free, open and fair.  What do you think? Please write me and let me know.  I can be reached at The Black Millionaire's Network,'' at: Post Office Box 42878; Philadelphia, Pa 19101-2878. I Will seek confirmation of sources that Will go on record for this article in the near future.


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