Wednesday, October 16, 2013

You Lost Me When You Didn't Say Hello or Good Morning....................

Now, check dis out.  I'm a Black man, wit five feet of the White Man stuck up my ass and they stole ALL the jobs, the land from the Native Americans,  and took the jobs off-shore, and we was, check dis out, we was in slavery for over 200 years doing their bidding, [cuz--they wanted free labor] and we still face discrimination, and check dis out, I ain't saying ALL White folk, because we be our own worse enemy also sometimes--we as Black People can be nasty and thankless, and dirty, and disrespectful, and scheming and negative like our White Captors also [but thank GOD there are some of us who are respectful, kind, courteous, clean, ambitious, hard-working, and ginger and there are WHITE folks like this also]--and yes we are still captives of them--just try to be a real Revolutionary businessman and visionary and positive thinker for your People, your Black People and put all that into action and you will see what I mean. You Will see what I'm talking about. But what I'm getting at is WHITE folk can't, some of them the stuck-up ones with no sense of humor and no GLEE and no laughter in their lives, the ones who never listen to jazz or eat greens and southern spicy baked chicken--see how many of them speak to you in the morning with just a hello or a good morning..... Isn't that ridiculous?  They can't even say hello. I don't get it. I think that is totally fucked up on their part, but I'm not talking about ALL WHITE FOLKS OR ALL BLACK FOLKS!!!

Brother Tracy...

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