Tuesday, October 8, 2013


``The New Man’’

Aspiring Philanthropist, honest, trust-worthy, established writer, and PR expert, 56—a humble, Black Businessman—who needs to lose about 30 some pounds, is seeking a new male partner for a close, intimate, long-lasting, monogamist relationship.  You need to be at least 32 years of age, ambitious, honest, trust-worthy, focused and hard working. We Will have to date for three months before we get together for any intimacy. I like Brothers who play their car radios softly and listen to JAZZ and like to go for long walks and talk about politics and the positive future of Black People.  I have the requirement that you have a five-year positive work history or at least a four-year college degree.  You MUST be Willing to learn from me, as I Will be Ready, Willing and Able to learn from you.  I am NOT looking for a thug type, but if you have a prison background [and are reformed], we can at least talk.  I am NOT a snob, but have been through a lot and don’t have time, patience or the inclination to go through more silliness or take time away from my busy and important schedule to deal with inane drama or negativity.  I Will be well-heeled, [Well Off] in a matter of months. I prefer a man who does NOT have children.  You should be about helping Black People move forward economically and have no fear of radical, but, of course totally legal, political activity, progressive ideology, reading, foreign films, the legitimate theatre, writing and attending nice restaurants. I am seeking a MAN—not someone I Will have to raise.  I have very little fashion sense and I can use some help in picking out a few nice new items for myself.  By the way, I have a good sense of humor, but I am NOT joking or kidding about a single word I wrote here.  Only adult, serious-minded MEN who want to move forward in a positive direction with their lives need apply.… Much Peace and Many Blessings to you,

Brother Tracy Gibson….. 

Reach me at:  BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com or call 1.215.471.64.94. Please be discreet. ..

Please put: ``The New Man’’   in the Subject Line of your e-mail.….. and tell me about yourself…..and why you want to consider dating..….

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