Thursday, June 14, 2012

Number 5 of the series on Oil Prices and Midle East Peace Through Brother Tracy Gibson...

Part #8}  We need to use whatever influences we have to help the Palestinian people, the Progressive Arab Community and even the terrorist's influences and interests among Arab people, the Israelis and others to see that they need to put down {and MUST Put Down}their violent tactics and put down their bombs and out down their arms and take up the tactics of Peace instead.  One of the top things we need to do is to help them understand that working towards cheaper gas prices in North America can help refuel the World economy; bring more Peace and understanding; and help spark renewed development and support for work on rebuilding the infrastructure of North America.  That is selling Peace, not war and will help put the merchants of death and destruction out of work and out of business until they can retool their companies for Peace--the major arms dealers who make billions of dollars off of the backs of war and destruction and the young male and female children who are dying in the many wars they profit from around the World.  Many of these wars find Black and Arab casualties very high and are carried out by the United States and our so-called allies.  Let's use Peaceful tactics such as this--information gathering and sharing, protest, networking, public meetings, boycotts, information tables, gathering petitions etc.-- to stop the destruction and fuel a Peaceful economy that helps strip so much power from the Big Oil companies and puts more power in the hands of the temporarily disenfranchised and oppressed people of the World.

Part # 9  The Public Relations Bonanza that will be realized by the Arab people {especially the Palestinian People} from finding a Peaceful Way to lower oil prices will be able to be leveraged among the North American public as a wedge to finding lasting solutions to Peace and land ownership  for the Palestinian People of the Middle East.  The American-led oil companies can have their influence decreased along with their profit margins if the White-Owned Major Goliath Media can be convinced that this will eventually spark an increase in infrastructure investments and redevelopment and reconstruction in our own Nation because this will more quickly than we might expect, bring about a lower unemployment rate and a stable economy. This will not only impact positively on the U.S., but the rest of the world as well...

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