Friday, June 8, 2012

Letter to Fred, a Friend in the Struggle...

Dear Fred:

I hope you and your family are well. I think about you all {Like Teresa and Larry Holmes and the Other sister, I can't remember her name} all the time. What ever happened to Sahoo? I have recently been thinking about you and was moved to write...

It has been a long time since we first met when I brought a friend of mine {Frank Campbell}up to New York for a meeting and all the excitement started. I learned a great deal from you, Brother Frank, over the years. I am putting the finishing touches on a Book entitled: ``Tracks to Truth, Trust, Power, Justice and Wealth: A Grass Roots Criteria for Liberation.'' It is geared towards getting the Black youth in our Nation to think more clearly about politics, adhere to better values and ethics such as responsibility, reliability, having respect for elders, thinking in terms of building small businesses geared to build lives instead of exploit people, and to do well in school. It is also written for the rest of us, including the diverse class of Progressive thinkers in our Nation, and the left out and the oppressed. It is a compilation of stories drawn from my own life and intermingled with my own political thoughts on issues and my own educated opinions and commentary. As you can see, I have NOT given up the struggle, by any means. I was hoping you could give me some pointers on getting the book published. I was hoping that you might have some contacts that will be useful and helpful. Some of the segments in the book are on my Bloog, which you can read by Googling: Brother Tracy Gibson, and looking under ``The Politics of Real.'' I am working on several other maters, but the book is crucial. I worked on it for seven years. I would like to have a discussion with you at some point about utilizing small business to bring more sanity to the system we live under. I know you Communists and Socialists want to bring the whole sucker down in it's entirety, but I'm not convinced that it will happen that way. I am also convinced that Communism can be as corrupted and out of step with what the people want as Capitalism obviously is. Some of these Communist Parties can be really intransigent and out of step with people's needs and desires. They need to, for example, put more components into place that allow more freedom of speech, more democratic sharing of ideas, more wages for the exploited and other freedoms. Believe me I know full well that such Freedoms are largely an illusion in our own country, and they are being chipped away at each day by the Capitalist system through the Passage of such laws as The Patriot Act and the Patriot Act II, but that is just more the reason to keep the pressure on and demand change. I'm almost totally disappointed in President Obama and DON'T plan to vote for him in November. {Many people knew better than to vote for him in the first place, I was NOT one of those}... I fell for the whole Black President thing head over heels... I am very disappointed. I am disgusted at the drone bombings that are still killing hundreds of babies and women every few months. I can't ethically vote for that. I was awakened to this by a recent speech Tony Monterio gave here in Philadelphia when Sistah Cynthia McKinney came to speak. I hope you will take time to look into my Blogg and get back to me. I really want to get this book published. I have a small contract with Exlibris {$250.}, but I am having trouble getting the copyright back from the Library of Congress. Feel free to contact me at the contact points below. Stay safe and be well.....

Many Blessings,

Brother Tracy Gibson


Brother Tracy Gibson

213 South 49th Street

Philadelphia, Penn 19139-4105

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