Thursday, June 14, 2012

Corporate Accountability International.....Who Are They???

This People's Advocacy Group that tracks down corporate corruption, exposes it and weeds it out through the media exposure process and public exposure, has been around for a good while.  They were the FIRST organization to come to my office of West Philadelphia {3819 Lancaster Avenue}way back in 2006.  They are located in Boston at {10 Milk Street, Suite 610, Boston, MA  02108; www.StopCorporateAbuse.Org}... They also have an office in Washington, D.C.

According to a recent document they sent me: ``Together, we won important victories last year--and in the year ahead we will need your continuing support to expose corporate greed and abuse, hold corporations accountable, and counteract the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision and get corporate money out of elections.''

This organizations needs ALL our support.  They have bent over backwards to help get corrupting influences out of the political system and the political process in the U.S. and they are to be supported for their efforts and their work.  I have given they considerable donations of money in the past and want to give them more when we get funded properly. I would LOVe it if you could write them a letter and ask them to take my corporation--Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, INc.,-- on as community consultants.  They have NOT given us work or jobs in the past, but they might be convinced to do so in the future, if you will write them and ask them to support us.  Tell them to look up our Blog by going into Google and putting in Brother Tracy Gibson and clicking on ``The Politics of Real'' and checking out our Blog material.  Thank you for your support and confidence....

Of Brother Tracy Gibson...

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