Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Public Service Announcement About 52nd Street Being Africa Town.....

Public Service Announcement: For WURD RADIO and BEE 101…. Check out the Afro-Centric Store at 221 South 52nd Str. in West Philadelphia--near 52nd and Locust Street.  If you are interested in signing a petition to make 52nd Street from Woodland Avenue to Lancaster Avenue, AFRICA TOWN, please come in and sign the petition. This would help the city, state and federal goernment help pinpoint suport services for that area and make it easier for Black owned business to florish ther and would help stabalize Black communities in Philadelphia. The Brothers at the store have joined up with a few brave members of the community for this important endeavor.  Call them at 1.[215]-476-0680  they are open regular business hours.  Send over infoatWURDRADI.Com


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