Monday, June 18, 2012


The Powerful Third Eye.....
By Brother Tracy Gibson
{Visionary - Businessman}
This is an Open Letter to My Good Brothers and Sisters on the North American Shore and around the World, including the African Continent...
Look at the American Dollar Bill and you will see {On the Back} The Third Eye. The Eye in the Egyptian {African} Pyramid. Right at the TOP!!! We keep chasing these dollar bills as if they really mean a lot more than what they really do mean. There are people who have enough of them to stretch around the world a few times like Warren Buffett does--and they are still unsatisfied and still miserable people. They are still having a bad day, each and every day, because they just don't get enough dollar bills and have enough of Our money. They need to get over it and real quick. They are often filled with hatred, ugly mentalities, and scheming-money-grubbing--``Rule-the-World'' plots, ideas and thoughts. Some of these people who are caught up like this are also Black and Latin and Asian, but many, many of them are White. I would venture to say MOST of them are White and Male. They are usually against true democracy, true freedom and true justice as they make their plans to exploit, profit, plunder and kill. Some of these people exist in places like China as well, which is suppose to be a Communists Country, so don't fall for the same old, run-of-the-mill Anti-Communism... It is the profit making and the exploitation of our fellow humans that is the real problem. Capitalism can work, but it needs to be vastly re-tooled, thought out a new and RECONSTRUCTED!!! Totally overhauled to be much, much more humane, decent and about renewable energy sources, sustainability and a clean environment and clean air and water... It simple needs to be made more ``People Friendly'' and we need to be putting our best minds and our energy hard at work, internationally, at working on this... We need to learn more than is being offered on TV because CNN doesn't tell you this stuff. They often don't tell the Truth. They are the ``Smiling Faces'' the O Jays and Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff of Philadelphia International Records were telling us about back in the 1970's and 1980's, as I am sure my fellow ``Old School'' comrades and friends will remember.
I once took a class at the Money School of Delaware and the instructor said we have to keep some money stashed away for a rainy day because ``Cash is KING!!!''.. I have come to disagree with her. If there are people with enough dollar bills to stretch around the globe once or twice like the Mellon's do, and they are still unhappy, nasty and negative people like Sarah Palin is, Cash isn't ``KING'' at all--we as Black people and others who care about people first are the Kings and Queens and Empresses and Emperors of the World and the Love we hold so proudly in our hearts for ourselves and for each other and for GOD is REALLY KING!!! If you are a racist, an ignorant person who doesn't want to learn anything new and a hater, you are part and parcel of the problem--not the solution. Problems come in ALL races as do solutions.
Most people I know, and they are just about ALL Black people, only want or envision having enough money to make it another day or two: to get food on the table and needed medicine; to pay for their children's educations'; to pay for decent housing and shelter; to get around from place to place--{Trans passes from SEPTA--especially monthly ones--are a great commodity and of great value right about now if you live in the Philadelphia area--``at least I can get to my job if I have one,'' most local people think.}.. Most of us aren't thinking and dreaming of great mansions; expensive European vacations; big Sweetish-Built Yachts; diamonds, furs, fancy expensive bracelets; fine antiques; jewels; expensive, extravagant meals like fillet Minion or Chateau Bria; expensive Persian carpets; servants and valets to wait on us hand and foot; fancy Italian and German cars with funny names; flouncy Italian designer clothing, slacks, shoes and dresses; expensive Italian and French suites and shoes; expensive cigarettes, cigars and cigarette and cigar habits; expensive, flagrant bubble baths from France and Spain; expensive drug habits; expensive hats and fancy hairstyles. No, we don't think of that stuff at all {Now, you know damned well I'm kidding myself}. No. We just want to make it another day and get our children educated properly. We just want to have good values instilled in our children and a nice warm place to live.... We just want our children to be able to learn about the illustrious history {Our proper place in World History as People from the Black and African Diaspora} in as real and as truthful a manner as possible. Some of us want the Bling, Bling and the frills, and the bull crap--but most of us will settle for the basics in life because we know to want for more in a country and World that is so filled to the rim with anti-Black and Anti-African Racism and hatred for us as a people--wanting more, wanting Bling Bling is like grasping for the Brass ring at the Circus--The Ring that we will never get and never reach or attain in actuality.
Of course there are people who have achieved Bling Bling, but I just don't have that as a personal goal. IF I can see my community stable and more people eating, going to school, waiting for a while to have children, going to church or Mosque, acting in a loving Way towards our community, respecting peers and elders--that is a certain wealth that is far more worth while than Big Bucks, racy cars and white chicks. If you get my drift. So save a few dollars and work towards that investment property or the business you have always wanted, but maybe you should make the people in your neighborhood and you KING instead of a cold Dollar Bill. This, to me is true progress.
Brother Tracy Gibson can be reached at BLockBoi75@Yahoo.Com

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