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Letter to the Libyan Mission Dated: August, 29, 2010...

Brother Tracy Gibson
Listener-Teacher-Learner And Business Man
214 Southwyk Road
New Castle, Delaware  19720

The Libyan Permanent Mission to The
United Nations
309-315 East 48th Street
New York, New York  10017

Dear Friends at the Libyan Mission:

Good afternoon... How have you been? I have not written you before, but I'm losing hope and faith that I will ever find a job in the U.S. without some supports from outside our Nation. I feel that the country of Libya has always gotten a raw deal from the U.S. and that we have NOT treated you fairly.  It amazes me how we can cry and boo hoo about the Lockerbie incident and always forget that President Ronald Reagan bombed Libya into oblivion and ruthlessly killed Moammar Qaddafi's innocent, young daughter during one of those brutal bombing raids. Somehow most Americans forget these things and our media does nothing to remind us. I would like to volunteer to help your Nation restore its' good name among Americans. I would like to see more trade and fair play between our Nations and more reaching out with love and understanding instead of pointing fingers and accusing each other of wrong doing. Eventually, I would like to work in the fields of travel, trade and / or the business development end of your government, with a quasi-governmental agency or a private company that deals with relations between the two countries--especially regarding trade, culture and /or business.

I want you to know that I'm about the children and the youth...... I want to help children and young people in America who are the most down trodden and poor, and eventually I want to help children in poor neighborhoods throughout the world including Africa, India, the Middle East and China.

I have a positive, proactive, American plan for our Black, Latin, Poor and Disabled youth that can be utilized for other Nations... I want to put hundreds and eventually thousands of Black, Latin and Left Out Children and youth to work in my stores for my corporation--at a fare wage--and or make sure they have really good role models as they grow older.... I hope to extend this plan to other parts of the world if and when we meet with BIG SUCCESS IN AMERICA.. It is a good plan and it will save the American tax-payer billions of dollars as more and more of our troubled and at-risk youth become responsible, reliable individuals--not dependent on the state, but tax-paying, productive citizens {I know this will work in depressed areas in other countries like China and ALL OVER AFRICA AS WELL.....} The youth will not be prison inmates, but firemen, teachers, designers, engineers and respected citizens--that's what we want youth to become..... They will be ready to take on their futures, not destroy them..... They will not be trouble makers, but entrepreneurs, college graduates, business people and the light of the communities from which they came. It is a plan to change lives, but more importantly, it is a plan to change and challenge attitudes.  But we need some Capital to spark this plan into action..... We are hoping, no we are PRAYING that you will be able to help..... {I know you get requests all the time, but I hope you will hear us out.....}

Part of my plan is to start a multi layered foundation specifically for Black people that has rotating and diverse leadership.  It will be depended on to fill our needs, specifically the needs of the most desperate and needy from within our community. It will generate its' own money through the sale of products, goods and services and be self-perpetuating.  It will be crucial to have people working for this foundation who are totally above board, honest and trust-worthy.  I think, as an activist, that another component and duty of this foundation will be to find our progressive community activists and inventors who are at the forefront of helping others in our community, but often go with little or no support or recognition..... These investments in our people will generate greatly needed Capital for the foundation itself as these folks who are getting the support become financially able and stable enough, and are able to give back to the very foundation that supported them in their time of need.  Such a foundation needs the financial and active support from the Black Celebrity community to get off the ground and to generate the public support it will need in the future.

I am a businessman and journalist making my home in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area--and I want to help..... I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1956 at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital.  I now reside in New Castle, Delaware. {Since the original writing of this letter, I moved BACK to West Philadelphia} I am politically progressive, like our President, but I am also against the proliferation of massive amounts of weapons and hand guns in our inner cities and decidedly against the triple agony of crime, war and poverty.  I want to do something on a massive level to help the neediest among us.

Unfortunately, it is our young Black And Latin at-risk men who are responsible for much of the crime in our inner cities, here in the United States....  {There is certainly a proven connection between joblessness and the high crime rates in our inner cities.} They are also some of the main ones being used as cannon fodder for the wars that the rich and powerful are waging on at least two fronts by the U.S. Pentagon.... I  have dedicated my life to helping and assisting just such men as well as young Black women.  My  feeling is that if we can make these young men {and young  women}, while they are still young, into responsible, reliable, law-abiding citizens who thirst  for education and decency instead of illegal drugs, the illegal drug life, easy money and  the  thug mentality, we have saved lives,  we have transformed futures and we have saved a decent chunk of our humanity  as American  citizens.  Wouldn't that make sense to Chinese, Libyan, Indian and African youth who are impoverished as well?

That is where you come in. I need your help in turning lives around, finding jobs for these youths and gearing them more towards education, higher education and finding a positive way in  life and positive solutions that join families together, not tear them asunder.....  I also want  to see more young Black  men and  young Black women  in church or Mosque and educational Institutions instead of in the prison system  or getting into trouble in our schools or on inner city  streets....  I have many skills that have qualified me to work on their behalf in the past {See Resume}.   I need your help in finding a work-at-home position as a Business Officer, Community Organizer, Business Manager, Real Estate manager, Social Media Organizer, Media Manager, Writer, PR Person or Blogger that can keep me working for them into the  future.  I think you can help me in my quest.  I have already done things like send 100 young Black boys to the 10th Anniversary of the Million Man March in Washington, D.C., on  chaperoned buses in October of 2005; sold tee-shirts with positive slogans about Black youth; advocated for more ethically relevant educations  for Black and Latin youths; spearheaded a community movement in my  former neighborhood to rid  the  area of a notorious bar that was creating a very bad atmosphere for our seniors and youths; and mentored young men on a personal level as well.... But I want to do more....---much, much more...

What I also want is a ticket that will get me on the ground floor of developing my own business that will help change lives in a positive way.  Tickets that will help catapult me into becoming a philanthropist, an established business owner, and a man who can be relied  and depended on to help in the community where help is needed.  I want a ticket to membership in an exclusive club of men and women who help build America up and rebuild our Nation to a position of power by helping others, not just by pushing small Nations and people around through military might, ruthless expansionism and exploitation.

But time is of the essence.  At this point, we are literally grabbing our young brothers and sisters out of the vicious jaws of the heated fire of inequity, despair, hopelessness and neglect right as it is about to engulf them as more and more young people are being picked up for minor illegal drug offenses; truancy; shoplifting; theft; and other minor infractions that reflect bad behavior, poor judgement and poor choices; and that create a record for them that they often can't shake. This often leads to a lifetime of hopelessness and criminal behavior that we want to turn around.  Our youth need more guidance, positive support and more positive role models like you and I.  I HOPE and PRAY  you can help us turn things around.  There are many people across the country who have already taken up peaceful arms to help these changes become reality...  We are not asking our sponsors to do much.  But each helping hand will relate back to helping the young brothers and young sisters in the community.

I think our educational system needs to be overhauled to be more ethically sensitive--inclined towards and adherent to the true diversity and good nature of our Nation.  I also think the development of Green Businesses is a first step towards the eventual refurbishment and reconciliation of our Nation, but I think we have to help the most poor, the left out and the disenfranchised as well.  I feel there needs to be more economic opportunity in our inner city communities--especially for people of color such as Black people and Latin people--especially youth.

I have  sent  letters to Citgo,  Exxon, Shell., BP and Sunoco to ask that they hire Black and Latin youth over the Summer as hired hands around the gas stations to pump gas, clean up and do minor re-pares on cars is possible.  This would have given these youngsters  valuable work experience, built discipline  and built good character among  them and  helped in training them to be better workers and leaders  into the future.  Unfortunately, because I'm just a  disabled {read differently abled} businessman and worker myself, my letters went unanswered and unheeded...  You would think that with all the  bad publicity the Big Oil Companies are  contending with right now, they would have jumped  at the chance to do something positive to strengthen and improve their image.  Unfortunately, this is NOT true....

I have enclosed a list of businesses that I have been promoting and working towards getting funded. (Please call us if you did not receive a list of businesses). I am a serious business owner who once had a Public Relations, Advertising, Community Advocacy and Marketing firm in the heart of West Philadelphia--in the Powelton Village section of University City. We had to close up shop due to the massive and unexpected economic down turn our Nation faced in 2007.  What I'm doing now is starting small, even though my ultimate plans are very big.  I have many Black Youth in my family coming out of college and university in the next few years. I want them to be able to find work experiences with my company because opportunities are so limited with established, main Stream businesses in the U.S.--especially if you are Black or Latin. That is a reality not just my humble opinion.

I know because I remember when I came out of School (The Ohio State University with a degree in Journalism) and applied for work, I was unable to get any positive responses from the major White-owned Madison Avenue advertising agencies I applied with. Even my summer internship at TV Guide Magazine didn't get me in the door at that time (1978). That was over some 30 years ago and in a way I I'm still knocking at the door--but also creating my own door(s) so I can be a lot more forthcoming with opportunities for young people of color (not just in my family), as well as poor youth and myself in the very near future.

I have followed the careers of a few Blockbuster Hollywood producers and other ``star types'' and seen them rise out of no where, with equal or less education than I have, and become movie moguls, big stars, ``idea pushers'' and money changers. Often they DON'T support the progressive, life changing issues, concerns and organizations that I do and will support into the future (See the list of Non-Profit Companies we have supported in the past at ) --but they have money to burn.  What do these celebrity types use it for? It goes for expansive yachts; gaudy diamonds, jewels, rubies, expensive art work, and gold; phenomenally pricey mansions; extensive and often unnecessary staffs; and multi-million-dollar salaries. I'm not necessarily jealous of them--I just know that with my consciousness level and concern for my people and poor and Latin people, I could not exist like that--no matter how much money I had access to or made...

Yeah, I'm griping and I'm angry about what I see.

I have been working diligently {on a disability salary of about $12,500 a year} to establish, promote and generate business and opportunities for my Parent Company {Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, Inc. [] for years} We are a small Public Relations, marketing, Advertising and Community Relations firm that is slowly catching up with our back taxes, getting fully licensed and furnishing our small home office in New Castle, Delaware {now Philadelphia} as well as getting new clients and reaching out to the larger Community.  We are seeking new and exciting opportunities and want your support.  I am bipolar, {I have been of Federal disability since 1995} but I have been very close to fully functional and healing for years now also.  I see many exciting opportunities on the horizon and that is why I'm reaching out to you at this time... While we are establishing ourselves in the New Castle, Delaware area {Now Philadelphia}--we are only two and a half hours away from Washington, D.C. area; 45 minutes away from Philadelphia {my 83 year-old Dad, Mr. Charles S. Gibson, {A Landlord} still lives there and is disabled himself {He died on July 10, 2012}--I visit him often, like I just did on Father's Day a few months ago}, and we are about three hours away from New York City.  We are centrally located and raring to implement some of our business ideas and make positive, forward motion for ourselves and the community.. 

However, as you know, we can't get much good traction without desperately needed Capital.

It is my hope that you will be able to help us with financial support and or lead us towards grant sources, endorsements, sponsors and supporters for our businesses and ventures.  We are also open to holding several fund raisers that you might be able to help us staff, promot, organize or put together in other ways.  Many of the business ideas are in support of desperately needed social and community work projects. They will be on-going and include the expansion of job opportunities for Black, Latin and poor youth of every ethnic persuasion....  We will be establishing a Foundation and a Non-Profit with Mr. Frank Breitman a Real Estate lawyer and business consultant who we have had successful and positive dealings with in the past.  We hope you will contact him if you have a large donation you want to make to our company.  {His phone number is 1.215.928.1077. He hails from Philadelphia also.} If you want to check out our business credentials, our New Castle, Delaware business license #is 2008208515 and our Federal Tax ID number is 27-0145705.

Some of the things we are in desperate need of Capital for include: Filing our 2009 Corporate Tax Returns through the tax consultants, H And R Block {$350.00}; Consulting fees for Mr. Breitman {About $3,000.00; paying for a grant-research and grant implementation firm {$550.00 s month}; office supplies including ink cartridges and possibly a new computer {$3,000.00}; up-grading our phone system to business class {$400.00}; and hiring three full-time employees including myself {$5,700.00 s month}. This would put us on sure footing for the short term and allow us to help stabilize ourselves as grants and other financial opportuneities come in over the next crucial six month period.

I have enclosed the business ideas as well as our Mission Statement and a statement about me as an author.  I hope this will be helpful background information for you. I am presently also seeking funds to publish my own book entitled: ``A Grassroots Criteria for Liberation: Writing in Wet Cement...''  The book is aimed at resolving problems and having a positive impact on our young Black people, many of whom are lost, abandoned and seemingly hopeless in a world that sees them as a Big Problem and something to cast aside--not as an entity to invest in and help grow towards stability, responsibility and positivity.  I think we can change this picture for the better, but support Capital is critical and crucial at this juncture....  I know my book Will be as successful as ``man Child in the Promised Land'' by Claude Brown was in the 1970's and will have an equal impact on our youth and the world!!!

We hope you can help us launch our corporate interests and reach out to the community of Young Blacks and youthful Latin people who desperately need our help.

There is money in many of the ventures for you or any one you refer us to. Many of the ventures are highly profitable and economically feasible and meaningful... If you provide the Capital...


Brother Tracy Gibson,

New Contact Information:
The Black Millionaire's Network
Post Office Box: 42878
Philadelphia, PA 19101-2878

Phone: 1.215.471.64/94


Updated on December 10, 2012

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