Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How we Can All Help In Our Work!!!

We will accept small donations {$500. to $10000. Dollars} that will help us buy stamps; buy paper {100 % recycled}; buy computer cartridges; buy gas for the business use of the car; buy envelopes; pay rental fees; office equipment; pay legal fees; pay for staffing; pay for the Founder, President and CEO's salary; and buy Real Estate and Property.

Your donation will NOT be tax deductible because we are a for-profit company. We are determined and consistent in our activity to help our Black youth especially, to turn the corner and steer towards a better life for themselves and their families. ...  We are doing this on four fronts. They are through 1} The soon-to-be-published books: ``Writing In Wet Cement,'' by Brother Tracy Gibson and ``A Gathering of Children: A Fantasy World of Real Life Poems,'' also by Brother Tracy Gibson.  The first book intersperses the life of Brother Tracy Gibson--his travels, his youthful experiences and adventures, his schooling and his relationships--with some serious advice and political commentary about living the ethical and better life that builds responsibility, reliability, trustworthiness, and honor in our young people and the rest of us. He is NOT and Was NOT perfect, but has learned from the mistakes He has made. The book has its' controversial points, but it is expected to be a best seller and a Blockbuster like ``Man-Child in the Promised Land,'' by Claude Brown was in the 1970's. The second book is an exciting book of poetry out in September as well.

Brother Gibson is also working on developing a network of stores called ``The Knowledge Hut,'' that will  offer a great selection of ethically chosen DVD's; CD's; Books; Tee-Shirts; Greeting cards; Posters; and a few healthy food items.  These products are not just thrown at our Young people for them to purchase.  They are carefully selected to build better character; build respect for elders and each other; build responsibility; build reliability; build trust; and build young minds that are more concerned with starting businesses than just getting a job. 

Our Business Plan is just about done {We attended the Small Business Development Center @ Temple University for 10 weeks {We graduated and did our final presentation on May 31, 2012} and still have about two weeks to put the final touches on the Business Plan... {As we develop it, you can see our work on this Bloog.  Look under Knowledge Hut Business Plan}

There are several other components to the company we Incorporated in 2006 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania...  Our Parent Company name is: Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, Inc..... We are an Education,  Marketing, Publishing, Celebrity Management, Retail Outlets, Public Relations, Advertising and Advocacy concern with a heart.  We had an office at 3819 Lancaster Avenue for a year and a half {From April 2006 to September 2007} but had to temporarily close up shop when the economic down turn took hold.  We are presently in the research and development stages, but still doing heavy advocacy for the Black community; the Progressive Community and for all people internationally who quest for change, democracy, hope and positive progressive order.

As part of our advocacy, we write literally hundreds of letters a year. Some of those letters have advocated for the following subjects [this list is NOT inclusive]: Better housing; more jobs from the government and the private sector; Free trade and travel with Cuba; the rights of Same Gender Loving people such as job rights, the right to marry and the right to organize effectively; the Rights of oppressed women to work, go to school, make a living wage and live with dignity and grace; better artistic outlets for people of color and Non-Whites such as more intellectually challenging films, theater, music [especially rap and hip hop], videos and TV programming; better nutrition for the Black community and nutritional education; the rights of Non-White children and Black children to have solid educations from kindergarten through college; The rights of the Palestinian People to live freely and travel and work in Israel and have their own country and land; more freedom of information and less cumbersome, bellicose laws like the Patriot Act I, The Patriot Act II and the National Security Act signed by President Bush II and or President Barack Obama, which impinge on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties [it is our position that these laws should be rescinded, turned back, overturned and rejected at every point as they have weakened our democracy]; An open and free Press and access to media and less concentrated ownership of media by the ultra rich [the media should ultimately be in the hands of the people--especially poor and oppressed people such as Black people, Latin people and poor Whites who are thinking clearly on the issues of race, gender rights, the rights of women and the rights of the disabled]; and we have also written to find peaceful Ways to work with others [and within our own company] to develop a more free and open society and end the tradition of war our country has followed for generations.

If you want to join us in the import and crucial work we are doing, we hope you will read more of the articles on this Blogg and send us the donation we talked about at the beginning of this promotional article.  You can send youR donations to: Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson; 213 South 49th Street; Philadelphia, Penn 19139-4205; or you can e-Mail us at: BLockBoi75@Yahoo.Com

you can also call us at: 1.215.471.6494. You can also reach the Founder, President and CEO at: BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com
 The more you can give, the quicker we will be able to get ouR work fully under way.  Please send and ask for a full disclosure of the 8 businesses components we presently have. We thank you for considering us.  If you want to partner with us on any particular business component, please call and let us know.  We will have full disclosure, and all our legal agreements will be easy to follow and understand...


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