Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Letter to McDonalds Corporation.....June 4th, 2012 {Monday}

From Brother Tracy Gibson
Teacher - Learner - Businessman - Fund Raiser
Writer - Political Organizer - Visionary
213 South 49th Street
Philadelphia, Penn 19139-4205

The McDonald's Corporation
Dear McDonald's:

I hope you are doing well as you walk this great earth of ours... I am writing you today to let you know we are boycotting your stores in the Philadelphia area.   Our boycott will be joined with other such efforts in other parts of the Nation and the World.

I have to tell you that if you check your records, you will find that I have written you on at least two other occasions about the health risks of your food, but to no avail.  You have no open and democratic system to determine what changes the public would like in your food and no mechanism to implement such changes.  Your stores are responsible for about 6 % of the trash in our Nation.  That is despicable and a real problem.  You should do something about that.  We have a litter free campaign going on in the Philadelphia area to help alert the public about trash and how to place it in the proper receptacles. We think you should have a similar campaign for your stores in the Philadelphia area.  We are willing to work for you for no charge to design just such a campaign.  As we said, we will do this for free.

What we really want to talk to you about is how eating @ McDonald's was once a very accepted thing because few people knew of or understood the health risks involved with gulping down Slurpee, fattening mile shakes; eating greasy French Fries; and eating contaminated cheeseburgers.  Even your highly acclaimed Fish Sandwich contains contaminated fish, is fattening and covered with greasy tartar sauce.  What are you going to do about this? You can't remain as a good corporate citizen and carry on flagrantly and blatantly as you do great damage to our Nation's people.  We know you own another chain of stores {Or is it two other chains of stores?}... You have offered other food choices at these stores, however, unfortunately, these other food chains are equally contaminated, fattening and unhealthy.
You sit in your headquarters as if it were a citadel and make decisions that impact many, many millions of people.  And people are led by the nose to your so-called restaurants to gouge themselves with so-called food that continues to give them high blood pressure; sugar diabetes; unheard of obesity; severe heart ailments; chronic joint pain; cancer and other health risks that are extremely costly in lives and in the amount of money they cost our health care system to treat and heal.  How would you like The President to send YOU a bill for about $ 2 Billion Dollars and ask for YOU to pay for the health risks and health problems YOU are causing the American public?

As I have said in previous letters My company and myself are MORE than willing to work with you to get this situation rectified, work with you on making the proper changes, implementing those new policies and keeping you as a viable profit- making company.  But you have to change with the new reality.  For this, we would like a fee.  That fee will be determined later. Most of the money, except for a small amount for living expenses, will go towards helping agencies, companies and Non-Profits that are helping the indigent, the temporarily disenfranchised and those who are too lazy and ignorant to help themselves by never entering your doors.  I am African American, but this involves all kinds of variations of people.

I hope to hear positively from you soon.  Otherwise, our boycott will be linked with other similar boycotts in France, England and Spain.  You will feel the financial heat because as you know, a small decrease in your profit margin can close several stores in an economy such as the one we are struggling to survive in right now.  I don't care how many billions of burgers you have sold to an unaware public, you can be stopped...
I am sure I will hear from you soon.  Please don't waste my time with another pathetic form letter.  This letter will be sent to the Black Association of McDonald's Owners and we expect a positive, coherent and well-thought-out response.  We are also hoping that you will take us on as a client because we can help you see the light that you obviously don't see.
LOVE, Peace and Mo LOVE,

Brother Tracy Gibson,
President and CEO OF: Brother Tracy Gibson And Associates, INc.

Building a Better World with Integrity and Consistency of Effort...

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